Laughter Milkshake

Aug 29, 2010 | Laughter Meditation

Watch the giggles explode as you drink many laughter milkshakes.  Explain to kids that you are going to mix your own laughter milkshake.  Hold your pretend glass in your hand.  Imagine that you are going to pour in as many funny thoughts as you can.  Think of times when you were really laughing hysterically, the funniest times you have had.  Put those thoughts into your milkshake.  Shake it all around.  Now drink it up and feel your body start to laugh.   Allow the laugh to take over your body.  Laugh and laugh some more.  Drink three laughter milkshakes and watch everybody else as they drink theirs and begin to laugh too.   Mix one up whenever you feel the need for some laugh relief.

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  1. certainly going to give this a try with my sons….. thanks


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