Deep Breath of Love

Jun 7, 2011 | All Relaxation Activities, Deep Breathing, Uncategorized

Here is a deep breathing game that will stimulate love thoughts at the same time.

Materials Needed:  BLOPensTM, paper

For this activity, you will need BLOPensTM.  They can be purchased at  or at Toys R Us.

Step One:  Discuss a review of deep breathing (aka diaphragmatic breathing) techniques with your child.

Step Two:  Draw a big heart on a paper.  Ask your child to select a color of love that they would like to put inside the heart.    You may also wish to write the word “LOVE” inside the heart.

Step Three:  Take a deep breath in through the nose, taking care to fill up the lungs and allowing the tummy to float outward as you take oxygen in.  Exhale and blow air through the BLOPen.  See how much color you can put inside the heart and how long you can exhale.  The longer the exhale, the more color that will go into the heart.  Practice slow, steady exhale (attempting to blow air out in an easy stream instead of a giant initial burst or sputter that tappers suddenly off).  Switch colors with each breath to make a colorful heart picture and to see visually the varying lengths of exhale.

Recognize your child’s effort in taking the time to practice relaxing his/her body.  Simply state, “You are practicing deep breathing while coloring with BLOPens!”  Notice and state your observations without judging the process.

Practice the deep breath of love whenever you are feeling tension or would like further practice in deep breathing.  Send the picture to a friend or family member who you would like to send a little love to today!


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