I would like to argue with someone about it, and I hope to recover my account/not suspended in a timely manner. But my fear is that I will be among the masses who have wrongly seen their accounts banned, their purchases lost, and now file complaints with the BBB or wait months for the bans to be lifted (this apparently never will happen). Unfortunately, the nIN account problem has nothing to do with NL, as it is a private matter that you need to address with NIN support issues. NL has no connections and cannot solve problems with NIN accounts that you have to submit to NIN. Of course, I didn`t know what it meant, or why, so I came here to find answers. And unfortunately, I quickly learned for myself that it was because my account was hacked a few months ago — when Nintendo (not my fault, nor his guilt) had a security breach, which compromised usernames and passwords. When it happened, someone tried to buy $400 worth of goods from the Nintendo Store, which I called fraudulent and sorted with my credit card company. As the name suggests, temporary blocking is only imposed for a specified period of time and the blockage can be lifted once the user has corrected an infringement. This is done by contacting the Nintendo support team. Nintendo Switch games are expensive, but we always recommend you avoid buying digital games in non-Nintendo stores, unless you want to risk account blocking. We have received a lot of reports from Nintendo Switch users who have blocked their accounts after buying cheaper games on sites like Gameflip.com.

Once you have the idea of why your Nintendo account can be blocked, it`s time to take over the Nintendo support team. We strongly advise you to talk to them by phone, but if this is not possible for you, you can also reach them by chat, SMS. You can check Nintendo`s official support options on your website. If you have a Nintendo account that was recently blocked, the first thing you probably had was annoyed. Shortly after your anger, I`m sure you`re wondering why. Why was my account blocked? What did I do? There are many rules and regulations mentioned in the agreement that directly or indirectly affect your account. In addition to following the code of conduct, you should also keep an eye on this code: if you decide to buy a nintendo physical product in nintendo Shopping Services, you will receive an overview of your order and you will have the opportunity to modify it before entering into a firm sales contract with Nintendo. I have the same problem. I sent them proof of the G2A dispute, PayPal dispute, but my bank said no because it was in February. I haven`t listened to anything and I check my account every day. You can still dispute contact with Nintendo while you have received information (screenshots) on all G2A purchase parts and emails (including those with the game code). As in everything to show that you made the purchase.

Because it will prove that it is not you who made the fraudulent purchase or relapse and who, I hope, will recover your account. You`ll probably lose the game on the Nintendo account, but of course make sure you make a refund with G2A or wte you use to buy it (to get your money back)… then actually buy the game from a real dealer next time, provided you still want SMM2. Nintendo Support Forums The Nintendo Switch account is blocked due to a breach of the Nintendo account user agreement A hardware ban means that your Nintendo switch can no longer be played online with an account. If you receive errors 2124-4007, 2124-4508 or “The use of online services on this console is currently limited by Nintendo” on your switch, you have no luck.

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