Blowing Bubbles In The Bath

Nov 26, 2013 | All Relaxation Activities, Deep Breathing, Family Relaxation, Uncategorized

Here’s a quick way to integrate relaxation practice into your daily routine with your child, especially during the busy holiday season.  Use bath time!

Bubble baths are the perfect place to practice deep breathing.   This activity is especially nice when the weather outside is cold or rainy because you can bring the bubble blowing indoors.  Run a nice, warm, full bath for your child and add an aromatherapy oil and/or foaming bubble soap to the water, (only use smells that your child finds comforting and soothing).   Turn on some soft music and, after playtime has passed, ask your child to practice taking a deep breath with you and also use the best foot soak to provide your kids with some comfort. et a small bottle of bubbles.  Taking out the wand, breathe in slowly to the count of three.  Then, holding the wand in front of you, exhale out, watching the bubbles fill the air above the bath water.  Repeat this several times.  Ask your child to share how he feels as he is doing it, to pay attention to the bubbles floating through the air.

I love the Aura Cacia kids’ foaming bath packets.  They have a divine aroma and are soothing to the skin.  To order online:


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