Elephants have long been associated with wisdom.  In Hinduism, the elephant god, Ganesh, is a remover of obstacles.  You can share with your child how relaxing with the elephants removes tension from our bodies and helps us to feel strong, sure-footed, and unwavering in our beliefs in ourselves.  Here’s some fun activities to play with the elephants during your relaxation practice.

Meditation for Primary-Aged Children:

Close your eyes, and imagine that you are a great, wise elephant. Your toes are pearly white, your legs are long and strong, your tail flicks and swishes, your ears hear every whisper of wind, and your trunk stretches out from your face and reaches down to your knees. Take a great, deep breath in through your elephant trunk…. And slowly let it out, long and slow through your whole trunk. (Pause)

Feel the sun warm your gray skin, and maybe the grass is tickling your feet? As you are standing there, relaxing in the grass, you can see the sky above you.  What do you see?  Maybe a cloud?  Or a bird?  Or the leaves of a tree?  The sky above you is big and blue, and the Earth below you is green and pebbly. Breathe in through your long trunk… and beathe out. Your big legs carry you to a stream. You use your trunk to carry water from the stream and wooooosh it into your mouth for a drink, and wooooosh it all over you body. The water feels cool, and you feel refreshed. You take a deep breath in through your trunk… and out, long long exhale. (Pause) You wade into the stream, cooling your feet and ankles as the sun pours over you. You shake the water droplets off of your ears, and listen in as the birds chirp, singing their sweet songs.


Meditation for Secondary-Aged Children:

This is a guided relaxation meditation which allows the listener to envision themselves as an elephant. These meditations are carefully crafted to adhere to factual animal behaviors, and while relaxing the listener, subtly educate expose the listener to new vocabulary.



(Season Three, Meditation Two)

Elephant Origami:

After following the guided meditations, allow children to channel their creativity and mindfulness into an origami exercise. The following links demonstrate how to make an origami elephant



Challenge Level:  Easy



Challenge Level: Intermediate


For more fun with the elephants, here’s a link to a previous kids’ relaxation post on elephants:  https://kidsrelaxation.com/all-relaxation-activities/elephant-hands/

And a kids’ relaxation video on how to do elephant hands:  https://youtu.be/XtM4jsIHNTE


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