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20 Movie Night Ideas for Kids. An Unforgettable Moment for Them!

Creating bonding time with your kids varies. You can do shopping together, planting together, studying together, eating together, or even having a movie night together. Movie night is an excellent idea as one of the easiest yet best quality times with your kids and other family. It is considered like that since you can do it at home after dinner and only need a quick preparation to do it. For instance, you need a light snack and beverages. No need for a bunch of snacks since your kids must be full too after dinner. A savory or sweet popcorn is enough.

Non Animated Movies

So, if you already decided to have a movie night with your kids, why don’t you take a look at our movie recommendations below. All of them never failed to re-watch. 

Non Animated Movies

Some kids love to see animated movies but the others prefer non animated movies to the animated ones. It is probably because they can see the characters in person inside the movies. So, no worries, here are the non animated movies you can watch together!

1. Night at the museum

movie night ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Maria Bolivar)

Night at the museum sequel movies is an excellent movie night idea for your kids. Despite seeing the funny and great story in the movie, your kids can also learn the history through its character. Through the story and the conflict, your kids can acknowledge that history and dioramas in museums are something priceless. 

2. Bedtime stories

movie night ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Beast)

Cute characters, fun story! This movie fits for your movie night. It is time to throw the blanket on the couch, prepare the popcorn and some juice, because you are ready for Bedtime Stories. Adam Sandler never fails in playing family movies. Also, it can expand the imagination of your kids. Plus, you cannot deny how cute that guinea pig is. 

3. The Parent Trap

movie night ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Kacie Nelson)

Such a classic yet never get bored of this movie. Start from your childhood until your kids grow, you still can enjoy this family movie. The story is beautiful, heart-warming and your children must be in love too. A simple movie that can be your best companion after dinner. It is a great choice for family bonding. 

4. The Little Rascals

movie night ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@IMP Awards)

Silly, cute and funny movie about the young boys that think they don’t need any girls or women out there. It is interesting to watch and becomes funnier when one of the members starts to do puppy love with a pretty young girl. You can watch it together at the weekend with your kids since this kind of story somehow relates to the elementary school kids that have broad imaginations about gender as well. 

5. Free Willy

movie night ideas for kids
Source: PInterest (@Hannah Luiza)

A classic movie that never gets boring to watch. Free Willy will give another experience and lessons for the young kids. They can watch and think that animals should and deserve to be loved. We remember the first time watching this and almost crying as well remember how Willy is very loveable.

6. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

movie night ideas for kids
Source: Pinterst (@Movie Poster)

This movie is a classic one but still a dream movie for most kids ever. Imagine you can visit a chocolate factory for free! Also, you can see how dreamy and wonderful the factory is since there is no person working there but oompa-loompa. Colorful, cheerful and many lessons that you can tell to your kids after watching this movie. 

7. Peter Pan

movie night ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Planet Paradiz)

Do you believe in fairy? Well, your kids will start to believe in fairy after watching this old yet gold movie for kids. Peter Pan is a movie that should be on the list of movie night ideas. The story is beautiful and fun at the same time.

8. Lady and The Tramp

movie night ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Disney Fans)

A cute movie about animals that fall in love with each other. It is very sweet and still fits to watch with your kids. Moreover, this version is a real one, so you can see how adorable Lady and Tramp are when they are seeing each other deeply and passionately. It can help your kids to realize that a pet or animal has a feeling too. 

Animated movies

Animated kid movies are always interesting to watch. Even you as parents, somehow wonder how the tone color, the drawing and everything inside the movie seems very beautiful. Watching an animated movie as a movie night idea can be a short escape too for you to forget about the boring routines.

9. Monster inc

movie night ideas for kids
Source: PInterest (@Izzy)

Monster Inc is a never get bored movie to watch. No matter how old your kids are, they must be excited to watch this if you invite them to a movie night after dinner. Either it is Monster Inc 1 or Monster University. All of them are pretty entertaining to enjoy with the family. No wonder the merchandise becomes a favorite for most people. 

