Kids Photoshoot Ideas

30 Simple And Creative Kids Photoshoot Ideas

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Kids Photoshoot Ideas

Kid’s photography is challenging. How the kids respond to the directions varies with the ages. That is why creative photography struggles to capture the kids with poses. But, No worry! We have summarized 24 simple and innovative kids’ photoshoot ideas you can use. 

Whether you are capturing an only kid, sibling, friend, or family, an array of photography ideas will work well. Relax, scroll down the article and get the inspiration for the kids’ photoshoot ideas.

What is the best theme for a photoshoot?

You can go with a simple theme. White color is good for creating natural light. You can dress your kids in colorful clothes to make them look cute. The red cloth with a dotted pattern is good. Then, pay attention to the lighting and avoid the bright props. It helps embrace the kids’ aura with their fashions. 

Be friendly and patient, and don’t force them to smile. You can make them talk to draw their attention and enjoy the photo sessions. Say “cheese” to make them smile, and try to capture multiple photos.  Here are some recommendations of the great themes for kid’s photoshoot.

1. Gift Unwrapping

Christmas will always be a wonderful photoshoot theme. One of the unforgettable moments at a birthday party or a Christmas celebration is unwrapping gifts. Don’t let the moment pass by. Capture the moment on the camera. Focus on their emotions while they unwrap the gifts. The photos bring long-lasting happiness to their life. 

Gift Unwrapping
Gift Unwrapping

For the natural pose, let your child open the gifts independently. Capture the moments from different angles. The parents can also be in the frame when helping the kids unbox the significant gifts. 

2. Play with Pets

If your kids are into pets, then you can also playing with pet as a photoshoot theme. Playing with pets photo-shoot idea is a good choice. Pets, including dogs and cats, belong to the family’s compassion. There are some ideas regarding the photography of kids and their pets.

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Mirage Photography Studio

Move around and capture their activity with the creatures. Whether your kids take a nap in the dog bed, play around with the dog, or lie down with the pets, the idea offers extraordinary results. You can also take family photography with the dog. The idea shows that your kids are pet-friendly.

3. Fairytale-themed Photoshoot

Ignite your kid’s imagination by taking a picture of a fairytale. Photography brings a great story to their life. Through creativity, photographers will make the fantasy into a reality. Let your kids choose their own characters, such as Cinderella, Peter Pan, Rapunzel, or others.

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Little Bratz Photo

Collaborate with suitable customs and make-up artists. The character is a vital aspect of creating breathtaking fantasy photography. After establishing the characters, you can set the scenes. Be sure to add some properties to result in fantastic images. Of course, the idea makes your kids look pretty or handsome. 

How do kids pose like models?

The kids can get creative with their arms. It is a simple model-like pose to create movement and depth. Let your kids pose with their hands on their hips. For next-level photography, the stool helps give the poses like models. 

Your kids can sit down with their legs open. It is one of the simple, attractive poses that will showcase their entire body. To pose like a model, your kids can also stand in a position with the shoulder slouched combined with a comfortable and relaxed look. Check out below some ideas of kids’ photo model pose for your reference.

4. Fashion Shoot

Are your kids into model-like poses? A fashion shoot is a perfect chance to provide breathtaking photography results. Mix fashion photography and kids together to create beautiful photos. You can collaborate with make-up artists and hair stylists to make a fashionable look. 

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Andrè Glukhov)

Encourage your kids to act like models with some different poses. If you can capture trendy images, just do it. However, you can hire professional photographers for the best results. Whatever you capture for your kids, the fashion shoot is a must-do photoshoot idea for your kids.  

5. Falling Leaves

Autumn is a perfect time to capture the little ones with falling leave kids’ photoshoot ideas. One of them kicks and throws the leaves. The idea is simple to set up. Just build a pile of leaves and let your kids kick the leaves away and throw them far. 

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Bianca)

When capturing the photos, you should consider the background. A clear or darker sky is ideal for creating excellent images. You can move around and catch the poses from different angles to have the best photos. You can control the fast shutter speed while capturing the flying leaves.  The idea is great to show your kid’s natural expression with falling leaves. 

6. Countryside

Countryside kids’ photoshoot ideas belong to a fantastic option to result in stunning images. Head to the rural areas where you can still find a barn, grassy lawn, or old building. You can choose the best spot to capture your kids.

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Try to shoot photos from different angles when your kids enjoy rural life. Whether interacting with the animals or feeding the horses, it provides long-lasting image results. Make sure to have the animal handler during the photo sessions. You have to teach your kids when interacting with animals. In collaboration with local animals, your kids will look gorgeous.

What color looks best for photoshoot?

