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The Flower Inside

The Flower Inside

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Wonderfully relaxing mp3 download you can put on your smart phone so your child can listen anywhere!   She will feel the complete peace of feeling enough just as she is.   Help her to feel grounded, rooted in love, rooted in peace, rooted in total relaxation.  This relaxation journey is great for:  remembering how wonderful you are, connecting with the inherent beauty within you, feeling like you are enough just as you are, letting go of negativity to shift for the positive.     Gentle, soothing, and nurturing, this relaxation journey will leave your child with beautiful feelings of calm.

Great For:

  1. Remembering how wonderful you are
  2. Connecting with the inherent natural beauty that is you
  3. Feeling enough
  4. Letting go of negativity to shift for the positive
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