Laughing Meditation: Many Ways To Laugh

Aug 29, 2010 | Laughter Meditation

This activity is perfect for stimulating laughter in kids. As we know, laughter is contagious and produces many feelings of well-being, including relaxation. You only have to observe the merriment of others in order to begin to feel it yourself. Experiment with these different kinds of laughs to get the giggles rolling.

1. Laugh like a hyenna.

2. Laugh like Santa Clause.

3. Laugh your squeakiest laugh.

4. Laugh your snort laugh.

5. Laugh like you’re stuck in a hole in the ground.

6. Laugh your best echo laugh.

7. Laugh your silliest laugh.

8. Laugh like your nose is plugged.

9. Laugh like you are tied to a tree and someone is tickling your toes with a feather.

10. Laugh like you’re the jolly green giant.


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