25 Undeniable and Easy Shared Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Having more than one kid at home and watching them grow is such a blessing. But realizing that they are getting older, it means they need more privacy and space in their own room. Moreover, they start to have their own stuff that should be put and organized neatly. The problem is, having two or more children means you need to provide more than one room for them. It is pretty challenging but you can go with shared bedroom ideas for kids especially if you have the same gender kids.

Let’s take a look at our recommended ideas for kids’ shared bedroom. You may adjust based on you and your kids’ needs. 

Shared Bedroom for Your Daughters

When there are two daughters at home, it means you have two princesses that should be sharing their space in one room. Make sure they can share it properly without having too much arguing every day. Check out our ideas below. 

1. Two beds in pastel color

Source: Pinterest (@youtube.com)

If you have a spacious room that is enough for two beds and two bedside tables, you can decorate your daughters’ room like this idea. Applying polkadot wallpaper will create a calm ambience and mounting a swan wall decor on the wall between the beds will create a feminine touch to the room. You may also ask the girls to get their own wall decoration to add the personalization element. This shared bedroom idea for kids is simple yet too hard to deny. 

2. Whimsical and magical pink room

kids shared bedroom ideas

As for the fairy tale lovers, your daughters must be happy having this shared bedroom idea for them. This decoration is whimsical and magical, but if you look closer, it is just adding the curtain above the beds and choosing the classic beds for your pretty girls. Don’t forget the wallpaper and cute mirror for them. 

3. Cloudy Themed Room

kids shared bedroom ideas

Although the space of the bedroom is not that big, we are sure your kids will be in love with this theme. It is simple, cute and the pastel color is undeniable. You can set two single bed and bedside tables complete with mirrors in between. They can share it together in order to make them learn about sharing with sisters at an early age. If they like the same color, you can put the same color for bed sheets and blanket or ask them about the color they want to have for the bed. 

4. Twinkle stars on the wall

kids shared bedroom ideas

Cute and elegant even for the kids. These single beds style is undeniable even for teens and adults. Pastel version of neutral color is the best combo for your daughter who just loves something pretty but not too bright. The bean bag with head cat shape is undeniable. Also, the key of this room is those glowing twinkle stars! 

5. For your triplets

kids shared bedroom ideas

Having triplets or three daughters must be challenging especially in preparing their bedroom. If you run out of space, you can choose the biggest space in your house for their room. Yes, one space is enough because you can accommodate them in one shared bedroom by setting up the bedroom like this idea. The key is the color on the bed, bed sheet, and the wallpaper. After setting up the bedroom, you can go with the desk and the shelves. You can go with the hanging shelves to save space and a portable or foldable desk for them to study. 

Shared Bedroom for the Boys

As for the boys, usually what you need is simpler than for the girls. But, when it comes to a simple one, it doesn’t mean the job of creating a shared bedroom is petty. We’ve shared some amazing ideas that make your boys love their first room even if they should share it with their siblings. 

6. Soccer theme

kids shared bedroom ideas

A brilliant idea to decorate the shared bedroom for the boys. It is an amazing theme if your boys are so into soccer. They will feel excited and recharged whenever they enter the room. The wallpaper that has the same color as the field, carpet, and even the bed style that you can custom and shape like a goalpost. It is such an amazing one that your boys will never forget once they grow older.

7. Simple and checkered theme

kids shared bedroom ideas

Boys always want something simple and functional. No need for a colorful one for the room, so you can have a monochrome color for the room. Just like this idea, you can have checkered bed sheets for the bunk bed. The carpet and bean bag also have to be black and white to match the theme. 

8. Head to head beds

kids shared bedroom ideas

These head to head beds for the boys will save space and let them play in the middle area. You can throw the carpet with a soccer theme there or based on their favorite hobby. As the kids, you can put their name too as the wall decor so the wall is not that plain anymore. 

9. Superhero

Source: Pinterest (@behande.net)

Turn your boys’ room with DC Comic’s main character, Batman. It is easy and you can focus on buying and look for the items that relate to Batman. For the wallpaper, choose the Gotham city to complete the look in order to make your boys completely happy. 

10. Spiderman theme shared room

kids shared bedroom ideas
source: pinterest (@Kennadi Louise)

Let your boys get their dreamy shared bedroom with their favorite superhero character. Including the wallpaper to complete the look. Adding the stair to create the real vibe of Spiderman and you can put hanging bookshelves on the wall to make the stairs functional. 

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Boy and Girl

Sometimes parents also need to prepare a shared bedroom for their little boy and girl at a young age. The room can be a great idea of teaching them about the meaning of sharing. Here are some kids’ shared bedroom ideas for you to check out before you start decorating.

11. Compact room for the kids

kids shared bedroom ideas

This idea is simple because you just have to go with the classic style of beds for your kids and put a cute table with two seats on the corner. For the desk, if you run out of space, you can provide them with folding tables or let them study in the dining table temporarily. Still create an eye-catching room for your little ones by setting the sheets with colorful ones. 

12. Simple and compact

kids shared bedroom ideas

If your kids are not too fanatic about something, you can choose the neutral and cool color for their room. Get the simple single beds for them and put a bedside table in between. Rattan basket and carpet can fill their room and make the room neat. This really fits for a compact room while you can put the cupboard in another room. 

13. Rustic theme

Source: Pinterest (@hydrangeatreehouse.com)

Having a shared bedroom with a rustic theme for the kids is an amazing idea. The color is neutral, earthy and not that ‘noisy’ for girls or boys. Being a neutral theme, a rustic-themed bedroom will be the perfect sanctuary for your kids. Also, you can add the blue color for the wallpaper to give it a new vibe. 

