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26 Fun and Playful Ideas for Kids Room

As a parent, I want to give my lovely kids their own space to enjoy and grow up. However, finding great ideas for kids’ room need effort, from applying the best wall paint, finding suitable furniture, or choosing comfy beds.

Tons of ideas for kids’ rooms are available on the internet. Fortunately, I have collected the best kid’s room ideas, including a bedroom, playroom, and study room both for boys and girls. From fun play zones to cartoon-inspired spaces and lively nurseries to bright rooms, I have 26 fun and playful kids’ room ideas for a touch of inspiration.

How can I make my kids’ room interesting?

Creating kids’ rooms should be fun and playful. Make sure to keep it simple with décor and furniture. Then, focus on what your kids love: an indoor swing, a whimsical house-frame bed, or a ball pit.

Don’t forget to add some storage. The kids will help keep the toys and other supplies organized. You can play with the colors. Involve your kids in choosing the colors that they love. Furthermore, you can incorporate patterns and texture.

What are some good room themes for kids?

Most kids want their surroundings to be cheerful, fun, bright, and bold. The space kids’ room ideas are great to make them satisfied. You can paint the wall navy blue and add some ornaments, including a massive rocket, aliens, and others.

A floral theme is also great in the kids’ room. You can go with floral wallpaper, which is beautiful, bright, and bold. Make sure to have bed linen that incorporates a bold floral theme. The robot theme is also my favorite. Look out for the robots on the wall stickers, prints, cushions, and bed linen.

How do I make my kids room feel cozy?

You can create a cozy reading nook for lounging, studying, crafting, or even taking a nap. Be sure to add a comfy hide, fluffy blankets, rugs, and pillows. Then, decorate the kid’s bedroom with some posters, like an animal, world maps, or alphabet prints. They are helpful in elevating their knowledge. Apply attractive colors, and don’t forget to add some accessories and toys.

How do I make my kids room feel cozy?
How do I make my kids room feel cozy?

How to decorate kids room in low budget?

You start updating the old furniture with little paint. Then, you can make DIY storage to keep their toys and supplies. Use everyday objects to create something extraordinary for your kids. For example, you turn a large branch into a creative light fixture hanging on the walls.

To keep the room on a low budget, you can play with the wall with inexpensive art effects, like creating a geometric wall statement, using masking tape and spirit level to create fantastic wall paint.

Kids room ideas for Girls

Finding the best ideas for kids’ rooms can be complicated. That is why I have summarized the room ideas for young girls, including the children’s bedroom, playroom, and homework station.

Kid’s Bedroom Ideas for Girls

1. Pretty in Pink

ideas for kids room
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Garden)

Finding for best bedroom for young girls? I choose this “pretty in pink” bedroom idea. I love this idea as it is a thrill for kids of all ages, whether pre-schoolers, students, or even teens. The room idea comes with a soft pink wall color to present age-neutral. I also added the tufted bed frame and ornate rug that are perfect for my little girls. To add maturity and sparkle to the space, I also add a crystal chandelier. This bedroom idea is also suitable for a small room by placing narrow furniture and a twin bed.

2. Playful Geometry

ideas for kids room
Source: Pinterest (@Shairoom)

Besides pretty pink, one of the best ideas for kids’ rooms is playful geometry. Since my little daughter loves a kind of geometry, I choose this playful room idea. I used mosaic walls to make the room look cluttered but offer a beautiful appearance. The geometric wall pattern also makes the room more aesthetic and modern. I also take into consideration the ornaments and accessories applied in the bedroom area. I only used basic tools to spread the playful wall design, including a brush, paint, painter’s tape, and a measuring device.

3. Lovely Lavender

ideas for kids room
Source: mommodesign

Lavender is a trendy color for a girl’s bedroom. I love the lavender theme as it offers a calming room. Of course, I added some ornaments, like a unicorn rocking horse, a tutu hanging, and others to make my little girl’s room perfect. The art print and chunky blanket also make the space perfect and adorable. I also decorate the room by adding paper flowers and a wooden cutout of my little girl’s name. Combining these colors, ornaments, and accessories perfectly creates the girly theme. 

