Art Ideas for Kids

24 Simple Art Ideas for Kids to Get Crafty

Art ideas for kids should meet the following criteria, fun and open-ended process, easy to do, resulting the fantastic art, and encouraging the kids to do more art activities. We have been working on summarizing the best art ideas for kids, including pre-schoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary students. 

Here are our top 24 simple art ideas for kids to promote their creativity as well as develop their fine motor skills.

What art style is popular now?

When it comes to the trendiest art styles today, abstract art is the most popular one. Most people love creating contemporary and modern styles. Our kids can also learn how to produce abstract art through art ideas for kids. 

String painting is a perfect way to introduce the kids to abstract projects. They can express their idea through painting with the strings. The painting doesn’t resemble a certain object, like a mountain, fruit or other but results in the fantastic arts. 

Simple Art Ideas
Simple Art Ideas

What is the most loved art style?

Pop art is one of the most-loved art styles throughout history and it has grown so fast because the art is accessible to the masses. Pop art was respected and recognised among the public. Through art, artists can draw inspiration from cultural moments and commercial figures.

For toddlers and preschoolers

1. Glue Dots and Buttons

Art Ideas of Kids
Source: Tinkerlab

Gluing dots and buttons are my favorite art ideas for kids. The act is superb for my toddler because of the simple supplies of small objects, like pom-poms, feathers, and sequins. The art idea is a great way to develop her fine motor skills. To ease the process, I add big glue dots on the paper sheet. Then, my little one gets ready to rock. She glued the small objects provided, like pebbles, buttons, pom-poms, and other small items. I also offer pink and black buttons so she can apply them aesthetically.  

2. Sticky Leaf Collage

Art Ideas of Kids
Source: Tinkerlab

I choose a sticky leaf collage for my little one. It is an engaging activity for both toddlers and pre-schoolers. Through the activity, I encourage my kid to collect the leaves, create a great composition, and also preserve the leaves. The activity can develop her creativity and get her close to nature. The supplies, like clear contact paper and leaves, are also easy to collect. I love seeing how my little kid attaches the leaves to the contact papers. It is not about the result but the process of creating a sticky leaf collage.

3. Tracing Circles

Art Ideas of Kids
Source: Tinkerlab

I bring a fantastic open-ended art activity for my little kid with a new technique, materials, and tools. The tracing circle activity is designed for toddlers or early pre-schoolers, including my little kid. A simple and easy activity. The supplies, like markers or pencils, tape, paper, and cups, are simple. I just need a little preparation to provide the art idea. After tapping the paper, I encourage my kid to trace the cup using the pens. I used some cups with different types to keep her interested.  

4. Snow Coloring

Art Ideas of Kids
Source: Pinterest (@Brenda Berry)

Winter is coming. I am ready to plan great art activity with my kid, snow coloring. The kid activity offers a fun and engaging experience. The process of snow coloring is also very simple, child-led, and relatively mess-free. I use a spray bottle filled with water to ease the coloring activity. I chose blue or purple colors to be applied to the white snow. The activity is great for developing her fine motor skills and keeps her busy with the engaging activity.

5. Painting Wooden Blocks

Art Ideas of Kids
Source: Pinterest (@Recyclart)

Painting wooden blocks is an excellent activity for pre-schoolers. I collaborate with my little one to make colorful wooden blocks with simple supplies, including scrap wood blocks, sandpaper, acrylic paints, and spray sealant. I asked my kid to paint the wooden block as she please. Through the art idea, she learns about patterns and complementary colors. She can also improve her creativity by decorating the blocks with colorful paints. After finishing the projects, I keep the pretty wooden blocks on the wall. The colorful wooden blocks can also be great gifts for New Year’s Day.

6. Simple Flag Collage

Art Ideas for Kids
Source: Pinterest (@In The Playroom)

Simple flag collage belongs to art ideas for kids in the summer. My kid enjoys cutting and sticking to some themed pictures from old magazines or catalogs. After cutting the photos, I work with her to make the unique collage into a flag. My kid cut out some themed pictures. The cutting process is perfect for developing her fine motor skill. She can also learn how to apply the cut-out picture with glue. I let her stick the images based on her creativity independently. I was watching and chatting with her about the pictures.

7. Finger Sponge Painting

Art Ideas for Kids
Source: Pinterest (@Shelly Brandt)

Finger sponge painting is ideal for pre-schoolers. I bring a great activity to my little daughter. She loves painting, and I encourage her to paint with her fingers. Of course, It can challenge her creative skills outside of her comfort zone by utilizing the sponges which are attached to her rings. Amazingly, my little one enjoyed the painting, and it was effective to minimize her anxiety. Painting with her fingers is also great for improving her fine motor skills. My daughter enjoyed painting with new techniques and tools.

For Kindergarteners

8. Toilet Paper Trees

Art Ideas for Kids
Source: Jenwa

Toilet Paper Tree is one of the art ideas for kids, including kindergarteners. The art is simple and just needs a little preparation. The supplies, like toilet paper rolls, construction paper with green colors, scissors, and yellow and orange paint, are easy to have. I help my little daughter to cut the green construction paper in the shape of a tree top. After that, I ask her to decorate the paper using her fingerprints by dipping it in the paint. Then, the papers are slated down in the toilet paper rolls.    

