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21 Simple Kids Study Room Ideas for Your Home

As parents, we want our kids to have the best study rooms. A study room should be a quiet place where the kids can work on school projects, finish their homework, and do their testing. However, creating the perfect study room sometimes gets complicated. That is why I have summed up 21 kids’ study room ideas designed for single and multiple students. 

Kids Study Room Ideas for Single Kid

If you have a little kid at home who needs a private study room, check out our list below to get some insightful inspirations that will help you design the room.

1. A Cozy Corner

A corner is a great space for kids to create a small study room. I know a friend who turned the corner into the cozy homeschool desk. She started decorating the area by grabbing a wooden or modern chair and a small desk. I think it provides the perfect space for single kid to learn and spark their creativity. 

kids study room ideas
Source: Instagram (@ashlee_graceandgrit)

For more storage space, I think it was a great idea to add a rolling cart on the side. The cart is functional to keep the homeschool items and art supplies. There are also knitted ottomans and a comfortable armchair for extra reading space. The hanging map and pictures present the aesthetics of the décor ideas.

2. Study Room with A Ladder Desk

This is an idea for a single-kid study room that comes as another simple and space-saving option. It comes with ladder desk ideas for the study room. Fortunately, this low-budget, simple idea is perfect for small rooms. The functional desk is produced by Luckymore and offers sufficient storage space. It is a great combination of bookshelf and desk. 

kids study room ideas

This desk comes paired with a 3-tier shelf. I have one at home and I use it for storing books, laptops, or other collections. Besides that, the desk is anti-tipping, safe, and sturdy. To prevent unwanted wobbling, I attached the top to the walls.

3. The Homework Club Corner

This study room idea is perfect for toddlers or kindergarteners. The kiddo’s space offers much fun for doing his homework. I suggest that you turn the former closer area into the homework suite. It is like a little clubhouse that every kid loves so much. 

kids study room ideas
Source: Rebecca Prope

The homework station provides a precious space for making crafts, doing arts, doing homework, displaying art, and more. There is also a large chalkboard that makes the narrow closer walls eye-catching. I think setting a cozy reading nook in the corner is good for extra space. It is so cute!  

Study Room Ideas for Multiple Kids

I can understand that sometimes, you can feel like one study room for all the kids is just not enough. Well, guess what? You can design a study room for multiple kids, and below we have some ideas that will make great reference for you.

4. Space Desk for Each Kids

This design is one of the great study space ideas to accommodate more kids in one room. Yes, this design can be a comfy space for three or more kids of similar ages. The area is also excellent for older kids or adults to work together at the sharing table.

kids study room ideas
Source: Teaching Little

Best of all, we own plenty of storage to keep our laptops, books, artworks, and other supplies. The table tops are solid to place for the desks. The metal drawer is also functional to have more storage to keep the supplies. Of course, the rolling chairs are also perfect for easing my little ones into accessing their school supplies.

5. Modern Study Room

I love this modern study space. It is a perfect design for multiple kids looking for a comfortable room. The feather wallpaper provides aesthetical effects and makes the space versatile, as the wallpaper can be utilized for different uses. 

Modern Study Room
Source: Instagram (@laurawgodfrey)

It is also recommended to create several white floating desks paired with the shelves. The desks can accommodate three kids at the same time. Moreover, I believe the rattan-framed chairs also give a modern vibe to the homework station. The floating shelves are also perfect for keeping books and other school items. 

6. Vintage Study Room for Kids

Vintage design is one of my favorite study room ideas for multiple kids. It is simple and easy to arrange. I could create the perfect learning environment both for kids and families. Fortunately, we have an old dining room table that can be used for the learning desks. 

Vintage Study Room for Kids
Source: Instagram (@the_frenchiefarm)

To comfort them during their learning, I would suggest that you add the brown wooden chair. The chair cushions are also available for extra space to read. Little kid will love the perfect space so much. Plenty of bookshelves are also placed in the corner to store art supplies and school items. Best of all, the fireplace is on location to give a cozy vibe.

7. One Desk for All

A desk for all is one of the best kids’ study room ideas for multiple children. This space offers comfort and an unrivaled experience. I believe without a doubt, kids would love it so much. They would want to come in and start studying every day. 

