vegetarian lunch ideas for kids

20 Vegetarian Lunch Box Ideas for Kids. Deliciously Fresh.

Sometimes bringing a full meal lunch box for the kids makes them too lazy to eat, because it leads to bloating their tummy. Also, a too full tummy makes it hard for the kids to focus at school. Therefore, you as parents have to challenge yourself to make a lunch box for them.

One of the solutions is making vegan lunch box ideas for kids. Vegan ingredients will fill the tummy of their kids. Also, giving a vegan menu is identical with high fiber. So, it is good for their body and immunity. Check out our recommended menu below. 

1. Fresh various fruits and tortilla

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Buzzfeed | Michelle No)

Usually, a tortilla is filled with ham or any protein, but this idea is different. You can fill the tortilla with fruits. Also, you can include a veggie such as carrots or cucumber and spread peanut butter on it. Your kids must be in love with their bento

2. Peanut butter and fruits

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@The Kitchn | Sheela Prakash)

Cookies pretzel, orange, cucumber, eggs and peanut butter. Seems too simple yet it is enough to bring back the energy for your kids during school. It is a complete package too even if the carbs are not that much.

3. Pancake and fruits

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Eat This | Kiersten Hickman)

Medium size pancake and various toppings beside. If the school of your kids is not too busy, this vegan lunch box idea fits well for them. Easy to eat during school and minimize the mess too. 

4. Choco bread, fruit and veggie

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@t.s.)

Bread is always an on-the-go meal that your children will choose at the last minute. But, you can add vitamins and fibers through the grape, cherry tomatoes, and some veggies inside the lunch box. So, a complete nutrients can be consumed by your kids. 

5. Sweet and savory carbs and fruits

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@The Kitchn | Sheela Parkash)

Mini bread, vegan pasta, tortilla, blueberry and peanut butter. Such a sweet and savory vegan lunch box for the kids. The various taste won’t make them boring while eating all of them. 

6. Rolled up tortilla

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Peas and Crayons)

If your kids are bored with plain bread or tortilla, you can roll them up after filling the veggies inside. Don’t forget to add the fruits and biscuits as snacks for them. Your kids must be excited to try and empty the box. 

7. Veggie sandwich and pasta

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@funFOODfrolic)

There are two kinds of carbs inside the lunch box. It is perfect if your kids don’t have much time to eat their breakfast at home. So, you can prepare the breakfast and lunch menu in one box. 

8. Complete veggie lunch

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@The Kitchn | Sheela Prakash)

A full pack of carbs, veggies, fruits and even chips as snacks. High fiber but still full for your tummy. Sweet and sour from the fruits, savory and fresh from the sandwich and crisp from the chips. A good idea for a vegan lunch box. 

9. Bento snacks

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Kristyn – Lil Luna)

A perfect vegan snack box for your kids if the school is in a short time or for outing. You can make banana roll, jelly, and put the raisins and veggies complete with plain yogurt inside the box. Your kids can enjoy them all easily. 

10. Peanut butter strawberry sandwich and fruits

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Indian Curry Trail)

Cute heart shape of berry sandwich, fruits and crunchy veggie inside the box. It is a simple vegan lunch box idea yet the tummy will still be full with this menu. Go try this for the kids!

11. Biscuits, fruits and jelly

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@The Painted Pearl)

Fresh and crunchy vegan lunch box idea since there are biscuits, jelly, carrots, and various fruits inside. Perfect lunch box since the texture and taste are various for the children. They won’t feel bored while trying them all. 

12. Hearty lunch box for vegans

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@The Lunchbox Queen)

Full of heart, full of love, a lunch box for your one and only lovely daughter. With this adorable meal, the kids must be excited to eat them all at school. Grain bread with strawberry jam, yogurt with heart berry sprinkle, fruit in heart shape, even the fork with heart on top. Complete the theme by choosing a pink lunch box too. 

13. Tortilla, chips and biscuits

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Lisa Saliano)

Tortilla is always a good idea for bento. You can add cheese or jams for the vegetarian version. Adding chips and some biscuits will increase appetite for the kids during snacking time. Also, never forget to add the fruits to give them fresh until the school is over. 

