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Three Stars and a Wish

This is an adapted version of a literary tool used in many schools.  It is usually used for editing written work.  Children are instructed to find three things that they like about the work and then identify one wish about … Continue reading

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Worry Bubbles

Worry Bubbles This activity is designed to help children to let go of worry.  It is a visual activity that combines thought and action to assist the child in letting go.  The activity not only helps the child to visualize … Continue reading

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Vacuum Your Day

As I was putting my daughter to bed the other night, she was experiencing some fear from a dream she’d had the night before.  We completed the following guided visualization activity in order to facilitate the sleep process.Steps: Close your … Continue reading

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The Worry Wall

The Worry Wall Steps: 1. Design a sheet of poster board or other large paper to be your designated “worry wall.” 2. Have sticky notes ready and tell kids that they can draw or write a worry as it comes up and … Continue reading

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Emotional Regulation Activity: Grounding Energy

I am a Tree When we talk about “grounding” we are pulling our energy into our own space and anchoring ourselves to the earth.  Sometimes when we are overly forgetful or feeling “spacey” it is because our energy is spread … Continue reading

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