A Desk for All
Source: Instagram (@twigsandsage)

Instead of using the specific learning desk, I think adding a self-made table is a wonderful idea. But more tables are similar on the online marketplace if you prefer to buy it instead. The cute chairs can accommodate four kids to study together. The rug also adds to the coziness during study time. The white shelves offer much storage for art supplies and other materials. Best of all, the chalkboard is available to ignite his creativity.  

8. Surrounded by Storage Space

Finding a comfy space for homeschool sometimes got complicated. Fortunately, I found this study room idea. This design is dedicated to little kids to have his personal space. This child’s homeschool space offers sufficient storage for all art supplies and school items. 

Surrounded by Storage Space
Source: Instagram (@tealandtwine)

You can start by attaching a vintage brown tabletop paired with white bookshelves. There are also two rolling chairs that I believe available in the online market. The colorful rug is also available to bring more excitement into the homework station. Don’t forget. The sofa provides a comfortable experience for extra space to read.  

Kids Study Room Ideas for Small Rooms

Have a limited free space and plan on creating a cozy study room for your kids? Don’t worry, I have some recommendations of kids study room ideas for small spaces below. Check them out and be ready to be inspired.

9. Small Space Study Room

Having a small space for a study room is challenging. But this study room idea is perfect for a home with limited spaces. A corner is an excellent option for creating a cozy and comfortable homework station. 

kids study room ideas
Source: Instagram (@lizborgeswellness)

Based on my experience, this kind of space can be filled with a portable desk with storage space. The desk offers functional and aesthetic options, and the kids can keep their school supplies there. After homework time, they can easily remove the desk. So,  the floor can be more spacious.

10. Homework Nook

I have no problem with limited space anymore. The homework nook is an alternative design to accommodate a single student without wasting any space. First, I went with a floating desk to create a comfortable workstation. The desk has two simple drawers to store school items.  

kids study room ideas
Source: Decorpad

There is also a simple white chair with cushions that will make my little one comfortable during her learning. I also added blue denim wallpaper and stacked shelves for storing the school supplies. The bright yellow lamp turns the small space into an eye-catching learning environment.  

11. Fold-down Workstation

This design belongs to a perfect option for a limited study zone because I think I wouldn’t have to sacrifice too much floor space. Also, adding the folding table and chair will create more area. Best of all,  little kids can remove them easily after work. Plus, there is also a floating shelf for storing paper, books, and other school supplies. 

kids study room ideas
Source: Nally Studio

I also found that this kind of setting is good for hanging photos and poster to complete the wall. The little chalkboard is available as a medium to express their ideas. It is a simple but adorable homework station, whether for toddlers, kindergarteners, or even young students.  

Study Room Ideas for Boys

Boys have specific requirements when it comes their personal spaces like their bedrooms and study rooms. In regards to study rooms, a nice and cozy study room can make your little boys feel more encouraged to study. Here are some ideas of the best study rooms for boys to consider.

12. Corner Homeschool Desk

A corner homeschool desk is an excellent option for a home with limited space. When my little boy want to have his own study desk, then I have the idea to fill the corner with simple furniture. The simple wooden desk is definitely my choice as the main space for learning. 

kids study room ideas
Source: Instagram (@thefrugalhomemaker)

The desk is paired with a wooden chair. Both create a minimalist and perfect space for my little boy to study. I would also suggest that adding an ABC card border and a chalkboard will make the learning environment more adorable and inviting.  

13. Under-the-bed Study Room

This study room idea is my favorite one. I could make a spacious homework station without preparing much floor space. Yes, go vertically. I would add the bedroom with a built-in loft bed, and I could have plenty of space under the bed. 

kids study room ideas
Source: Lauren Rubin Architecture

Through the idea, my little boy would have plenty room to study, and entertain. I found that buying a space-saving loft bed and a desk is able to save costs, too. In my opinion, this idea belongs to an alternative option to create a spacious study zone at an affordable price.  

14. Corner Homework Station

My little kids asked me to create the study zones. Fortunately, I got a little space in the living room corner. I turned the area into a comfy homework station for multiple kids. Actually, it is one of the most straightforward study spaces to create. I added a wooden table paired with four wooden chairs. My kids can study, play, and work together. 