4. Colorful and Fun

ideas for kids room
Source: fourcheekymonkeys

Let’s have fun with colors. I chose to apply rainbow themed bedroom to experiment with the colors. I used main colors, including yellow, pink, red, and mint, to create a vibrant bedroom. To add the vintage retro pop, I also used the red color. I love how the red color makes the vibrancy. For simple addition, I installed picture or DIY paper crafts. The ornaments promote a visual idea and create new looks for the bedroom. I also involved my little girl in placing the artwork to elevate her sense of pride.

5. Beautiful Bunk

ideas for kids room
Source: Pinterest (@Lauren Bless’ur House)

I have a problem choosing the best bunk ideas for a small room. Fortunately, I found a beautiful bunk for bedroom ideas. My little daughter loves it so much. Amazingly, the bedroom idea is simple but so adorable. I added some accessories, including equestrian ribbons. I went with monochromatic walls and bedding to make the bedroom open and airy. The bedroom is also for the study room, so I added wall lights. It is perfect for reading, drawing, or writing. Finally, I could create the best bedroom for my liltle girl without pricey bunk beds and furniture.

Kid’s Playroom ideas for Girls

6. Pink and White Stripped Playroom

ideas for kids room
Source: Pinterest (@CHRISSY MARIE BLOG)

My little girls love pink color so much. I got the inspiration to create a pink and white striped playroom also i promise this kids’ room idea will be one of the cleanest and brightest rooms I have ever seen. I add a pink and white storage shelf with name tags. The shelf is great for storing toys or other equipment. With the cute shelf, they are easy to keep their toys organized. I also added the unicorn head and fairy banner to make the room more beautiful. 

7. Tea Party Play Area

ideas for kids room
Source: Keep Toddler Busy

Inspired by the tea party, I created a beautiful playroom for my girls. The room may look like a bedroom. However, the room idea is perfect for creating the best playroom in a small area. The playroom comes with multi-function furniture that can also be used for many purposes, including a study room, bedroom, or family room. The lofted bed offers comfort during his playtime. Meanwhile, the Moroccan poufs are flexible in arranging for lounging, crafting, or reading. The fillable poofs are also functional for storage. 

8. Playroom with animal details

ideas for kids room
Source: loveincmag

I go with the playroom with animal detail since my little girl loves animals so much. She needs a space not only for playing but also sleeping and growing, but not too girly. I started designing by adding a cozy canopied nook for the reading activity. I also added some baskets and shelves to keep her toys well-organized. As she is an animal lover, I included some animals everywhere possible. I focused on the whimsical details, including the animal heads and the dots on the wall. They make the room stylish and last for years.

9. Art Space Playroom

ideas for kids room
Source: lonny

A great playroom can be a great place for kids to elevate their creativity and sense of art. That is why I chose the art space playroom. The room is perfect for exploring my little girl’s self-expression through art. I added some items of furniture to develop her creativity, including a chalkboard, a clear creative workspace, and a cute clothesline gallery for hanging up her completed art project. The room also features some animal dolls to make the play more attractive.

10. Kid-Sized Studio Apartment

ideas for kids room
Source: lonny

A kid-sized studio apartment is one of the beautiful ideas for kids. I was googling for an attractive playroom for my girl, and finally, I found a unique idea. I love creating the play area with the miniature home set. Yes, it is like playing house for my little girls. I featured the room with a kitchen, vacuum, washer, dryer, and even a pint-sized broom. My girl said that it was a dream come to reality. Amazingly, she got it in her lovely playroom.

11. Canopy and Bean Bags

ideas for kids room
Source: lonny

I get confused when designing a playroom with a limited budget. Surprisingly, I got inspired to make a canopy and bean bag idea. It is such a simple design, but my little one love it. The room offers a comfortable area by adding bean bag chairs around. I also added the inexpensive nook and cozy floor cushions. Best of all, I installed the canopy overhead, which would be a great place for lounging or even reading.

