New Beliefs New Brain

Feb 11, 2013 | Educator Resources

Wanted to take this opportunity to introduce this book to you, New Beliefs New Brain by Lisa Wimberger.   I have been using guided meditation from this book with my groups at school and it has been wonderful!  Lisa dives deeply into cutting edge neuro science and shares tools that have helped her to transform her life.  What I especially like about her meditation tools is that they are linked to scientific principles.  To me, who has an active inner scientist  who always wants to play, the tools are powerful because they allow my left brain to engage while my right brain plays within the meditation technique.  Lisa includes a section specifically for those of us who work with children and teens.  One activity that has fit easily into my bi-lateral brain balance and brain gym groups, is called  Left Brain-Right Brain Communication for Balance, and it has beautiful imagery that involves looking at the two hemispheres of the brain as if it were a night sky.  Students are able to “light up” stars on either side and note if thoughts or physical sensations change as a result.  Fun imagery!!!  Since our brain functioning and physiology (according to neuroplasticity research), directly maps to our thought processes and the types of thoughts that we think, imagine the balance that we can create by visualizing (thinking) balanced brain thoughts.  There is a wonderful relaxation component that naturally occurs as a result of these activities, so, if for no other reason but to practice deep relaxation, this book is a MUST.  I highly recommend it.  Check it out and let me know what you think!



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