Corner Homework Station
Source: Digital Alta Calidad

Best of all,  I can keep an eye on the children when they do their daily tasks. In addition, I added a schoolroom-inspired blackboard to complete the wall. There is also a wire art display to show their artwork.   

Study Room Designs in Home

A study room doesn’t always have to be arranged inside a bedroom or a specific room. It can also be created as part of many rooms in the house. Say kitchen, living room, or family room? Yes, below I have the best ideas on how you can create a study room in many rooms and spots at home.

15. Kitchen workstation

kids study room ideas
Source: Instagram (@farmhouseforfour)

I created a built-in study zone since we have a spacious kitchen. Yes, the kitchen always becomes central to every home. I tried creating a study zone for my kids in the cooking area. I could keep an eye on him when doing his daily assignments. 

The kitchen homework station is perfect whether for dinners or study. Surprisingly,  all my family members love this space. I can also set up the family supplies, including laptops and notebooks. My little kids also love the idea so much. It is unique but offers an inviting place to work or study.

16. Great Room Homework Station

For those of you who need a dedicated room for a study zone or home office, fortunately I found this study room idea. This idea could use the living spaces to create a comfortable area to study or work. I suggest that you add cabinets with shelves and a tabletop as the center of the study space. 

Great Room Homework Station
Source: This Old House (@Tabitha Sukhai)

There are also two wooden chairs for seating. Best of all, the sofas are also available to give extra space for working or entertaining. I love the idea since I would be able to supervise my little kids during their studies from the couch. The area is also perfect for a family gathering place. In addition, I could accompany them during homework by teaching them some school materials.  

17. Side-by-side Seating

Of course, the kitchen is a space in a home where I love to work. I had a plan to create a simple study zone for my little sons. Therefore,  I can keep an eye on them during their homework time easily. The key features include two computers and task lighting. 

Side-by-side Seating
Source: This Old House (@Tabitha Sukhai)

There is also a dividing column of drawers to keep the school items and art supplies. The arrangement brings a comfy learning space for my kids and even adults. The design creates a great cooperative study zone. It also belongs to vibrant design for girl. 

18. Homeschool Desk Combo

This study room idea is perfect for kids with a homeschooling program. The desk combo provides an excellent space both for kids and moms. I can share the desk with my little one to do projects like bill paying, budgeting, or even working with her. This design is versatile. 

kids study room ideas
Source: Instagram (@jenmackintosh)

The room is filled with a white cottage road desk and comfortable high-back chairs.  A white computer desk is also on location to work side by side. Best of all, the hanging shelves are also perfect for books and other materials.

Low Budget Simple Study Room Designs

When it comes to making a cozy and comfortable study room, budget is not the most important aspect to consider. In fact, taste is what matters the most. With low budget you can still create a great study room and below I have some ideas of the recommended low budget and simple study room designs for you.

19. Space Saving Study Room

OK, let’s start the kids’ study room ideas with the simplest one. I have a problem with the space in the study room. This space-saving study room is brilliant for giving them a comfortable place for my little one to study. 

kids study room
Source: Amazon (@Nathan James Store)

This kids’ study room is perfect for small spaces because of the wall-mount desk combined with two fixed shelves. The Theo ladder desk is also functional and stylish. My kids can use it for extra storage for computers, books, or other supplies.

20. Simple Shelf Desk

Is it getting complicated with the floor space? We have a similar problem. This simple space-saving desk is perfect for creating a study zone without sacrificing too much floor. Of course, it works with small rooms. The study room idea can be applied in the landing or hallway. 

kids study room ideas
Source: Remodela Holic

The simple floating desk can be obtained from the online market. Feel free to choose the best one. A chair is paired with a pillow to comfort during study time. I also set up a floating shelf to keep art supplies and other school items.  

21. Simple Study Room for 2

This study room idea is perfect for two kids. It offers a comfortable environment both for homeschooling and doing homework. I love the design because it doesn’t need a lot of space. The two-cube shelves can be a functional item to store school items, artworks, or other supplies. There is also a tabletop for space to work. 

Simple Study Room for 2
Source: Instagram (@teaching.mylittles)

In addition, I grab two white wooden chairs with a modern look for seating. There is also a large chalkboard that provides functional and aesthetic effects. It completes the wall and can be the best medium to enhance creativity.  

