Snowfall Listening

Dec 9, 2015 | Uncategorized

Go outside and listen to the silence of snow falling in the forest.  What will you most likely hear?  Silence.  If you aren’t near an area where the snow falls, then create your own space, maybe inside an indoor fort, and make paper cutout snowflakes and pretend.boy walk in snow

Set a timer for 1 minute to relax and just listen.  Silence allows the brain to calm down, be present, and relax.  Taking time to pause and listen to the snowfall can be precious moments of calm.

snow plantsVariation:  When your child is talking to you listen as if you were in a silent snowfall.  This will foster deepen connection.  See if you can sense the feeling behind your child’s words.  Presence, being present with all of your attention in present time, is one of the most wonderful ways to connect with your child and send the message that you care, you see and you hear her.  Be present and relax.  Let go of the busy bustle for a moment and just BE.  Silent as a falling snowflake….brings calm.snowfall girl


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