12. A Cheerful Palette

ideas for kids room
Source: lonny

Regarding inexpensive playroom design, I chose to create beautiful walls and décor. The spicing-up walls can be decorated with a cheerful and relaxing color palette. Of course, the palettes bring a vibrancy to my little kid’s playroom. I also used washi tapes to make attractive designs. I can create a contrasting colors in easy. The room also features some furniture, including a set of tables, hanging images, bookshelves, and many more.

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Kids study room ideas for Girls

 13. Cozy Reading Nook

ideas for kids room
Source: Shopee (@Joanna Pinto)

My little daughter loves reading, and I chose a cozy reading nook design for her reading corner. The room idea is perfect for a kid’s study room. I just used a few basic pieces of furniture, including a multi-tier bookshelf, comfortable seating, pillows, and dolls. The white bookshelf keeps the books and others organized. For comfortable seating, I picked a beanbag or daybed. The pillows and dolls also comfort her life in the homework station. 

14. A hammock chair and cushions

ideas for kids room
Source: Shopee (@Joanna Pinto)

I create the homework station with the hammock chairs. The chairs offer cool factors and comfort for studying. The addition of the chairs makes the study room cozier than the conventional study space. I added some cushions to make my little one enjoyable during her study. My little one love it so much. I also placed floor pillows and a rug to get more relaxed seating. This rug is also great for having a quick break from studying. She can take a rest while grabbing some food or beverages.

15. Go green study space

Go green study space
Source: Shopee (@Joanna Pinto)

I love designing study spaces with plants. I call it the go-green study space. The plants enhance the aesthetic and improve my girl’s learning ability and overall well-being. Indoor plants are effective in improving air quality, reducing stress, and also boost creativity, concentration, and productivity. For low maintenance, I used artificial plants and flowers. However, I highly recommend using real plants as they offer many benefits for the kid’s study rooms.

16. Simple study space with vertical storage

Simple study space with vertical storage
Source: Shopee (@Joanna Pinto)

I go with minimalist ideas for a simple kid’s study space in a small room. The idea is perfect to be applied in the limited floor space. I create the vertical space by utilizing floating shelves, storage baskets, racks, and file holders on the wall. I also added pegboard shelves, which are perfect for organizing various school supplies. The shelves also feature containers, hooks, and trays. The study room idea is a great solution for those looking for an adorable design in a small room.

Kids room ideas for Boys

Of course, the room ideas for boys differ from those for girls. I Involved my little hero in deciding the fun and attractive design for the bedroom, playroom, and study rooms. Here are an array of fun and playful ideas for small boys.

Kid’s Bedroom ideas for Boys

17. Airplane patterns

Airplane patterns
Source: Pinterest (@Living Etc)

I transformed my boy’s bedroom into a gorgeous space. I decorated the wall by adding a canvas print of a beautiful airplane shelf and TinTin images. The shelf is great for organizing the toys and supplies without needing more space. The walls also feature an eye-catching wallpaper design. I also go with the small furniture in the room. However, every piece of furniture is beautiful, from the single upholstered bed with comfy cushions to a functional side table. The floor and ceiling feature the vintage design of an airplane.

18. Spectacular Superhero

Spectacular Superhero
Source: Pinterest (@My KIds Time)

My little boy loves superheroes, and I bring the superhero-theme bedroom to his life. I involved my hero in choosing his favorite character. Then, I worked with a combination of recognizable logos, bright colors, and imagination to create the best bedroom décor. I played with simple accessories, including rugs, lampshades, cushions, curtains, and pillows. I also used the superhero wallpapers to create an eye-catching look.

19. Truck Theme Bedroom

Truck Theme Bedroom
Source: Pinterest (@Project Nursery)

I involved my little boy in designing his bedroom. He chose a truck theme with blue and red colors. Of course, his bedroom would be colorful, bright, and playful. I started with updating the wallpaper. I installed some white framed truck prints on the wall for a soft touch. It perfectly makes the bedroom. The book bench reading was on hand to accommodate him for reading books or comics.

