About us

Helping parents to connect and raise happy children, filled with playful memories!

Zemirah Jazwierska, Ed.S, RScP, has worked as a licensed school psychologist for 18 years and is a licensed spiritual counselor.

She is passionate about helping kids and adults overcome anxiety to deeply know the inherent love within.

She is author of the book Shangri-Love: Living the Love Story Within You, Shangri-Love Workbook, and the Deep Breathing for Kids ebook. She has an Ed.S. in School Psychology as well as a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies.

Founder: Zemirah Jazwierska

It is my absolute pleasure to share these resources, ideas and activities with all of you.  I have spent many years studying and practicing relaxation techniques.  As a parent, storyteller, musician and school psychologist, I marvel and am deeply inspired on a daily basis as I encounter so much wisdom within the minds of children.

When I was a little girl and really until young adulthood, I struggled with anxiety that took many forms.  At the age of 23 I was handed a prescription and told by a therapist that I would probably always need to use it.  That was the day I set out searching and experimenting with every relaxation method I could get my hands on.  Eventually, after a couple years of trial and error, I found a set of techniques that worked for me and have been using them ever since.  Although I am completedly supportive of the use of medication when necessary, I never needed to use the prescription.  When my daughter also experienced anxiety and required intervention,  I realized and deeply felt and understood that sharing and making this information accessible to others,particularly children, was one of my life passions and purposes.

I have spent the last ten years in inner city schools collaborating and sharing this information with children of all ages.  I currently live in Boulder, Colorado where I continue my daily experimentation with various forms of relaxation techniques, mindfulness practice, the structuring of a positive mind, conscious dance and yoga.  I hope this site is helpful for you and the children in your world.