craft ideas for kids

29 Craft Ideas for Kids to do with Parents

craft ideas for kids
29 Craft Ideas for Kids to do with Parents

Are you looking for fun and easy craft ideas for kids? Don’t worry! We have 29 most popular craft ideas for them. Your kids will love creating these cute and easy crafts. Besides that, the supplies you need to make the crafts are definitely simple too.

Whether you use recycled materials, cardboard, printable cards, or other materials, craft ideas for kids are great to keep them busy and enhance their creativity. Do you need the inspiration to collaborate with your kids? Here are craft ideas to do with your kids.

1. Handprint Penguin

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@thechirpingmoms)

Winter is coming. Let’s make the kids busy with handprint penguins. It belongs to fun and cute craft ideas for kids. The supplies you need to make a handprint penguin are also simple, including white felt, black and orange cardstock, 12 X 12 light blue cardstock, white pom poms, and giggly eyes. 

Making handcraft is also easy for kids. Start with cutting the felt, and cut out the handprint. Then, let your kids use their cutting skills to make a cute handprint penguin. The simple craft ideas are great for leveling up the kids’ creativity with simple supplies.

2. Pet Cactus Rock

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@messylittlemonster)

It would be fun to create a pet cactus rock for your kids. The craft idea is an easy project with plenty of supplies. All you need is to prepare the rocks, giggly eyes, outdoor acrylic paint especially glue, and white, green, red, purple, and light green colors. Be sure to choose flat-surface rocks of similar size with a terra cotta pot.

Then, encourage your kids to paint the rock with their creativity. Add a smiling mouth to rocks to make them unique and special. Whether your kids are toddlers or young kids, the craft idea is perfect for igniting the imagination.   

3. Cereal Box Aquarium

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@embracetheperfectmess)

Do you have a cereal box? Let’s make fun and awesome crafts with recycled items. The craft idea is great for enhancing the kids’ creativity. Encourage your kids to choose the best aquarium decoration with the colored fish and other additions. You can put many options to decorate your aquarium. 

It belongs to easy and fun crafting for kids with recycled materials. The supplies you need to create a cereal box aquarium are also simple, including colored cardstock, giggly eyes, kinetic sand, stones, silver paint, and more.  

4. Toilet Paper Rolls

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@thebestideasforkids)

Spring is coming. Encourage your kids to have colorful and bright activities. Feel free to create which spring flowers are your favorite. Whether your kids are making tulip, rose, or other flowers, let them create something to remember the spring. A toilet paper roll is ideal for levelling up your kids’ creativity. 

The paper roll spring flowers are also great for keeping indoor space colorful and bright. Give your kids a printable template to make it easy to create the crafting. You can work with your kids to make various flowers with a few supplies.

5. Popsicle Stick Snowflake

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@lifeisalullaby)

You have a lot of fun crafts with your kids at Christmas. Ask your kids to make Christmas ornaments, like Popsicle Stick Snowflake. The craft idea is the best choice for having a fun and colorful craft with kids. It also belongs to endless and simple craft sticks. 

The crafts are also easy to make and decorate. Whether your kids are 2-years old or toddlers, they can make their own stick ornaments. Best of all, allow your kids to decorate the popsicle sticks like a real snowflake. The supplies you need to make the craft are simple, including Popsicle sticks, glitter, pom-poms, jute and stickers.

6. Halloween Slime

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@thebestideasforkids)

Get ready to welcome Halloween with incredible kids’ handcraft, Halloween Slime. The craft idea will be a hit. You can fill the jam jar with colorful slime. It is such an easy and simple Halloween craft to be created with your kids. 

Encourage your kids to make a pumpkin slime jar. Fill the jam with the orange slim and add the black felt to make a facial feature. For the easiest one, your kids can make the ghost slime jar. Fill the jar with the white slime and add giggly eyes. The Frankenstein slime jar is also gorgeous to make. Yes, your kids have made cute slime crafts.

