Positive Self-Talk: Accessorize with Positive Hearings!

Dec 19, 2010 | Positive Self-Talk

My daughters recently watched the movie, Aquamarine.  In the movie, Aquamarine, a mermaid, had starfish earrings that spoke only truth.  When she put them on they would whisper in her ear, “Aquamarine is beautiful.  Aquamarine is full of love.”  What if we were to accessorize with truth-speaking earrings today? How would we feel?  How would we behave differently?  

What happens when we wear heavy, dangling earrings all day long?  Our ear lobes get stretched out and sore.  The same is true if we are internally telling ourselves a constant stream of self-criticism or negativity—we get stressed out, tense, stretched to our limits and sore.  But, when we accessorize with Beauty, aligned with Truth, we snap on little heart-warming, positive-thought hearings.    Then, we can walk forward into our day with constant reminders of our inherent beauty.   I encourage you and your children to pay attention today to what type of hearings you are accessorizing with.  Listen to your thoughts and shift them to align with Truth and beauty and see how those hearings make you feel! 

So, let’s do it!  Clip on some sparkling hearings and visualize, really embody how it feels to tune into these thoughts: 

I am beautiful


I am loved

I am wonderful

Allow your hearings to whisper positive thoughts all day long!



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