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Tension is our Guest

Tension is our guest, we invite it.  Relaxation is our nature; we don’t have to invite it.  You don’t have to relax, you have just to stop inviting tension, and relaxation begins on its own.  In your very core, in … Continue reading

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Vacuum Your Day

As I was putting my daughter to bed the other night, she was experiencing some fear from a dream she’d had the night before.  We completed the following guided visualization activity in order to facilitate the sleep process.Steps: Close your … Continue reading

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Brief Guidelines for Teaching Relaxation Techniques, Guided Imagery, and other Mind/Body Awareness Tools in Public Schools

As a school psychologist, I have used guided imagery and relaxation techniques in the public school system for several years and with varying populations. I’ve found that the relaxation technique can be quite helpful to students at many times, especially … Continue reading

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