7. Handprint Flowers

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@alittlepinchofperfect)

Work with your kids to have fun and simple handprint activities, including handprint flowers. The craft is perfect for Mother’s Day gifts. It is also superb for igniting their imagination and cutting skills. Prepare the cardstocks and trace your kid’s hand. 

You can cut the prints out and glue the handprints together in the form of flowers. You can tape the wooden dowel on the back of the handprint flower. It is a cute and sensational handy craft to make with your kids. In the end, place the handprint flowers in the mason jar vase and take a joy with the beautiful handprint craft.  

8. Salt Dough Hearts

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@thebestideasforkids)

Are you looking for the best gifts for kids’ Valentine’s Day? Try to make salt dough hearts. It is a fun and adorable craft which can be personalized based on your preference. Encourage your kids to make salt dough tree decorations for Christmas or Valentine’s Day. 

The craft idea offers great fun both for kids and adults. It is also simple and easy to make. Your kids can also experience both making a craft and cooking. Work with your kids to make heart conversation salt dough for next-level crafting. Feel free to create the word using letter stamps.

9. Spider Kids Craft

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@waseigenes)

If you are going to make more than usual kid’s crafts, pom-pom spider craft is the best answer. It is a craft activity designed for Halloween. Your kids can put the pom-pom spiders or play with them after making the incredible spider crafts. 

Your kids, even toddlers, can improve their fine motor skills through the craft activity. Challenge your kids to place the yes on the face and the beads on the legs. Let them level up their creativity by making different colored beads, legs, and even the spider body.

10. Pom Pom Flower

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@messylittlemonster)

Bring spring joy into your kid’s life by creating the pom-pom flower. The craft idea is perfect for cheering your kids. The idea is dedicated to pre-schoolers for creating easy pom-pom creativity. Let your kids put the pom-poms together with glue on the beautiful flowers.  

When they glue the pom-pom, it will be helpful to enhance fine motor practice. Best of all, add the best photo of your kids in the center. The kid’s craft is also great for showing school photos. You also need a few supplies to make the craft, including cardboard from a cereal box, pom-poms, white glue, flower templates, green paint, and more.  

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11. Easter Egg Slime

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@asparkleofgenius)

Most kids love playing with slime. When it comes to slime, there is a lot of slime creativity; one is Easter Egg Slime. You can have fun with a mix of eggs and slime. Collaborate with your kids to make your own slime. 

The recipe is also simple, including White Elmer’s Glue, Contact Lens Solution, glitter, baking soda, and food coloring. The contact lens solution is typically more pliable. It is like silly putty. You can also make the other slime recipes, including unicorn slime, fluffy slime, or galaxy slime. Choose the best recipes to make the best Easter Egg Slime.

12. Salt Painting

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@littlebinsforlittlehands)

You can go with salt painting if you find perfect winter activities for kids. The kid’s craft keeps your kids busy during the winter. Instead of playing games, you can work with your kids to create a salt painting with watercolor art. The process is simple but results in beautiful artwork. 

Let your kids express their imagination using watercolors. Feel free to adapt any art images that you like. You can paint snowflakes with crystalized and vibrant salt. Add some watercolors to create better images.

13. Rainbow Fish Craft

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@4kinderteachers)

Take your older kids to make a rainbow fish craft. It is an ideal companion craft to make them busy with creativity. They will enjoy and love creating the paper craft by applying watercolors, black glue, and also glitter. Feel free to make rainbow fish based on your creativity.  

First, you can apply the black glue to the rainbow fish templates. Be sure to move slowly and smoothly to avoid glue pooling. After the glue is dry, you can paint the craft with watercolors and apply the glitter for better results. The craft idea is great for practicing your kids’ fine motor skills and improving their problem-solving skills.

14. Christmas Tree Card

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@redtedart)

Making Christmas tree cards is a perfect activity to do with your kids. The craft idea is easy to create. You can use the free printable templates to create unique cards. Feel free to choose various templates. Let your kids decorate the tree cards using crayons, paint, cardstock, sequins, and pom-poms. 