9. String Painting

Art Ideas for Kids
Source: Pinterest (@Buggy and Buddy)

String painting is one of the process art activities for kindergarteners. This activity is fun and colorful and provides lots of experience and focus on the process. Through the art activity, my little one is free to express his creativity using the strings. The painting may be abstract and not resemble a mountain, apple, or other object. But, he has an opportunity to experiment and explores in simple. He can learn to paint by using a new method and different material. The kid-friendly activity is a great process art for pre- and kindergarteners.

10. Thumbprint Bug Art

Art Ideas for Kids
Source: Pinterest (@Toot’s Mom is Tired)

Creating thumbprint bug art is a great way to improve my daughter’s creativity and introduce her to bugs and other garden animals. Whether inside or on a rainy day, the art idea for kids provides fun crafts for kindergarteners. The supplies, like stamp pads, paper, and pens, are also easy and simple. My little kid enjoyed the bug craft. Surprisingly, she could make some bug thumbprints on her own. Besides knowing about the bugs, the art effectively practices her fine motor skills.

11. Coffee Filter Butterflies

Art Ideas for Kids
Source: Pinterest (@Crafts and Activities for Kids with Fireflies and Mud Pies)

When it comes to wonderful craft ideas for kids, the coffee filter butterfly is my choice. I involve my little daughter to make it with me. I can make beautiful art with my young kids using simple supplies, like two coffee filters, clothespins, pipe cleaners, and wax paper. In some steps, she is able to do a lot of the craft on her own. Besides keeping her busy, the art activity also develops her fine motor practice. She can make something new or different more than painting, coloring, or stamping.

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12. Crumpled Paper Art

Art Ideas for Kids
Source: Pinterest (@Babble Dabble Do)

My little kid often crumpled pieces of paper. I can turn crumpled paper into wonderful artwork through crumpled paper art. Of course, It is a truly fun project for my little one. The materials for the arts are also simple, like construction paper, watercolors, paintbrushes, and scissors. My kid can make the art on his own. Through art, he learns about great process art activities, including cutting, folding, and also painting. It is effective to promote his sense of art. My kid was so excited when creating crumpled paper art.

13. Paperline Sculpture

Art Ideas for Kids
Source: Pinterest (@Saenya Mitchell)

Paperline sculpture is kid-friendly art with simple supplies but offers the best creativity. Through the art idea, my little kid can develop his creativity and technique with the paper line. I give him a larger, stiff piece of cardboard and some colored paper strips. After that, I encourage him to make art with paper. He was free to build some paper sculptures using the paper strip and glue them on the cardboard. at a time he experienced folding, twisting, curling, snipping, or bending the paper strips. He could discover that he could make shapes like arches, circles, wiggly lines, or bumpy stairs.  

14. Washi Tape Paper Plates

Art Ideas for Kids
Source: Art Bar Blog

Paper plates belong to one of the fantastic materials used to create wonderful art. The plate can be combined with washi tape for endless art for kids. I love this art as it is no-fail and simple. This plate art is also ideal for kindergarteners to adults. My lovely kid enjoyed making the plate papers. The supplies include washi tapes, paper plates, small scissors, acrylic paint, and paintbrushes. Surprisingly, my little one loved making the creative pattern with the washi tape. He can explore the different ways to create the washi tape paper plate.

15. Watercolor Paper Pinwheels

Art Ideas for Kids
Source:Pinterest (@Art Bar)

Watercolor paper pinwheels are one of the simplest DIY crafts for kindergarteners. This art idea results in a fantastic final product. My little kid can do the art activity independently, and I was just watching and giving her little supervision. The DIY paper pinwheels kept my kid busy. The supplies are also simple, including watercolor paper, paint, a paintbrush, a hot glue gun, a hole punch, and string. I collaborated with my kid to create the paper pinwheels in about 10-15 minutes each. It is a really simple and fun way to make pretty art for kindergarteners.

For Elementary Students

16. Poppy Art with Coffee Filters

Art Ideas for Kids
Source: Pinterest (@Art Bar)

Creating art with coffee filters offer an easy and fun project with eye-popping, beautiful results. My little daughter loves painting so much. I bring her to the next painting level by using a new technique, material, and tools with coffee filters. To decorate the coffee filters, she painted the coffee filters with both red and orange, especially for the petals. The art idea promotes the sense of art and practices her fine motor skills. My kid can also make the coffee filter art independently with little supervision.

17. Paper Plate Lion

Paper Plate Lion
Source: Pinterest (@The Joy of Sharing)

When it comes to paper plate crafts, the paper plate lion is my favorite. It belongs to art ideas for kids with simple supplies. My little kid can make cute art easily. Creating a paper plate lion is perfect for kids of all ages, whether toddlers, kindergarteners, and elementary students. Through the art activity, my kid can experience several skills in one project, like painting, drawing, cutting, combining, sticking, and choosing the best color patterns. The super easy paper plate is a great way to produce the prettiest art for kids.