14. Snacks and fruits

vegetarian lunch ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Mrs H)

A packed full tank lunch box. Snack, fruit, carbs, and fiber. Using a lunch box like this makes it easier for your daughter to pick the food during break time. Also, when you think all of them is vegan, it is still make the tummy of your kids full of energy. 

15. Cute flower sandwich

cute flower sandwich
Source: Pinterest (@Martha Stewart Living)

Adorable vegan lunch box for your daughter! It is pretty simple because you just have to cut the sandwich using a bread cutter. It is done to increase the appetite for your kids. You can include the veggie too based on their favorite, fruit, and rice crispy as a snack. 

16. Unicorn sandwich

Unicorn sandwich
Source: Pinterest (@Angel)

Such a cutie unicorn as the sandwich for the kids. You can use peanut butter or berries jam as the filling inside since the lunch box is vegan. Complete the fiber by adding the yogurt and other fruits. This yummy vegan lunch box idea is too pretty to eat. 

17. Vegan burgers

Vegan burgers
Source: Pinterest (@A Girl in NYC | Lifestyle Blog)

Burgers always increase the appetite for your kids, but this healthy burger will increase the mood and boost the immune system. Since it is made of veggie, corn and red bean. Complete veggie, fruits for dessert and cookies for the snack, your kids will not feel hungry anymore with this bento idea. 

18. Cereal and yogurt

Cereal and yogurt
Source: Pinterest (@Dani Faust)

Cereal can be another solution for a vegan lunch box. If your kids don’t want to bring milk, you can put yogurt as the dipping for the fruits. This high fiber lunch box is healthy and keeps the energy for your kids until the school is finished. 

19. Fruity skewers

Fruity skewers
Source: Pinterest (@Yummy Healthy Easy)

Sometimes to add the appetite for your kids is as easy as trying different methods to serve the lunch box. For instance, you can make fruity skewers for their vegan lunch idea, complete with veggies like carrots. Yogurt can be a dipping sauce for the veggies while organic milk will give another energy. 

20. Crackers stacker

Crackers stacker
Source: Pinterest (@The Mom of The Year)

When your kids are bored with the heavy meals, you can bring this meal to them. Biscuits or crackers, cherry tomatoes, cheese, jelly and yogurts. They still can feel full tummy and the energy is still reached after consuming this lunch idea. 


At first, it might be tricky to serve a vegan lunch box for kids. But as the time goes by, you will adjust and be free to explore the various menu items that you can give to the kids. So, take your time and see our recommendation above for the first learning. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Can vegetarians eat cheese?

Yes, vegetarians can eat cheese. Vegetarianism is a diet that excludes meat and meat-derived products but allows dairy products such as cheese. Vegetarians can eat include:

  • Cheddar
  • Mozzarella
  • Parmesan
  • Feta
  • Gouda
  • Swiss
  • Brie
  • Ricotta

It’s important to note that some cheeses may contain non-vegetarian ingredients, such as rennet, an enzyme obtained from the stomachs of young calves. You can check the label first before buying it as well.

What to pack for school lunch vegetarianism?

A carb, fiber, vitamin, and protein, like a normal one. The trick is you can substitute the protein with the natural one. At first, it is challenging, but you will be used to it. Here are some ideas for packing a nutritious and delicious school lunch for a vegetarian:

  • Sandwiches
  • Salad
  • Pasta Salad
  • Veggie Wrap
  • Rice Bowl
  • Veggie Pita

Remember to keep food cold with a freezer pack and to pack items that can be eaten at room temperature if necessary. With these options, you should be able to fill a satisfying and healthy lunch for a vegetarian student.

What is the most filling vegetarian food?

Peanut butter and fruits are the most filling for vegetarian food. They are tasty and can make your tummy full instantly. 

What are 3 tips for vegetarians?

Never give up exploring the ingredients of the food. Also, always do trial and error in preparing a vegan lunch box. And the last but not least, nobody said it is easy but it is worth trying for the kids.