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Guided Imagery For Kids Ebook: iPad Version

Guided Imagery For Kids Ebook:  iPad Version

Price: $5.95

Inspired by the desire to help her own daughters calm down, release anxiety and relax, Zemirah created this ebook, Guided Imagery for Kids, the second in the Kids’ Relaxation series. You will not want to miss this ebook, not only for it's beautiful layout, but also for the audio files included within. From Finding a Special Place to 7 visualization tools for releasing worry, Zemirahs relaxation scripts scripts address common childhood concerns such as worry, anxiety, stress, and releasing strong emotions or negative thoughts, some of which have been featured on her popular blog at Additional scripts help children foster a sense of inner peace, security, feelings of being enough just as they are, connection with inherent beauty, and overall wellbeing. 

Each guided imagery relaxation script contains both the written transcript as well as an audio recording read by Zemirah herself. In her warm, peaceful style, Zemirah’s voice soothes and gently guides children to a relaxed state of mind. 

Relaxation transcripts can easily be read by teachers or parents or could be listened to while you read along as your child is experiencing the guided imagery journey. Topics are wonderful for either the home or school setting. 

Guided imagery or visualization techniques introduced at a young age can be a relaxation tool for life. Some common effects included increased sleep, reduced stress, increased relaxation response, release of muscle tension, increased centered feelings, enhanced focus/concentration, and an increase in self -regulation and ability to calm in the face of strong emotion.

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