Stoplight Deep Breath!

Mar 20, 2018 | Deep Breathing, Family Relaxation, One Minute Relaxers, Uncategorized

Relaxation Practice in the Car!

A perfect time to practice deep breathing during your day is to use
time in the car!

1.  Prime the mind to relax by focusing on the positive:

Invite your child to name 5 things they are grateful for while looking out the window.

2.  When you come to a stoplight, practice taking a

Mr. Balloon Breath.

Allow the red light to signal
stopping, or pausing. Place your hand on your tummy.
Now, breathe
in slowly to the count of four, feeling your stomach inflate as you are
breathing in.
Breathe out to the count of five.
When the light changes,
you can go back to the “finding what I like in the world” game.

Use each stop light as a moment to pause and take a deep Mr. Balloon


Transform time in the car so it’s time to relax and feel wonderful.


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