Kids’ Relaxation is a place to nurture yourself and the world around you through exploration of a multitude of relaxation techniques, practices and resources. 

This site was created with the vision of uniting families and classrooms through the use of relaxation techniques and to provide access to a multitude of  relaxation resources.  With the fast pace of today’s busy world, parents, educators, and kids can benefit from quiet adventures that journey into the limitless world within.

 Creative visualization, guided imagery, and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and progressive relaxation are powerful tools that have been shown to not only relax, but to increase attention span, ability to focus, facilitate healing, lessen anxiety, enhance the mind/body connection and to foster overall feelings of well being.  What incredible tools to give our children early in life, tools that are easily integrated into many situations and well into adulthood as well.

You are invited to pause, take a deep breath, and connect within your heart as you explore this site.  Set your intentions and feel the power generated from going within yourself to connect with your deepest beauty.   Root yourself in the expansiveness of your own well being,  and be open to sharing with the children and people in the world around you. 

Wishing you all that is peaceful. . .


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