When it comes to the best color for a photo shoot, it depends on the theme you choose and the person you shoot. Cool tones like emerald green, ruby, or lavender work well in the model and work well with dark blonde or black models. 

Besides that, colors also convey meaning. If you want a cheerful or intellectual sense, go with yellow. The red color conveys the meaning of determination, passion, and energy. 

7. Kids in the Park

Autumn is a season of beautiful colors. In Autumn, take your kids to the park. Since the park or playground offers all space to run around, it is an excellent spot for capturing beautiful photos. Whether your kids are playing around, sitting down, or touching the flowers, take their actions at play. The park always presents a great chance to catch gorgeous kids’ photoshoots.

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Thekidographer

If you want to shoot the whole scene, choose a wide-angle lens. Adding some stunning effects with lines and shapes of the park equipment is a must for excellent results. You should also take into consideration the details. Focus on their gorgeous expressions when they get moving.

8. Lying in Grass

The outdoors have many colors. They offers many opportunities for creating magical images of the kids. Lying in the plant is one of the most accessible poses when capturing the kids outdoors. It is a perfect time to use your backyard or parks as excellent photo spots.

Lyinh in Grass
Source: Pinterest (@Stocksy United)

To create jaw-dropping photos, you can add some props, including books, a chair, a bike, and other props. You can ask your kids to lie down in the grass. Let the photographers capture from different angles. It is a simple idea but offers breathtaking images.  

9. A Favorite Activity with Family

Vintage colors will never go out of style, and you can take candid photoshoot outdoors with vintage color tone. Most kids have favorite activities: walking, running, jumping, or playing. Adding motion to kids’ photos brings a stunning visual. They are usually happier moving around the location. When they move, the actions offer authentic moments. 

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Source: The Milky Way

Take genuine actions when doing their favorite activities with candid shoots. You can catch their non-forced smiles when moving around. The parents can also involve in the photos. Pose the parents in the center and let the kids run around them in a circle. Be sure to capture multiple images for the best results.

Creative Photography Ideas

Aside from what have been shared above, there are many other ideas of kids photoshoots that you can pick. Each photoshoot can be arranged based on the age of the kids, places, things they love, and so on. Below we have a list of the most creative photoshoot ideas based on categories that you need to check out. Let’s start with the first category below!

a. Child Photography Ideas at Home

10. Sleeping with Parents

“Sleeping with a parent” is one of the most straightforward kids’ photoshoot ideas. Take candid moments when you sleep with your kids. The moment can create a beautiful image. The photos show the family bond between parents and kids. 

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Hunter LaShea Photography)

When catching the kids, you can focus on their innocent eyes. Try to capture from many sides until you get the best results. The kids’ eyes give empathetic images. For the pose, the parents can hug the kids full of love. For the next-level photos, improve your creativity for stunning and trendy images with the ideas. 

11. Tell a Story

You can capture kids’ photos as if the photos can tell a story. Through the images, people can get the meaning. You can make it by emphasizing the picture angles. Use close-up, medium, and wide angles for multiple photos to tell a whole story.

Tell a Story
Source: Haylo Photo

Start taking the environment photos by using wide angles. Move closer to have more detailed pictures of the object by using medium or close-up angles. You may need more effort to create the photo idea. But, the idea results in genuinely beautiful images.

12. Baby Bath Time!

There’s nothing can beat the cuteness of a baby in a bath robe! Let’s make the cute moment as a theme for your baby’s photoshoot. It’s a simple idea that you can do at home.

Source: Pinterest (

You can take the photos yourself, or you can also call a professional photographer to help you with the process. Let the photoshoot capture candid moments, and make sure you keep your little one entertained throughout the session.

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13. School Time

The first day your kids go to school will be unforgettable. That is why you should capture the moment to be a magical image. Let your kids use their school uniforms, bags, and other school pieces of equipment.  

School Time
Source: Potrait Ou Pay Sage

You can transfer excitement to your kids, so they are also bound to show it. It is time to shoot the moment they wave and say goodbye with a beautiful smile. The best spots of school time photos are in front of the school gate, near the school bus, or in the classroom. 

14. On a Swing

One of the most recommended kids’ photoshoot ideas is On a swing. Instead of boring poses, let your kids have a fun activity, including swinging on the swing. Capture the action when swinging. Your little ones have full of enjoyment, and they can lose their feeling of being camera-shy. 

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
On a Swing

For a more beautiful result, decorate the swing with some additions, including flowers. Catching your kids’ photos during their swinging action takes work. Be sure to use the appropriate shutter speed and specific mode to capture their beautiful smiles. The idea makes your kids look cute when swinging on the swing.   

