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Awareness and Authenticity

Zemirah helped me get to a deeper place of awareness and authenticity with myself.
The changes in my business were profound. She rocks as a coach!

Brian Tsuchiya

StartUp Guru | Founder and Visionary Vim, Inc | Co-Creator Vim Funding, Vim EDU, Vim Startups, Vim Events, Vim Quests

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The “Feeling Good” Coach

Zemirah is a “feeling good” coach. Unique from other programs, she focuses and begins with what is right instead of what is “wrong.”  She connects from the heart to work intuitively with parents to help them bring their very best selves to their parenting and connection with their children.  Zemirah’s joyful sense of humor and natural confidence supports others to immediately un-tense and begin to focus on connecting to their inner selves.  With a natural ease and grace, she provides guidance so that clients can really get to the heart of challenges and begin to view life from multiple perspectives, choosing the option that feels best in the moment.  Mindfulness, radical acceptance, and learning to love and nurture one’s self, are the gifts of this work.  As I have worked extensively with her over the years through training in my own coaching program, it has been a delight to collaborate with Zemirah.  If you want to expand feeling good in all areas of your life, she is the perfect coach for you.

Seran Wilkie

Founder of Seranity Coaching Program

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Insight, Empathy, and Radical Acceptance

I highly recommend the work of Zemirah Jazwierska for personal coaching, transformation, finding inner wisdom and establishing lasting changes within yourself or your family. This woman of integrity is living proof of taking control of runaway health issues and healing herself from within to without. Now, years later she brings her intuitive insight, empathy, radical acceptance and guidance to you. You can trust her and feel safe as she assists you through fears and frustrations. Find your inner magic, strategize solutions, and find your flow again.

Dr. Caron Goode

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Affirmation and Identified Parenting Strengths

Zemirah’s calm, positive coaching style helped me open up and share what was on my heart. She listened without judgment and asked questions that helped me clarify the issue and brainstorm strategies. Zemirah affirmed me as a parent and identified my strengths. After the coaching sessions, I felt encouraged and motivated to implement my plan.”

Melissa Peterson

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

As a professional musician I want to be fully connected body, mind, and heart with my instrument and my performance. I was having trouble sorting through past emotional blockages that, no matter what I’d try, refused to budge and often left me feeling directionless and incredibly frustrated.  Zemirah helped me to create the space my mind hadn’t allowed for in years.   Under her guidance I was able to bypass all the stuck drama and tune in on a much deeper level enabling me to finally ask myself the important questions of what I really wanted in order to finally move forward.  Since then things in my life have been shifting at a much quicker rate, and serendipitously, on many more levels beyond simply the “initial problem” itself!  I can’t recommend Zemirah enough as a life coach; no matter what occupation you may be involved in, she has an uncanny way of allowing the connection to take place between the (client’s) mind and body, thus quite literally getting to the heart of the matter.


Boulder, CO

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