Drawing Infinity to Relax the Mind

Feb 23, 2011 | Relaxing with Art, Uncategorized

Soothe and calm the brain waves by drawing and re-tracing the infinity symbol.  Draw the infinity symbol lying on it’s side.  Begin by placing a dot in the center of the paper.    Start at the dot and draw a loop up to the left, circle around to the center and then loop around the right, ending at the center dot.  Repeat this action, always looping up to the left, back to center and then around to the right, ending at the center.  Draw using slow, deliberate strokes.  Use both hands to encourage stimulation of both brain hemispheres.  Experiment with brightly colored crayons.

Ideas for Use:

  • Draw it on paper or in the air, make sure the eyes are following the movement
  • Check in with your energy before introducing the activity and afterwards

 Additional Resources:

Power Brain Kids by Ilchi Lee



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