Whether you pick the Christmas present card or tree card, the craft idea is great to have fun and create something special with your kids. Allow your kids to write special messages inside the cars. They can also add a Christmas poem. The tree card is a great option to welcome Christmas day while having fun with your kids.  

15. Paper Strip Pumpkins

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@firefliesandmudpies)

Are you looking for an easy, fun, and quick craft for your kids? Encourage them to make paper-strip pumpkins. It is a sensational craft transforming a piece of cardstock into breath-taking paper strip pumpkins in a few minutes. The craft idea is great for kids of all ages. No glue is needed. 

You can make paper strip crafts in any color and size. Let your kids decorate the craft for a birthday present or Thanksgiving dinner. The supplies you need to create the pumpkin paper are also easy, like orange cardstock, a paper fastener, a pipe cleaner, and one hole punch.

16. Avengers Bookmark

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@favecraftsblog)

It will be fun to make something related to Avengers. Yes, most kids love superheroes and bring them to create the Avengers bookmark. Of course, the bookmarks also help them find the page in the books with the next-level bookmarks. 

When it comes to Avengers, there are some superheroes, including Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, the Hulk, and Doctor Strange. Allow them to choose their own best superheroes. It would help if you prepared the supplies, including big craft sticks, patterns, a ballpoint pen, a paint pen, and a paint brush. Get creative to make more Avengers bookmarks with your kids.

17. DIY Bath Bomb

craft ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@onelittleproject)

A safe bath bomb is expensive to purchase. That is why you can make your own DIY bath bomb with your kids. The idea is fun to do and relatively inexpensive. To surprise your kids, you can hide little things, like trinkets or toys, inside. These bath bombs also make the bad time special. 

Making DIY bath bombs belongs to a great project to do with your kids. Instead of commercial bath bombs, which are commonly unsafe and pricey, you can do it by yourself. You can choose the safe ingredients to make the non-harmful bombs at low prices.

18. Bubble Refill Station

Bubble Refill Station
Source: Pinterest (@busymomshelper)

Most children love playing with bubbles. Take your kids to have fun with bubbles outdoors during the summer. Bubbles offer educational and fun activities for kids. They can learn how to dip a straw and blow bubbles through it. Collaborate with your kids to make a bubble refill station.

Through the bubble station, everyone is able to refile the cups on their own easily. Be sure to use your plastic cups, as the paper cups easily get messy. Take joy with your kids by blowing the big bubbles. Get ready to get active while blowing the bubbles.

19. Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets
Source: Pinterest (@stylesatlife)

Finger puppets offer fun activities to do with your kids. Creating DIY finger puppets makes them busy while sparking their imagination. Your kids use pipe cleaners, add giggly eyes, and more. The craft ideas are great for kids of all ages, including kindergarteners or pre-schoolers.

They can make the puppet on their own easily. Let them choose their preferred characters, whether minions, superhero characters, or customized ones. Making different puppet projects is also effective in enhancing their fine motor skills. Do the project with your kids and allow them to follow the simple steps in making the finger puppets.

20. Craft Stick Trivia

Craft Stick Trivia
Source: Pinterest (@craftgawker)

Are you finding fun craft ideas for your kids? Creating craft stick trivia is a must. The craft offers bright activities and levels up their knowledge. Of course, most kids love answering questions. You can make the craft to keep them challenged and enhance their curiosity. The craft idea is perfect for doing when waiting for dinner. Give them exciting questions on the sticks, and let your kids answer them. The craft has much fun and enhances family bonding.

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21. Window Art

Window Art
Source: Pinterest (@creativejewishmom)

Let your kids decorate the windows using colored cellophane. The kid’s craft will make your window beautiful, like art from stained glass. Work with your kids to cut triangles, squares, and circles from the cellophane stacks. After cutting some stacks, it is time to apply the craft to the windows. 

You can use a mix of dish soap and water to apply them. For a better result, use a paintbrush to smear the solution on the windows. Your kids can place the pieces of cellophane on the windows as they please. The craft idea offers much fun for kids of all ages; even two-year olds kids can do it quickly.

