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Jun 21, 2011 | All Relaxation Activities, Family Relaxation, Uncategorized

While in the book store yesterday, I came across a new little book by Leah Dieterich called ThxThxThx (  In the book she writes thank you notes to just about everything you could think of.  Many of her themes are adult related, but while reading her gratitude, I got to thinking.  What if, as a family, you facilitated creating your relaxation atmosphere and emphasizing your intention to relaxation practice, by writing little notes of gratitude to anything related to your relaxation experience that occurs throughout the day?  I believe strongly that what we focus on expands in our awareness.  Therefore, why not find a fun, playful way to focus on all of the ways your relaxed today?  Most likely the more you focus on what is going well in your relaxation practice and draw attention to how many ways you are relaxing, the more relaxed you will feel.  While you are writing to your relaxing thoughts, relaxing moments, relaxing deep breaths, relaxing stretches, etc. . . .  It would also prime the brain for more relaxation since you are drawing attention to and rehearsing all the ways you currently bring relaxation practice into your daily life.

Here is an example thank-you note:

Dear Relaxing Thought,

Thank you so much for being in my mind while I was doing my homework.  It is so much easier to concentrate and my body feels so wonderful and calm when you are in my mind.

Love, Z

Some other ideas to write to and acknowledge include:

yoga stretch, yoga teacher, positive thought, deep breath, a pause to smile, a mindful moment, a time when you slowed down your pace to feel and BE, a relaxation script activity, a moment while coloring a picture.  The possibilities are endless!!

The point is to have fun recognizing and celebrating how much relaxing you are practicing throughout the day!


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