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Nov 19, 2012 | Uncategorized

We don’t have wings, but still we fly. . .

Milkshake, Book of Dreams song

It is a gorgeous Monday morning.   The sun is shining, I am singing and my imagination is ALIVE with wonder and possibility.

I have decided that this break from work and time of gratitude and celebration of the blessings in life, will be devoted to feeling good, replenishing the spirit, relaxing and having fun.  I am focusing on what inspires me and sprinkling it into my life everyday.  The very heart of relaxation is letting go.  This vacation I am doing just that.  I am giving my mind a break and my heart a chance.  Now, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t the usual bumps along my road, (I woke up today to a broken car and my daughter is having oral surgery), but I am taking each moment and looking for ways to feel good inside and take care of myself no matter what.  And I am finding that my dedication to animation carries me through every bump more smoothly.  Taking care of yourself is the best gift of kids’ relaxation you can possibly give to your child.  When you feel good and relaxed, at ease, your child will sense it too.  It is in those moments that you are able to be present and available.

So, how did I find my animation this morning?  I rocked out to inspiring music.  Kids’ music!  This song, Book of Dreams, by the band Milkshake, takes me on a wild ride into my imagination.   The lyrics are magical!  As I listen and sing along,  I feel like I am riding with them “on wispy waves all the way to Zanzibar.”  It also inspired me to invite my daughters to create our own books of dreams this week.  We are in the process of finding all the inspiring things that we love or what to create, collecting them and compiling a book about our very own dreams, our personal animations (the things that animate us).  It is so much fun!  We cut, paste, write, draw, paint, glue, and share our creations with each other.  Not only are we exercising our brilliant creative sides, but we are activating energy around our dreams and rehearsing them in our minds, practicing feeling good and at ease at the same time.  A naturally relaxing activity!

I invite you to write your book of dreams with your child this week.  Visit the art store, dive into the craft closet, and begin to live what animates you!  It’s naturally relaxing.

I can go anywhere.  Be who I want to Be.

Milkshake, Book of Dreams song


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