Relaxation Rain: Putting out the Volcanoes of Pent Up Emotions

Apr 30, 2019 | Educator Resources, Emotional Regulation, Family Relaxation, Relaxation Practice, stress management for kids, stress reduction for kids


We’ve been making volcanoes and talking about relaxation rain in my small groups this week!  I drew a volcano on the white board and then we discussed what happens when we don’t pay attention to our emotions and what’s going on inside of us.  I drew a swirling spiral of strong feelings that eventually emote or explode out the top (our mouths or in our behavior) if we aren’t mindful, compassionate and loving in watching what is going on inside of us.

The key is to pay attention inside yourself!  After this short talk, we closed our eyes and did a quick body scan to see if there were places where we were holding tension or feelings.  I asked them to sketch in their journals about those places.  We created a small volcano together.  The materials included:   a sports cone, playdough, garden stones, styrofoam cup, baking soda, red food coloring, and white vinegar.  The students LOVED seeing it explode.  In fact, this week we will continue with this topic and each student will have their own volcano and will talk about a time they felt angry and what they did to feel better.

Next, we talked about how it’s necessary to slow down, to slow WAY down like a snail in order to see what is going on inside ourselves at any given moment.  I introduced the RELAXATION RAIN tools and suggested how we can use them to put out our inner fires of strong feelings before they erupt in unwanted words or actions.

Slow down like a snail and to feel the rain of our own inner compassion, our own loving presence.  Please see some suggested tools below.  Of course, any relaxation tool could be brought into this lesson for practice.


 Lion’s Breath:

(Roar out that pent up energy by doing the Lion’s Breath!  Help a student to teach and demonstrate for the group.)

Cave Time:  take your own time out and go to a quiet place to breathe and center yourself.


Talk to a Friend

Take a walk in nature:

Ride your bicycle

Imagine your special place:





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