Kids Relaxation CD


Created by Zemirah, this kids relaxation CD is a tool for parents and children to use collaboratively in order to gain a fuller, richer experience from the use of guided imagery. 

Adventures Within CD - Buy Now!The Adventure Within CD consists of two introductory tracts that teach children the basics of relaxation and using the imagination in order to visualize desired outcomes or to plant positive ideas into the mind or to practice affirmations and positive thinking.  The guided imagery adventures were developed with the following intents/purposes:

  • Increasing confidence in problem-solving
  • Creating a special place to relax and feel safe and secure
  • Identifying and letting go of worries and learning to send happy thoughts to make us feel better
  • Feeling love and sending love out into the world
  • Feeling confident in one’s own ability to concentrate and pay attention at school
  • Relaxing at the end of the day and releasing thoughts of the day in order to prepare for peaceful sleep

These topics are intended to help children to develop positive ways to manage emotions and to increase feelings of well being.  In addition, the guided imagery adventures are an excellent opportunity for parents to allow their inner child to play along and get some much craved exercise. 

“I love to listen to this with my son. It allows the mind to relax and be creative at the same time.” Jennifer, Orlando FL

The CD was created with the intent of providing a simple, fun tool that is applicable to many areas of the parent/child relationship and in many areas of life for both parents and children.  It was designed with the hope that listening and experiencing guided imagery in a peaceful, relaxed manner would work to strengthen the parent/child relationship and enhance family quiet time and bonding. 

A booklet accompanies the CD that includes ideas to deepen the guided imagery experience for families.  For each adventure, the following areas are included to guide parents in supporting their child’s experience: 

  • discussion questions about the experience
  • ideas for creative artistic expression
  • thoughts to ponder
  • suggestions for the use of affirmation in order to fully generalize the experience into daily life were included. 

So, this CD is unique in that it strives to enhance the guided imagery experience by making it a thoughtful, artistic activity.  Parents and children can use the experience to learn more about each other and themselves.  It is our hope that this collaboration works to increase positive feelings in the family and to strengthen the parent/child bond.