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  • As a professional musician I want to be fully connected body, mind, and heart with my instrument and my performance. I was having trouble sorting through past emotional blockages that, no matter what I’d try, refused to budge and often left me feeling directionless and incredibly frustrated.  Zemirah helped me to create the space my mind hadn’t allowed for in years.   Under her guidance I was able to bypass all the stuck drama and tune in on a much deeper level enabling me to finally ask myself the important questions of what I really wanted in order to finally move forward.  Since then things in my life have been shifting at a much quicker rate, and serendipitously, on many more levels beyond simply the “initial problem” itself!  I can’t recommend Zemirah enough as a life coach; no matter what occupation you may be involved in, she has an uncanny way of allowing the connection to take place between the (client’s) mind and body, thus quite literally getting to the heart of the matter.


    Boulder, CO

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