14. Dreamy Bedroom

Source: Pinterest (@decoholic.org)

A bedroom with a dreamy vibe can also be a perfect shared bedroom design for your little boy and girl. Place the beds next to each other in different colors, and paint the wall based on the colors of the beds on different sides. As decoration, place cloud lamps and create custom shelves based on your kids’ favorite things like a hot air balloon or a jet plane to be placed on the wall.

15. Canopy Beds

Source: Pinterest

If you have extra space to create a comfy shared bedroom for your little ones, you can create two canopy beds in different colors for each of them. You can paint them based on your kids’ color preferences and paint the walls with the same color tones, too. Then, have some decor items like curtains, playing mat or wall decor to create a fun vibe.

Kids DIY Shared Bedroom Ideas

Let your kids’ shared bedroom becomes their canvas to free their imagination in creating decor items through fun and exciting DIY projects. Help them by giving some ideas by checking out the following DIY shared bedroom ideas.

16. Cool beds for girls

kids shared bedroom ideas

If you want to have something different for your daughters, you can have this idea to decorate their room. The bed is unique and makes them like going camping every day. If they like, they can put the curtain or any sheets to cover their own space. Beautifying the wall by setting up the wallpaper is a good idea too. It is simple yet adorable. 

17. Boho theme for the girls

kids shared bedroom ideas

Usually the boho theme is for adults but there is nothing wrong if your kids want to have this theme in their shared bedroom. It is also easier for you to choose the color and the bed sheets to meet the theme. Go with earth tone color, some flowery items, and a bit rustic vibe to decorate the room. Make sure all of the items are functional for your kids and still match with their age. 

18. Simple DIY Decorated Bedroom

When it’s time to finally let the kids have a shared bedroom, it’s also the perfect time to let them personalized the room and play with their imagination. You can let the kids mount their artworks or decor items on the wall of the bedroom and make it their own personal wall of fame.

19. Personalized Posters On The Wall

When it comes to bedroom decor items, posters can make wonderful items for personalization. For kids who just had their shared bedroom, you can let them use the wall as a canvas for their DIY projects. They can mount posters of their favorite characters like Thomas or My Little Pony, or they can use it to display their drawings.

20. Sweet And Natural Bedroom

This is one of the sweetest kids’ shared bedroom ideas since it allows your kids to decorate the room by doing some DIY projects. They can pick their own items to create and let their sides of the bed become their canvas. They can add plants, mount artworks and drawings, and place their creations of plush dolls as part of their sleeping companion.

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces

If you have limited space for a shared bedroom for the kids, then bunkbeds are the solution. For two or three kids in one room, you need to be creative in arranging the beds and furniture to make sure the kids are comfortable in their shared bedroom. Below are some ideas to help you out with that.

21. Three cute bunk beds

kids shared bedroom ideas

This shared bedroom for kids idea is pretty unique, functional and inspiring for you who are looking for the ideas to accommodate your three daughters in a room. They still can have their own space although they are in the same room. Also, this kind of bunk bed is functional and advanced because there are shelves as well to put their needs and keep the room neat. 

22. Undeniable three beds

kids shared bedroom ideas

If your ceiling is not that high but you have to get a bunk bed for three children, you can steal this idea. Go with two kinds of beds, the first one is bunkbed and the other one is an ordinary single bed. Put the bed side table like in the picture and a folding or portable desk for them, so the room will always be neat when they are not using the desk. If they like to play around the beds, you can throw the carpet beside the beds. 

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23. Outerspace Themed Bedroom

kids shared bedroom ideas

Aviation or outer space is what usually excites the boys. If they like this theme, you can set the wallpaper with an outer space theme first, then choose the dark bunk bed to create the night sky and show the wallpaper more. The bed sheets also come with black and white theme too. 

24. Hanging beds

kids shared bedroom ideas

This is a fabulous idea in order to save space but also make the boys love this kind of style. Hanging beds for shared bedrooms is one of a kind. Below, you can set the desk for them to study and shelves to save their favorite items. The stairs can be made from the shelves as well, so you are not wasting any space. A perfect and cool one!

25. Bright white bunk beds for the boys

kids shared bedroom ideas
souce: pinterest

Simple, minimalist, and clean look for the boys room. White bunk bed for a shared bedroom is a good idea. Your boys cannot complain since white is still a neutral color and the bunk bed is not too high so for the younger one, it is not dangerous for them. You can paint the wall with a neutral one too with white and gray one. Best combo for the boys. 


Preparing for a shared bedroom is sometimes intriguing and challenging, but it might be fun too. You can involve your kids to decorate their own room based on their favorite color. It can be a quality time for the family as well when creating a room for them. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. How do you split a small shared kids room?

By having two single beds and separating it with the bedside table. You can put or set two desks too in order to avoid your kids snatching each other’s items. It is pretty working for the kid that is difficult to handle and hard to share their items with others. 

2. How do you make a shared kids bedroom?

First, you should measure the room first and make a list about what you need to fill the room that can accommodate more than one child in a room. For instance, you can choose whether to use a bunk bed or two single beds. Or is it necessary to have more than one desk or go with folding ones? You have to think about it first before going to buy the items or furniture.

3. How do I organize my kids’ shared room?

You can put the big shelves that can be desks too or stairs. Because the key of organizing the shared bedroom is having multifunctional furniture in order to save space but still not leave the aesthetic theme for the kids. 

4. What age should a child have their own room?

Ideally, 5 year old kids can have their own room because they already need their private space to study, play with their siblings and sleep without their parents anymore. It is a good idea if you have already prepared the room for them. You can turn their baby room into their current bed room or build