A calm mind is fertile soil for learning.  When the seeds of learning fall on the fertile soil of a calm mind, the beginning conditions and chances for growth are optimal.

When we teach children how to calm their minds, their potential for learning is maximized.   A calm mind is open for accepting new information.  A calm mind is able to flow and flux with the patterns of emotions swirling through experience.  A calm mind is able to identify and make choices with ease and grace.

Children, like adults, respond differently to various forms of relaxation techniques and practice.  What is the best relaxation activity for your child?  The one that he/she finds fun and that works!  One child might adore bedtime relaxation stories.  Another mind find relaxation through mindfully walking barefoot in the grass.   The thing is to find what works for each child and to remember that what works one day may not seem to be the flavor of the day the next.

What seeds do you want to plant in the mind of your child?  Remember a calm mind equals a receptive mind.  Open to the beauty of the mind soil that is fertilized and prepared through relaxation practice.

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