Help Kids Practice Mindfulness and Relaxation With These Apps!

Jan 5, 2018 | Uncategorized

Need some ideas for apps to help your kids relax while you’re on the go?  These apps are super wonderful for helping kids calm, enter the present moment attention, and self-regulate.  They are fun and engaging and are the perfect tools to have loaded in your phone for those times when you are stuck and need a quick way to help your child soothe her emotions or focus her attention on a positive thought/activity.  They’re perfect for the airplane, being stuck in traffic, waiting for a meeting, or just a way to “take five.”

Mindful Powers APP

Smoothing the Fibbertigibbet is so much fun.  As you touch the screen and “pet” this little creature, it changes color and encourages your child to stick with it long enough to truly practice calm focused attention.  Education around mindfulness, what it is and how to practice is a cool feature of this app.

Mind Yeti App

Encouraging words open this app.  Quotes such as “There’s no right or wrong way to feel” or “If your mind wanders, that’s okay.  That’s just what minds do.” open this app.  It’s more entertaining if your child knows how to read.

Mindfulness for Children-Meditation App


This app has five wonderful basic meditation choices:  Inner place, Connecting, Finding Peace, Body Scan, and Goodnight, and an additional four other bedtime meditations.   They range in length from 4 to 24 minutes.

Breathing Bubbles App

I like this app because it gets kids to check in within themselves to consider how they are feeling and then notice how breathing impacts or changes those feelings.  


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