Relaxation Gym

Relaxation Gym: Workout Two for Test Taking

Thought Workout:  Think and Repeat Positive Thoughts

The second step in training student brains for test taking success is to rehearse and repeat positive thoughts associated with test taking. Through brain research, we know that as we rehearse thoughts in the brain, neural nets, or connections of brain cells, are built to support those thought pathways. This, in turn, supports the development of more automatic positive thought processes that are conducive to feeling good and maximizing performance.

Activity: Thought Workout:  Lifting Positive Test Taking Thoughts to Feel Good

 Pause, take a deep breath and bring your attention into the moment.  Put your hand on your heart and gently place two fingers of your other hand to hold the space right above the eyebrows, as you do repetitions of the following thoughts:

Three Reps:  “I show what I know easily today.”  “I have a relaxed mind and body.”

Four Reps:  “I remember everything I need to know.”  “I have a relaxed mind and body.”

Five Reps:  “I stay focused today.” ”I have a relaxed mind and body.”

Remind students:  “Today you are the personal trainer for your mind.  You design the perfect workout for you.  When you decide that you want to focus on feeling good and taking care of beautiful you, then these workouts will become effortless, natural and automatic.   Until that time, you might need to re-visit the Relaxation Gym several times daily to build strength and to train your brain to feel good.  Before every test, practice lifting positive thoughts