Laughing Meditation: Speak Gibberish

Aug 29, 2010 | Laughter Meditation

Did you ever speak an invented foreign language as a kid, pretending you were from the planet Myville and only you could decipher the intense special language you were speaking?  I know that I would speak in a made-up tongue, delighting in the fact that I was the only one who truly understood what I was saying, (also watching the exasperation of the adults around me as they tried to figure out what in the world I was doing).

Speaking gibberish can be hilarious when you are doing it with passion and acting as if you are in competition for the next academy award.


Explain to your children that gibberish is “made up language”.  You can speak all kinds of nonsense syllables and act as if you are truly communicating to the other person.  Use hand gestures in addition to your speech in order to convey your message.  It helps to think in your head of what it is that you are trying to say as you create nonsense sounds to express yourself.  Here are some ideas to speak gibberish about:

*Act as if they just ran over your favorite toy with the car

*Tell them about a horrible haircut you just received

*Ask them to clean up after a pet accident in the house

*Sing them a lullaby and put them to sleep

*Explain that you love their new wardrobe

*Relate your disgust at a new food for dinner

*Tell them the story about your cat being stuck in a tree and rescued by the fire department

*Show them how to clean the birdcage or fish tank


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