18. Popsicle stick rainbow

Popsicle Stick Rainbow
Source: Pinterest (@Alicia Billings)

How to keep kids busy and get crafty? I stand for popsicle stick rainbow. We love creating popsicle stick art because it is simple and easy. The supplies are also easy to collect. I bought the painted popsicle sticks from an online store. Of course, it will save time to color the popsicle sticks. During the process of making this art, my little kid can discover a creative way and develop her imaginative play, fine motor skills, and art projects.

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19. Paper Plate Octopus

Paper Plate Octopus
Source: Pinterest (@Simple Everyday Mom: Easy Kids Crafts & Activities)

Making a paper plate octopus is a perfect way to introduce the majestic creature, the octopus. This art activity not only engages her little mind but also promotes her creativity. The kid-friendly activity is also simple and easy for kids of all ages. I work with my little daughter, from cutting out the pieces of paper, tracing, and placing the octopus head template to taking the tentacles. The paper plate octopus is one of the cutest animal crafts parents can enjoy with their kids.  

20. Woven Rainbow Fish

Woven Rainbow Fish
Source: craftymorning

I love making woven rainbow fish with my kid. The engaging art needs simple supplies, only rainbow-colored paper, card stock paper, googly eyes, scissors, and glue. Amazingly, we can create fantastic kid art using easy and simple needs. I ask my kid to pick any colors that they would like. While creating the art, my kid can practice his fine motor skills, like cutting out the shape, folding the paper, and then weaving the coloring pieces.

21. Pom-pom Caterpillar

Pom-pom Caterpillar
Source: easypeasyandfun

The Pom-pom caterpillar is one of my favorite art ideas because it is quick and simple. My little kid can make the art on his own without much supervision. The art is not only fun to create but also fun to play with. The supplies to make pom-pom caterpillars are also simple, like colorful pom-poms with different sizes, googly eyes, and a glue dot. My kid enjoyed gluing the pom-poms on another one with a glue dot. Best of all, he loved sticking a pair of googly eyes on the head.

22. Paper Pinwheels

Paper Pinwheels
Source: Pinterest (@THE SWEETEST DIGS | Home Decor, Stylish DIYs, Homemade)

I make a paper pinwheel with my little kid on a windy day. I downloaded fun printable paper pinwheels and got ready to make the prettiest art. This activity is fun, easy and ideal when my girl needs a little bit of creative fun. Surprisingly, the supplies are also on hand, like colorful paper, a button, a wooden stick, a ruler, and a printable wheel template. She enjoyed getting crafty with colorful papers. Whatever the color she chose, the crafting fun is great, quick, and easy.

23. Paper bag jellyfish

Paper Bag Jellyfish
Source: Pinterest (@No Time For Flash Cards)

Paper bag jellyfish is super easy and super sweet to make. This craft idea combines two of my favorite things, sea crafts and paper bag crafts. I use old paper bags to create the easy and cheap jellyfish craft for the kids. The supplies are also easy to get, including a black pen, tissue paper, black & white card, scissors, sellotape, and glue and the most thing i love is it is made from recyclable materials.

24. Craft stick airplane

Craft Stick Airplane
Source: Pinterest

Craft stick airplane is ideal for elementary students. I also love this crafting fun for my boy to make. This idea belongs to simple popsicle stick craft, which can be made at home, school, or even scout troop. The supplies are simple: popsicle sticks, scissors, white glue, paint, a paintbrush, and a ruler. Through the art idea, my boy can learn how to cut out, colour, stick, and measure popsicle sticks. Of course, the popsicle stick art is excellent for developing his fine motor skills.


The 24 art ideas for kids above are fun, easy, and quick to make with our little kids. I choose glue dots and buttons, tracing circles, or painting wooden blocks for the pre-schoolers. These activities are great for promoting their sense of art and practising fine motor skills. I go with a little complex of arts for kindergarteners or elementary students. I encourage my kids to get crafty with toilet paper, string, thumbprints, or even coffee filters. All of the art ideas above are great for kids.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

What are some good art ideas?

There are many art ideas, from painting, coloring, stamping, cutting out, and more. When it comes to good art ideas for kids, it depends on the ages, whether pre-schoolers, kindergarteners, or students. 

What are easy art projects?

Gluing small objects belongs to easy art projects. The art activity is perfect for pre-schoolers who start getting crafty. I go with gluing dots and buttons. The tracing circle art idea is also easy for toddlers to make on their own with little supervision. 

What can a 5-year-old do in art?

They can make pretty art using materials, techniques, and tools, like string painting. Let the kids express their ideas on paper by painting abstract objects with strings. The kids can also try thumbprint art to make fantastic masterpieces. 

Can I learn art if I have no talent?

You can learn the art with the right training, passion, and tool. So, it’s no problem if you have no talent. Art is like any skill that can be improved and learned. 

How do I choose my art style?

Be sure to make lots of art and go on to experiment with the art. When you do many experiments, it’s time to narrow your focus on art style. You can also gather with the other artist to get inspired.