22. Tissue Box Monster

Tissue Box Monster
Source: Pinterest (@supersimple)

Let’s make the kid’s craft from recycled material, an old tissue paper box. Try working with your kids to make their own monsters from recycled supplies. The craft belongs to craft ideas for Halloween. Of course, they can use their creativity and imagination to create unique box monsters.

Let your kids glue the cardstock, add the googly eyes, and paint the monsters as they please. Use the extra pom-pom to feed the monsters. You can count how many pom-poms can toss into the mouths of the tissue box monster at a specific time.

23. Thrift-store Outdoor Concert

Thrift-store Outdoor Concert
Source: Pinterest (@funathomewithkids)

Make a DIY backyard music station for your kids as if they host an outdoor concert.  Collect some thrift items, including everyday cookware.  You can modify the cookware into a simple one-man band.  Before the performance, set up an outdoor sound wall to hang the cookware. 

Install the items in the sound walls, including a cream dispenser, colander, drying rack, broiler part, pot lid, and a bel.  It is a show time to see your kids having an outdoor concert by hitting the cookware with the drumsticks.  Give them applause as if they have an outdoor music performance.

24. DIY Stickers

DIY Stickers
Source: Pinterest (@artfulparent)

Are you finding the perfect craft ideas for toddlers? Making DIY stickers is a good solution. The craft activity helps your kids with their fine motor skills. You can collaborate with them to produce various cute and gorgeous stickers.

The craft idea offers much fun for younger and older kids. The activity keeps them busy and entertained. The older siblings can play along with the younger ones in creating the DIY stickers. Whether they create stickers of flowers, animals, plants, or others, stickers are perfect for a kid’s learning activity.

25. Lava Lamp

Lava Lamp
Source: Pinterest (@hellowonderful)

A DIY lava lamp is a simple project to do with your kids. They can create lava lamps themselves. The craft belongs to an exciting and fun project for kids of all ages. Through the project, they will stay entertained and amused for hours. 

The lava lamp supplies are also simple, including old soft drink bottles, vegetable oil, antacid tablets, water, and food coloring. If your kids need to calm down, doing the craft is fantastic. These lava lamps are also great for entertaining and therapeutic purposes.

26. Rainbow Wand

Rainbow Wand
Source: Pinterest (@goodto)

A rainbow wand is easy to make. You can involve your kids in creating this project. The craft only needs a few supplies, including construction cards, paper straw, glue, rainbow ribbon and a stick. For a better result, feel free to add a glittery star. 

You can make the rainbow wand with a simple cutout, like a cloud, animal, or other shapes they love. Install the rainbow wand in your house. The craft idea for kids has vibrant colors, pure happiness, and true promises from God. Use the spare time with your kids to make a cute and colorful craft

27. Paper Hat

Paper Hat
Source: Pinterest (@onelittleproject)

Creating paper hats is a simple and fun activity for kids. With just two sheets of construction paper, you can fold the paper into a unique and cute hat to wear at parties, customs, or plays. The steps to make the craft easy for kids of all ages, including toddlers and pre-schoolers. 

You can personalize the paper hats by adding colored papers. Feel free to decorate the hats using stickers, pencil crayons, or markers. With only 5 minutes, you can collaborate with your kids to make a sensational craft for kids.

28. DIY Dreamcatcher

DIY Dreamcatcher
Source: Pinterest (@onelittleproject)

A dream catcher is a traditional item that hangs over a kid’s bed as protection. Instead of buying the item, you can make it yourself. Invite your kids to enjoy and make the craft together. Creating a dreamcatcher is perfect for summer camp, sleepovers, birthday parties, or anytime. 

You can use a paper plate for the main supplies. Work with your kids to customize the craft. Let them decorate the dreamcatchers as they please, whether they add pom poms, gems, buttons, or sequins.

