Snowflake Melt

Nov 30, 2015 | Uncategorized

IMG_9855The weather is turning cold here in Colorado.  We have been playing in the mountain snow.  Snow can provide the perfect image for relaxation with your child.  Think snowflake.  Think melting snowflake.  Now think melt away that tension.tree hug

As we head into the holiday season, maybe this is the year to set the intention to infuse relaxing moments into all of your holiday festivities.  Regardless of the holiday you might celebrate or not celebrate, chances are your family will be surrounded by others who are caught up in the holiday.snow peek

Try out this version of the Melt Away.  We like to call it the snowflake melt.  Tension can just melt away through the focus of our thoughts. The Snowflake Melt is a visualization tool that can help kids release muscle tension and relax in the moment.snow

  1.   We are going to melt the tension in our body just like a snowflake melts.  Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Take two deep breaths, inhaling to the count of 5, exhaling to the count of 5. Pause
  2. Now begin with your toes.  Imagine that a beautiful sparkly snowflake lands on your toes.  The big sun is shining over your toes, melting away that snowflake and carrying with it any tension.  Just feel the tension melt away with the snowflake.    Feel how warm and relaxed your toes feel.  Allow yourself to relax in the warm light.  Breathe.
  3. Repeat just like in step 2 by focusing on each body part:  legs, arms, hands, shoulders, back, neck, and head.  Keep going until you have addressed every body part.
  4. Now that the snowflakes have melted away any tension or tight places in your body, just allow your entire body to melt into a great big puddle of peacefulness.  Check in with your body and see if there are any spots that still feel tense or tight.  If there are, send a snowflake to melt on those places, releasing away any tension.
  5. Imagine the big sun above you is shining a brilliant golden light over all of your body and allow that warm light to touch every part of your body.  Breathe.
  6. Now gently begin to rock your body back and forth.  Really small mini movements.  Wiggle your toes and your fingers.  Take a deep breath and get ready to open your eyes.  Place your hands gently over your eyes.  You can open your eyes when you are ready.maiya snow hug


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