Children’s Intuition and Relaxation: The Direct Correlation

Aug 21, 2013 | Emotional Regulation, Parenting Resources, Uncategorized

Children’s intuition and relaxation are directly correlated.  When one is increased, the other is also increased.  When we are relaxed and calm and feeling good, our intuition is naturally at it’s best.  We are able to connect to our inner knowing and problem-solving and creativity is enhanced.  Here are some activities that will help your child boost intuition and increase his ability to calm down and relax:


*Yoga and Deep Pressure:  Enhance intuition by aligning your child’s body and mind.  Try combining yoga and deep pressure sensory activities for a deeper relaxation response. ‎


*Focus:  Sea Turtle:  Get quiet so that you can listen and really hear your inner thoughts.  When you take time to listen to you inner thoughts, sometime you might get an idea that solves a problem or a creative spark that you have been looking for.  Learn to manage your energy for greater focus by doing sea turtle.  Using this one-minute relaxation tool, your child can learn to pull his energy into his “shell” and go with the flow.…elaxation-tool/



*Get the Energy Out:  Doggie Shake Down:  This activity clears out stuck emotions and tension within the body.   Kids love to shake the energy out.  After they do the doggie shake, make sure to have them pause to feel the energy buzzing and circulating within the body.  Follow with a quiet focus moment to integrate the activity with getting quiet so that we can feel more calm, relaxed and focused.


*Breathe Deep:  Flower and Candle:  When children pause to take a deep breath, they are sending an automatic signal to the body to relax. Invite kids to share and describe their flowers and candles!…wer-and-candle/


*Get Out in Nature:  Wildflower Safari:  Nature nurtures the senses.  Get out in nature to wake up and engage the senses.  The more your child is in tune with her senses, and is beginning to pay attention to all of them, the more intuition will begin to naturally flow! ‎


More tips for parents to support children’s intuition:

  1. Model and talk about your own intuitive experiences.  When you have an inner knowing, a sense, then talk about your experience with it.  Share the times that you listened and it helped you and the times that you didn’t listen and wished you had.  Be real with it.  Children learn from your authentic sharing.
  2. When your child shares an intuitive experience or talks about her “knowing” provide encouragement and positive feedback.  Notice and share what you notice as she is doing it.
  3. Talk about times that using intuition might fit into daily life.  When would it be beneficial to get quiet and listen inside during the day?  Note the inter-relationship between getting quiet and relaxed and feeling good and how that helps us to problem-solve and come up with more creative solutions and options.  Remind your child that when our minds are noisy, they can’t think clearly and coming up with possible solutions is much more difficult.
  4. For further information, read The Wise Child, A Spiritual Guide to Nuruturing Your Child’s Intuition by Sonia Choquette, Ph.D.   In this book she shares many more ideas for fostering and expanding a sense of intuition in young children.



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