Parent Coaching Initial Session


Initial parent coaching sessions are available and run 90 minutes and can be completed via phone, Skype or in person.  Phone contact information for scheduling will be emailed to you upon purchase.



ZEMIRAH JAZWIERSKA, Ed.S., works as a licensed school psychologist in St. Vrain Valley, Colorado, where she has studied the impact of neurology, brain science, and executive functioning on child development and learning. She is also a certified Neurosculpting Facilitator, parenting coach, children’s meditation facilitator, yoga practitioner and author of the forth coming book, Finding Shangri-Love: Living Your Love Story With You.

In 2006, Zemirah cofounded Glowmundo Creations, a company that created inspirational children’s books to teach how thoughts are linked to perception and experiences of the external world. As part of the Glowmundo project, she collaborated with Dr. Joe Dispenza, chief artists of the Denver Children’s Museum, Betsy Chase co-director of the film What the Bleep do We Know, and many other influential spiritual leaders. Recently, Zemirah’s writing on how photography is related to spiritual experience was featured in Carl Studna’s book Click, published by Hay House and Agape Media International in November, 2012.

In 2008, Zemirah began her popular blog which offers resources to parents and educators, helping children to trust their inner lives. Her relaxation techniques for kids are known globally and her work is used in educational systems across the United States.

As part of Kids’ Relaxation, LLC, she has recently released an ebook series to provide resources for parents, educators and children. Deep Breathing for Kids is the premiere book in the series. This ebook is overflowing with ideas to introduce and begin to practice deep breathing techniques with children.

A charismatic teacher, Zemirah attributes her sheer joy for living to her long association with NY life coach Seran Wilkie and participation in Science of Mind training at Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado. Recently, she was certified as a Neurosculpting facilitator, a research-based, brain science meditation that supports individuals in reprogramming subconscious beliefs. After healing herself of anxiety as a teenager through spiritual practice, Zemirah’s life-long mission has been to spread enlightened ideas around the planet. Deep spiritual transformation, study, and practice have lead her to develop her signature system, the 100-Percent Living Process, that helps clients reach and sustain greater states of wellbeing, inner peace, and empowered relationships by transforming thought processes and subconscious belief systems.