Turtle, Fox, Flower in the Wind: Self Regulation Movement Game

Jan 8, 2019 | Educator Resources, Emotional Regulation, relax where you are, Relaxation Practice, teaching kids relaxation

There’s a playful classroom game at my school where teachers hold up a colored sheet of paper and students move a certain way to the color.  I thought it would be fun to adapt this game for relaxation and to support teaching kids self-regulation and awareness.

  1. Collect several colored sheets of paper in soft, relaxing colors:  white, lavender, light blue, pastel orange and sea green.
  2. Explain to your kids or students that each color has a meaning.   (Use the templates below or create your own symbols for the sheets of paper so that students can see what each color signifies).
  3. Practice and model the movements associated with each color.
    • White:  Move like a cloud floating in the sky
    • Lavender:  Sway like a flower in a gentle wind
    • Light Blue:  Flow like a gently flowing river
    • Pastel Orange:  Walk sly like a fox
    • Sea Green:  Float slow like a sea turtle
  4.  Next, put on some soft music, turn the lights down a bit if you can, and then hold up each paper cue, inviting kids to move in a relaxed manner.

See who can move with the slowest, mindful movement.  Demonstrate for your kids.  Show them how to move slow and deliberate, sharing with them the goal of a relaxed, gentle, soft moving body and mind.  


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