Kids Play room ideas for Boys

20. Chalk Playroom Decor

Chalk Playroom Decor
Source: Simply Well Balanced

I choose the neutral décor to design my boy’s playroom. The idea brings fun and creativity with the simple chalk paint wall. Creating the decoration is relatively easy by applying painter’s tape and a simple chalk paint wall. In the room, my boy is free to have fun and play. I also add furniture, including tables and chairs for playing, tea parties, or lounging. Best of all, chalk paint inspires imagination and creativity. 

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21. Black and White Playroom

Black and White Playroom
Source: Simply Well Balanced

Black and white are one of the great playroom ideas for boys. I love the monochrome tones. The playroom will grow with my boy, so I create the room with a generous workspace and toy storage. Besides playing, the room can also be used as a home-school classroom, a homework station, or a family room. The natural colors offer timeless accents for the playroom. I also place some bins that I have labeled so my boy can clean up independently.

22. Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing
Source: momgotthestuff

My boy loves adrenaline activities, and I try to make indoor rock climbing in the house. So he can get active and practice climbing. This playroom idea is my favorite one. I find the indoor rock climbing holds on the online store. I pick the items based on the size of the playroom. The room also features indoor swings to improve his playing experience.

Kids study room ideas for Boys

23. Art and craft corner

Art and craft corner
Source: Shopee (@Joanna Pinto)

I turned the corner into a space dedicated to all things about arts and crafts. Through this room idea, it can stimulate new ideas as well as improve creativity. My little boy can work on her DIY projects comfortably. The room features a wooded easel for painting, a double-sides whiteboard, and a blackboard to create spectacular doddles. I also added musical instruments to improve his sense of music, including keyboards, guitars, pianos, and drums.

24. Motivational quotes on the wall

Motivational quotes on the wall
Source: Shopee (@Joanna Pinto)

A kid’s study room with motivational quotes is a perfect option for my kid. It is helpful to keep him motivated during her study. I don’t need to supervise her while doing the homework or reading the books. The motivational quotes on the wall will help my little one to boost his learning. To make it simple, I chose black-and-white posters. The quote posters are not only unique but also inspire positivity every day.

25. Incorporate color on furniture and wall

Incorporate color on furniture and wall
Source: Shopee (@Joanna Pinto)

I pick a study room idea with bright hues to stimulate my boy’s brain. The idea is effective for the younger kids to boost their knowledge. I applied some colors to the furniture and walls also i used green colors, which are helpful in improving his focus. Then I incorporated red colors to develop his creativity. I also applied the orange color as a mood booster. Blue is also great for creating shooting effects.

26. Minimalist Study Room

Minimalist Study Room
Source: Shopee (@Joanna Pinto)

My boy wants to have a simple study table that has easy access. I opt for a sturdy desk and a built-in bookshelf. So it will be easy to access his book and other school supplies. However, the floating desk is also a great option, especially for the limited floor space. It can be folded away when not in use. To complete the desk, I also chose the swivel chair with the right height and size for my little boy. He will have comfortable seating for long periods during his study time.


The ideas for the kids’ room above are so helpful in creating simple, fun, and functional spaces on a low budget. I can choose the best ideas for a bedroom, playroom, and study room that meet my kids’ preferences. From art and craft corners to floral theme rooms, pinky rooms to monochrome wall paint, the kids’ room ideas above inspire every parent.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

How can I make my kids room look nice?

You can go with changing up a lighting scheme, rearranging a layout of furniture, hanging beautiful wall art, and bringing in indoor plants. To make the room cozy, you can put down a rug, cushions, and a pillow on it. 

What should a kids bedroom have?

Most kids love to cuddle, so the bedroom should have bedding, pillows, rugs, and cozy blankets. To make the room beautiful, I also add wall art and pictures of them as a baby. The storage should be in the bedroom to keep their supplies organized. 

How can I decorate my room for kids?

You can start filling a wall with a simple but adorable gallery wall, like polka dots or stripes. Playing with washi tapes is also a great idea for having a DIY decoration. Work with your kids to line colorful stripes on the wall. 

How do you style a small kids room?

I go with the vertical beds. The bunk offers stylish and functional options for the limited floors. To keep the supplies, I get creative with vertical storage. So, I have more space to place other furniture.