Cloud Garden Bedtime Game

Cloud Garden Bedtime Game

This is a game that can be played by the family at bedtime in order to foster feelings of peace and relaxation.  It is an excellent way to let go of anything during the day that is no longer supportive or needed.

Arrange pillows in a circle to form your “cloud garden”. Start with some gentle stretching to signal the body to begin to relax.  Explain to children that this cloud garden is a place for all of us to relax at the end of the day.  It is a place for peaceful voices and peaceful bodies.   Sit on the pillow and give everyone a few cotton balls to hold. Each of your cotton balls represents something you would like to give to the cloud garden.  This can be a special wish or affirmation related to bedtime such as “I am feeling light and soft like a fluffy cloud” or “I am ready for peaceful sleep.”  Or, if you have had a particularly challenging day, this can be thoughts or feelings you would like to release into the cloud garden in order to feel more relaxed and ready to sleep.  Take turns releasing your cotton balls into the circle.

This activity can be integrated into family relaxation time or can be part of an established bedtime ritual.  If you are interested in creating a deeper, more relaxed experience, listen to a pre-recorded guided imagery track or read a guided relaxation script with peaceful music playing in the background.

Maintain the relaxed, peaceful energy as you wander off to bed.

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