15. Exploring the World

No matter the cultural background, the surrounding area, or the economic situation, exploring the words is an excellent choice for kids’ photoshoot ideas. Let your kids look for ways to have fun. Your turn is to capture their marvelous and wild childhood moments on the camera. 

exploring the world
Source: Pinterest (@Bored Panda)

You can hire a talented photographer or take photos by yourself. Whether your kids play around in the park, explore nature, or interact with the pets, those provide great moments to be captured for creating truly magic images.

16. Hug the Camera

Are you looking for unusual poses for your kids’ photoshoot ideas? A camera hug is an answer. Ask your kids to have photography actions as if they hug the camera. Let them show natural and joyful expressions. 

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Hug the Camera

For a more beautiful result, you can use a wide-angle lens. Be sure to focus on the details of the kids’ faces.  Of course, the idea is popular and used by some artists to capture their kids in unusual ways. 

17. Hold the Balloons

The colorful balloons play essential roles in kids’ photoshoot ideas at the birthday party. Your kids will have fun with balloons; it is a great time to capture the moments. Whether the kids are holding the balloons, tossing, or kicking the balloons, try to shoot the actions from many angles. 

Hold The Balloons
Source: Chubby Cheek Photography

For genuine expression, you can take candid shots of the kids. Focus on their happiness with balloons. Whatever the balloon’s colors, you can catch your kids’ activities and poses incorporated with the colorful balloons. Besides simple, the kids’ photo with balloons also offers a wide range of gorgeous images.

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18. Little Chefs

Cooking with your kids offer some beautiful shots. Build quality time with your kids while recreating some recipes. Let the photographers capture the moments. Your kids will not even be aware when they are being captured. Of course, it creates relaxed poses and genuine expressions. 

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Pinterest

You can add props like cooking equipment, dresses, or ingredients in the frame for a more stunning composition. The mix of great props and genuine emotions will result in beautiful photos. You can try some shoots for the best results. The photography idea offers a stunning picture with a natural atmosphere. 

19. Blowing Bubbles

Bubbles never fail to provide significant and affordable photography props. Most kids also love playing and blowing bubbles. Let your kids have full of excitement while blowing bubbles. If the kids are too young, the parents can do it and let them chase the bubbles.

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Huffington Post

You can add some bubble mix and foam for the best photos with bubbles. Be sure that you choose the perfect location. The backyard is ideal for capturing your kids when chasing the bubbles. The beautiful local parks also offer a magnificent photography background for taking bubble photoshoots. The idea is simple but sensational to make your kids cool. 

20. Unusual Perspective

Capture more trendy and creative photos with an unusual perspective. It means that you force the mainstream shoots when capturing the kids. Ask your kids to lie on the grassy lawn and take a top-down picture. Since the image breaks the usual rules, it makes the photos more incredible. 

Unusual Perspective
Source: Bored Panda

You can have visual appeals when taking an unusual perspective. All you need is to take a bottom-up or top-down photo to create truly unique images of the kids. Of course, it belongs to extraordinary kids’ photoshoot ideas. Some notable artists also use the idea to capture their kids with an unusual perspective.  

Simple Photoshoot Ideas for Kids

21. Mirror Photoshoot

Use a mirror in kids’ photos for gorgeous images. The mirror presents authentic compositional elements to the photos. The prop also plays an essential role in minimizing the scene distraction and concealing unwanted elements. 

Mirror Photoshoot
Source: Pinterest (@Snowline Photography)

You can hold the camera close to the mirror to create the reflected images. Be sure to make it seamless. You can also capture from different angles to get a great expression. For the baby, let the baby hold the mirror and try to shoot the mirror reflecting the baby’s expressions.

22. At the Beach

Beach is truly a great spot for taking a picture of a kid. Sitting down on the shore is one of the most popular photoshoot ideas. While your kids are getting wet on the beach or building their sand castle, you can shoot their genuine actions. You can also take family photos with the background of the beach.

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Source: Carolina Photo Smith

The beach offers a broad, flexible pose space according to your child’s style. Sunset is a perfect time to capture photos. Take an opportunity to shoot your child with the sunset in the background. Choose the photoshoot idea to make your kids look shiny. 

23. Silly Captures

Instead of expressing nicely to the camera, let your kids make silly faces. Perhaps, it breaks the normal norms of kids’ photography, but it works to result in unique images. The kids often have authentic expressions with silly actions. 

Silly Captures
Source: Pinterest

Let them have fun with the ages. All you need is to capture their free poses and expressions. Give them freedom when captured by the camera. It will result in authentic photos of kids just being themselves. The idea is popular for capturing the kids in order to show the different sides of the kids. 

