Teen Meditation Class!!

Hey teens and parents, want to get your brain on board for powerful thinking?  Come and play with these fun techniques and find the ones that work best for you. The meditation toolbox will be filled with possibilities, helping you to think powerfully and to have fun doing it.


Explore the inner landscape of your mind.  This class offers a set of tools for staying centered, cool, calm and collected in the midst of life events.  It’s designed to help teens and parents become aware of their own thoughts and energy.  Come and learn to calm the mind, to rejuvenate the mind and to creatively express what is inside..   Teens and parents will learn to ground themselves, to let go of thoughts and ideas that no longer support them and replace those thoughts with revitalized, brilliant, new energy.   All class activities are designed to promote brain balance, enhance bi-lateral brain functioning, and improve focus on the thoughts that are most important in the moment.

Come join me at the Neurosculpting Institute in Boulder, Colorado this Sunday, April 21 from 11-1pm:

3055 47th St
Boulder, CO


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