Baby Study Room Designs

For babies, a study room also means a play room. So, if you plan on creating a study room for your little babies, do incorporate the aspects of baby’s playing space and toys into the room. Here are some ideas for easy reference.

22. Baby Girl’s Study Room

This is one of the most wonderful kids study room ideas for little babies, baby girls in particular. Do consider applying this idea if you have a baby girl, and use pink as the main color theme.

Source: Pinterest (@HomeStyleinDecor)

I would suggest that you use pastel colors as part of the room’s decoration and have toy boxes in those colors to store her toys properly. Then use a butterfly chair because I am pretty sure she would love it, just like the one I bought for my little girl.

23. The Happy Place

For babies, studying needs to be fun. They learn through games and toys, and I think you need to include all of that to your baby’s study room. Use wooden furniture and have educational decorations like wall decors on animals, numbers and drawing boards hanging on the wall.

Source: Pinterest (

Create a shelf to store your little one’s story books, and add a play mat or carpet to let your baby explore and play on the floor. As for the color theme, I san confidently say that soft and earth tone colors are the perfect tone for this kind of study room.

24. Baby Boy’s Heaven

Creating a wonderful study room for your baby boy is an excellent idea to let him learn and play at the same time. This is one of the kids study room ideas that will become your baby boy’s heaven with blue wall paint and white furniture, plus a wall lamp in the form of Volkswagen car and a balloon.

Source: Pinterest: (@nightjasmine)

Create spaces for him to store his collections of dinosaurs or other animals. I recommend that you prepare a study desk plus some chairs as well, so he can have a playdate with his friends inside his study room.


Now, I have more options to create personalized kids’ study room ideas, single or multiple designs. For limited space, the single study room inspires me to make the learning environment with little floor space. However, I could make the study room for multiple kids by picking ideas for multiple kids. Tell me what study room idea you love!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I make my study room interesting?

First of all, I plan a learning space with no distractions. Every student may have his own preferences when it comes to the study zone. I involved him in creating an inviting and comfortable space to work.

Then, I add some furniture, including tables, shelves, a cabinet, and chairs. I pick the furniture that fits with the space, like using a floating desk for limited space. Setting the lighting is also in my list to make the room cool. Finally, I personalize the room by adding a chalkboard, posters, wallpaper, and others. 

2. How do you build a small study room?

I chose a corner space if I had a problem with limited spaces. I can create a comfortable homework station without taking up too much floor space. The floating desk is a great option for having more space. To keep the school items, books, and other art supplies, I also set up the wall-mounted shelf. For the seating, I use a stool or reclining chairs to give more space in the room.

3. What should a study room have?

There are some basic requirements for a good study zone. The study room should have a table or desk, a chair, shelves, a power outlet, and an internet signal if using the internet. Besides that, the learning space should also have a good light source, including well-positioned ceiling lights and a desk lamp. Make sure to make the area clean and comfortable to enjoy during homework time.  

4. What is a perfect study environment?

A perfect learning environment should be designed with minimal distractions and interruptions. Of course, the space should be relaxing and quiet so the kids can focus and complete the work. You know that the perfect environment is effective in training the brain by focusing on studying and sparking the imagination. Last but not least, you can add some furniture and accessories to create a comfortable study room.   

5. How do I organize my child’s study room?

Be sure to find a quiet room. Then, you can add furniture like a table or desk, chairs, and shelves. If you have limited space, choose the floating desk or reclined chair. Therefore, you can remove it after homework time. Don’t forget to décor the wall and set up a lamp. 

6. How do you decorate and furnish a small study room?

Be sure to add furniture designed for long hours of sitting. I chose a chair with ample soft cushions and a floating desk. Then i pick the best wallpaper or chalkboard to complete the wall with aesthetic effects. I also added customized bookcases for storing art supplies and school items. The adjustable light bulbs are also added for added comfort.

7. How can I make my study room cool?

You can create a positive study environment by having a dedicated study zone, eliminating interruptions, setting up the lamp, and regulating the room temperature. Remember to grab your snack during study time.  

8. What do you put in a study room?

A good study zone has some basic requirements. I put a desk, access to power, a chair, an internet signal, and a good light source, such as well-positioned ceiling lights or a desk lamp. The zone should be comfortable too.