24. Tasting fruits

Fruits belong to one of the attractive props when it comes to kids’ photoshoot ideas. You can create stunning images with the fruits. If they are into apples, watermelons, or oranges, let them taste the fruits. 

tasting fruit
Source: Baby Face Photo

The moment is superb for capturing whether the kids are holding, biting, or eating the fruits. You can direct their poses when being caught on camera. However, for the babies, let them savor the fruits and try to take pictures of the moments from different angles.  The ideas present the cute photos of your kids when biting the fruits. 

25. Water Splash

The water splash is one of the most attractive photoshoot ideas when summer is coming. Feel free to capture every moment of kids splashing in the water. Whether they are in the pool, running around the fountain, or jumping through the sprinklers, the photoshoot idea is perfect for capturing some fun photos. The ideas offer stunning photos with less effort. 

Kids Photoshoot Ideas
Water Splash

How to capture the gorgeous splashy moment? Be sure to avoid direct sunlight when photographing your kids outdoors. You can also move around to seek the best angle. Try to have different angles to have more natural kids’ expressions. The parents can also be in the frame to have great poses with the kids. 

Birthday Photoshoot Ideas for Kids

26. The Little Skater

The little skater deserves to celebrate her birthday the ways she wants it to be. If she loves to skate, then it would be wise to arrange a skater-themed birthday photoshoot for her 5th birthday.

Source: Pinterest (@ginaguidryphotography)

Take pictures of her in her roller skates and prepare a group of colorful balloons that includes one or two balloons have the number 5 on them. Let her pose naturally and encourage her to smile to create a super adorable birthday photos to remember forever.

27. Balloon Boy with His Loyal Friend

For a little boy who just wants to take his pet anywhere he goes and be part of his special moments, arrange a cute birthday photoshoot of him with his lovely furry friend.

Source: Instagram (@tales.of.the.moment)

Have a birthday cake with candles to blow, and use colorful balloons as the frame of the photos. To make your little on his pet look even more adorable, put on birthday hats on both of them. Super cute!

28. Little Mister’s Birthday

The first birthday is always special for both the parents and the little guy, of course. Let your one year old be a gentleman for one day by arranging a suit and tie birthday photoshoot for him.

Source: Pinterest (

Put a black suit on him plus the bow tie and leather shoes, and let him sit on a chair in front of his photo collages in black and white. Add some gold balloons around the photo collages, and keep him happy while the photographer is taking photos of him. He will look like a true ‘mini’ gentleman for sure.

29. Proud Little Boy

Every little boy just can’t wait to celebrate his birthday. Make sure you capture his happiness by arranging a simple yet meaningful birthday photoshoot only for him.

Source: Pinterest (@Saramond)

Have it in monochrome tone and prepare a small blackboard and a chalk to write his new age. Then let him hold the board and hold it facing the camera. It will be a cute way to announce his birthday while feeling happy for being such as happy and wonderful boy.

30. Glitters Everywhere

Girls love glitters! So, if you are still looking for the best idea for your little girl’s birthday photoshoot theme, your search ends here. Yes, you can make glitters as the main theme of the photoshoot.

Source: Pinterest (

Let her wear her cutest princess dress and then prepare a black background with lots and lots of glitters. Take candid photos of her playing with the glitters, and you will see how the photos will look sweet and magical.


Those 24 ideas above offer simple and creative kids’ photoshoot options. Whether you take a photo shoot indoors or outdoors, use props to not,  feel free to choose the best ones for your kids. For indoors, ideas like the countryside,  exploring the world, or playing with pets are great to try. For indoors, you can go with the ideas like little chefs, fashion shoots, or tasting fruits that offer appealing images. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. How do kids do a photoshoot at home?

Be patient, as capturing the kids is truly challenging. Set the preferred backgrounds and lights to create the best photos. Take into consideration some interesting props based on the theme. Finally, move around and try to capture multiple images. 

2. How do you make a photoshoot fun for kids?

Let your kids be themselves. Then, be engaged and keep the photo session short and sweet. Let them do something out of the box as they please, whether running around, smiling, laughing, or even screaming. Let them enjoy themselves during the photo session. When they feel comfortable, try to capture multiple images. 

3. How do I get my kids to smile for a photoshoot?

Ask your kids to say “cheese.” You can also sing with silly voices to draw out their natural smiles. All you need is to keep them relaxed and act something out of the ordinary things to make your kids laugh. You can dance uniquely and sing with a kid-like voice. It will make your kids smile easily. 

4. How do you take portraits of kids?

Choose the best spot for a photo shoot. Then, capture your kids in soft natural light. You can also include some props based on the chosen photoshoot ideas. Let them to poses with natural expressions and emotions.