29. Funny Face Frames

Funny Face Frames
Source: Pinterest (@makeandtakes)

Making funny face frames is great for keeping your kids entertained and amused. The kid’s craft is designed for kids ages 9-11. They will be fully occupied for hours in making the super easy craft. You need some supplies, including large picture frames, mount board, pom poms, felt, glue, sequin stars, and other supplies. 

Encourage your kids to be creative in decorating the frames. Let them add some interesting items. After finishing the project, allow your kids to use the funny face frames. Don’t forget to capture their smiling expression while having fun with the funny frames.

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It is time for you to choose your preferred craft ideas for kids. Whether you are going to create artistic, cute rock, handprint art, or sensational slime, the ideas offer fun and bright activities to do with your kids. The ideas above are also designed for kids of all ages. 

The crafts are easy to make and need a few supplies. Now, you have tons of craft ideas to make your kids busy. Work with them and enhance family bonding while enhancing creativity, imagination, and fine motor practice in an easy way.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is craft and its examples? 

Craft is often associated with artistic practice using hands-on skills rather than machines. There is a lot of kids’ crafting activity when it comes to crafting ideas for kids. The crafting activities keep the kids busy while improving their fine motor skills. 

Craft ideas for kids include handprint art, popsicle stick art, salt dough, and others. All of the ideas offer the opportunity to have fun and bright activities with the parents.   

What are the main types of craft?

Crafts can be divided into five primary craft types: textile, paper, decorative, fashion, and functional. However, most craft ideas for kids are close to paper crafts. Papercraft offers many easy ideas for kids to help with compared to other types of crafts. 

Your kids can make various handprint arts like handprint penguins or flowers. They can also use the cereal box to create beautiful art, like a cereal box aquarium. Toilet paper is also great for making a simple craft, like toilet paper rolls and flowers.   

Why craft is so important?

Craft plays an essential role in child development. The craft helps the kids grow and develop at their ages. That is why most pre-schools or kindergartens offer craft learning in the school. Through the crafts, the kids will develop their fine motor skills. 

Besides that, the craft is also effective in developing their literacy and Math concepts. Art also helps them to enhance their creativity. Through arts or crafts, they are free to express their ideas and spark their imagination. The art also improves the kids’ self-esteem and parent bonding.

Why craft is important in education?

A craft is also vital in the school curriculum, whether music, painting, or theater. Through learning arts or crafts, they learn how to appreciate culture and help socialize. Besides that, the craft also helps them to enhance creativity, boost confidence, and sharpen their decision-making skills. 

The kids also easier to learn about new shapes and colors through crafts. It means that craft can improve memory and visual learning. Of course,  the craft is also effective in boosting academic performance.  

What is the value of craft?

Through craft, kids can learn to appreciate and value culture and arts across time. The craft also enables them to reflect on their work and the works of others. Besides that, they also learn to think and act like artists and designers who work creatively and intelligently. 

Creativity in craft also encourages kids to solve problems more openly and more innovatively. Through creativity, the kids will be open-minded and broaden their perspectives when facing problems.

What can a 10 year old craft?

Ten years-old kids can create dozens of popular crafts, including rock painting, making handprints arts, trying lava lamp projects, or creating the paper hat. All the ideas are designed for kids ages 10 to boost their creativity and improve their fine motor skills. 

What is the best craft for kids?

A cereal box aquarium is the best craft idea for kids. You can recycle the cereal box to make gorgeous crafts. During the process, your kids learn how to cut, glue, and tape the printable card in the right place. It will improve their motoric skills and ignite their imagination. 

What is the easiest thing to craft? 

Papercraft is the easiest type of craft compared to the others. You need simple supplies like cards, scissors, and glue. Then, get ready to create sensational crafts like handprint flowers, handprint penguins, DIY stickers, rainbow wands, and more. 

What are some crafts to do at home?

You can try to make some crafts to do with your kids at home, like Avengers Bookmark, Craft Stick Trivia, Tissue Box Monster, Paper Strip Pumpkins, and others. All of the craft ideas offers fun activities to enhance the family bonding and creativity.