10. Lion King

movie night ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@No Guilt Disney)

Having dad and kids time with this movie is priceless. This movie has many lessons that you can teach to your children about life. The latest animated version is pretty cool and too real to be seen. It is hard to not include Lion King with its Simba to this movie night idea. 

11. Despicable Me

movie night ideas for kids
Source: PInterest (@Robert Stead)

Who can deny Minions? This movie is entertaining. Fun, cheerful but still there are some lessons that your children can get from this masterpiece. From the first to the next movies, the story is always excellent. Hence, no wonder Minions merchandise is always best-selling too. 

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12. Inside Out

movie night ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Sasaki Time)

This movie is good to make your kids learn about feelings and expressions. It tells the children that having feelings or expressing it is not a mistake. This can be your best companion for a movie night idea. 

13. Shrek

Source: Pinterest (@Streetflowers)

It’s a fun, cute, lovely movie. That’s why there is a sequel for this movie to continue the story. Shrek is about a troll and a princess that love each other. This kind of movie will teach your kids that they should never differentiate or underestimate people through the cover. Come up with a simple story, this movie is really worth watching.

14. The Incredibles

movie night ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@BuzzFeed | Casey Rackham)

Imagine how a whole family becomes a superhero team. This movie fits for your movie night with your kids. It explains about family matters and how to act outside when you have a ‘special’ family without being afraid to be judged by others. 

15. Toy Story

Toy Story
Source: Pinterest (@Juan Jose Mareco Gomes)

It is not an ordinary story about toys. Pixar really brings animated movies for kids into the next level. Just like Monster Inc. The story in each sequel is relatable and beautiful. A should watch movie for your movie night idea with kids. Such an A-list!

16. Secret Life of Pets

The Pets
Source: Pinterest (@IMDb)

When Toy Story tells about toys, this movie tells about your pet’s activity when you are not at home. You will never imagine how they can take an adventure, a big adventure between the pets and other animals. It is such a great animated movie for your kids.

17. UP

Source: Pinterest (@IMDb)

A legendary movie that successfully makes every kid have a dream to move their house using balloons. A movie that teaches us about loyalty, faith, and strong will. The high quality picture from Pixar is undeniable as well. 

18. My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro
Source: Pinterest (@Lale YGN)

Japan never disappoints us in producing animated movie ideas for kids and even still fits for adults. My Neighbor Totoro is an animated fantasy story about a young girl that meets her new friend named Totoro. Actually Totoro looks like rabbits but in a giant size. Through this meeting, their adventure begins. 

19. The Chronicles of Narnia

Narnia: The Witch, The LIon & The Wardrobe
Source: Pinterest (@asr | Watch Filmy)

Narnia has many sequels according to the books. This fantasy movie is really worth watching especially during the holidays. The adventure between siblings and the Lion (Aslan) cannot be missed. Also, the story and the conflicts between the siblings are interesting to watch. You can tell your kids how to behave to their siblings while watching this masterpiece.

20. Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania
Source: Pinterest

When an adorable and funny movie is wrapped in a dark theme, Hotel Transylvania really succeeds in stealing our attention. The characters that are usually known as mysterious in thriller movies, turn into cute characters. This is a perfect one to watch as a movie night idea during Halloween or school holiday. Don’t forget to prepare the popcorn! 


So, there are many movie recommendations that you can choose for movie night with your children. You can set the theme too if you want to match the movie. But if you don’t have a time to do many preparations, don’t forget to throw the blanket on the couch, grab the popcorn, and let your kids enjoy the movie without any interruptions, including from your phone. 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

How do you make movie night special for kids?

You can choose our special movie recommendations to make your movie night special for kids. Or you can let them choose their favorite movies. Although sometimes you already watch it more than once or twice, let them be. It is your quality time with them. 

What are good ideas for a movie night?

You can set the theme for movie night. It needs preparation first of course but it will boost the excitement from your kids to watch the movie. Also, this bonding time will cost you less money but still be high quality for your family. 

How do you make movie night at home fun?

By creating an extraordinary layout in the TV room. For instance, you can set a projector to watch a movie or create a ticket, so it is like watching a movie in a cinema. Your kids must be excited too! Don’t forget to get a popcorn or another light snacks for them too.