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26 Simple and Complex Treehouse Ideas for Kids

Every kid wants a treehouse for playing, lounging, or even gathering with a friend. For most kids, there is nothing more magical than having a treehouse. That is why, as a parent, we make their dream come true with these treehouse ideas for kids.  

The treehouse design ideas range from simple to outrageously complex treehouse. We can do the treehouse project plans whether hiring a professional carpenter or not. It depends on how well working with a hammer and other tools. Here are 26 treehouse ideas for kids to inspire everyone’s inner kids. 

Simple Treehouse Ideas for Kids

1. Simple Backyard Tree House

Let’s start the list with a simple backyard three house, which I believe will make the kids super happy. With three solid wooden legs, I think this tree house is able to withstand the wind, making it a durable three house.


It is made of standard size lumber and has walls made of wood on two sides. Then add the stairs made of the same wood materials as the other parts, and invite the kids to see the house. I have no doubt this tree house will be their new favorite playing spot.

2. Simple Tree House with Rope Railing

This is another recommendation of a simple tree house that you can build for the kids. Use thick wood to create a solid base and use rope for the railings as it will create a more inviting look to the tree house.

Source: Pinterest (

Building a tree house is a fin activity, and you can have a family project with the kids to build this kind of tree house. In my opinion, the kids will immediately invite their friends to have a play date on the tree house.

3. Simple Tree House with Roof

When the weather is not too friendly, sometimes spending time on a tree house can be a torture, especially when the weather is too hot outside. So, I think that building this tree house will be one of the most recommended treehouse ideas for kids.

Source: Pinterest (

You can start by building the base of the tree by creating solid pillars to hold the base. Then use standard size lumber to create the roof, making sure that the kids can use the tree not only to play, but also to protect them from the heat.

Indoor Treehouse Ideas for Kids

4. Indoor Tree House with a Bridge

When it comes to indoor tree houses, I have no doubt that this indoor tree house with a bridge will be something that the kids will adore.

Source: Pinterest (

This idea comes with three tree houses indoors with one wooden bridge to connect all the tree houses. As for the bridge railings, use solid robe since it will create a more natural look to the whole tree house appearance

5. Cozy Tree House with Lights and Curtains

If you want to keep your little one busy at home playing with her favorite toys, I recommend you to build and indoor tree house that looks exactly like the one in the pic. It will not only make your kid happy, but also will become her favorite playing spot, too.

Source: Pinterest (

Add some lights to the room and since it is being made indoors, I suggest that you place a mattress on the bottom of the tree house, and it will look as if your just has a new playing spot at home.

6. Classic Indoor Tree House

This next recommendation of indoor treehouse will stun you, I have no doubt about the. This is a tree house that was l in a living room. It is pretty large in and it is made of high-quality wood.

Source: Pinterest (@hell0wonderful)

You can really let the kids ‘live’ there by paying attention to the inside of the house. Add some mattresses and pillows, and perhaps adding some toys inside will be a great idea as well.

Easy-to-Medium Treehouse Ideas for Kids

7. Redwood Stump Tree Deck

Redwood Stump Tree Deck is my favorite platform. Yes, it is simple than most kids’ treehouse designs. The tree deck has no walls or roofs. It belongs to an easy-to-medium tree house which is easy to make. The cheap tree house comes with spider web-shaped supports. I also hire an expert to support the two-story house. 

treehouse ideas for kids
Source: Trees

In the end, the result is fantastic. There is a captain’s wheel positioned in the middle of the platform. There is also a matching sailboat-like instead of ladders. Of course, it offers functional as well as aesthetical purposes to the vintage tree deck.

8. Semi-Open Treehouse

Another easy-to-medium tree house that I love is a semi-open tree house. I get inspired by Makendo’s design. Yes, the design is a great combination of a tree house and a platform. The child tree house is lighter than the common treehouse. It is one of the advantages so I can elaborate more designs in the platform. 

treehouse ideas for kids
Source: Trees

To design the treehouse, I need two or three heavy branches or trunks close to each other. How to build a simple treehouse? The supplies to build the child’s tree house are old recycled fences, pressure-treated wood, and other materials. The treehouse is perfect for summer since it is pretty open.

9. Ultimate Tree House

An Ultimate design may not be like a normal tree house. But I love this toddler treehouse idea because of its simplicity. Instead of wood, I made the house with wholesome sheets of plywood. There is no window in the tree house. Therefore, the treehouse can be used in summer or other weather. 

treehouse ideas for kids
Source: Trees

How to build a simple treehouse? This design offers easy construction. So, to make the house, I didn’t need to have particular skills. The treehouse design is also upgradeable. I could elaborate on the house to make my toddler comfortable during his activity.

10. Toddler-Friendly Tree House

One of the best treehouse ideas for kids is a toddler-friendly treehouse. Yes, it is great for a toddler since it is just a short height. The treehouse is simple and easy to make. It is lower than the average treehouse. I built it in the backyard. 

treehouse ideas for kids
Source: Made With Happy

To make the treehouse fantastic for my toddler, I apply a cheery yellow interior with blue-and-white striped curtains and a 3-foot drop. My little kid loves yellow colors. The treehouse is a great starter house for my toddler to have an adventure.

11. Free Standing Treehouse

A freestanding treehouse is my option. The treehouse design is excellent to be applied to the tree with no base and branches. Fortunately, the project plan is available on Etsy. Of course, it is helpful and solves my problem when it comes to a simple treehouse. 

treehouse ideas for kids

The simple design can be built on a single tree. The materials are also standard, so I could avoid waste and keep the budget. For the outer layer, the project uses plywood. It is also easy to customize whether paint, trim, or cladding. There are also two side windows to provide a view and plenty of internal lights.

12. Simple Tree Fort

I love this tree fort idea so much. It is perfect for us to start building the first treehouse. I get the design plan from Etsy, and the project is easy to follow. Surprisingly, the platform is also simple to customize based on our preferences. 

treehouse ideas for kids

The printable PDF plans were a great reference. It really helps us to build a tree fort on the track. The materials to build the project are also standards and, of course, avoid waste materials. I recommend making the treehouse design if you want to do your first project on the treehouse. It is a simple and low-cost tree fort idea.

13. Tent Treehouse

My little kid wants to have the treehouse. I choose the inexpensive and simple design by picking the tent treehouse. Yes, I got the simple tent house from the online market. The tent could be set up within a few minutes. It means that I didn’t need to hire a carpenter to make the treehouse. 

treehouse ideas for kids
Source: Bobvila

It is a perfect platform to fill the backyard with a single tree. There is also no need to have kids’ wooden tree house kits. Best of all, the seasonal treehouse can be removed easily. Therefore, I could remove the tent during the rainy seasons.

14. Tunnel Treehouse

Besides the tent treehouse, a tunnel treehouse is also a perfect option for the temporary platform. To build the platform, I could make it without hiring a handyman. I bought the tunnel from an online marketplace. The project needs two trees or sturdy poles to install the tunnel.

treehouse ideas for kids
Source: Bobvila

Best of all, the temporary treehouse is easy to put up and take down. This treehouse also works well in yards of all sizes. The tunnel treehouse can also be removed when it is not in use. Of course, it is a simple but adorable treehouse idea to build in the backyard.

15. The Lean-to Treehouse

This treehouse design is excellent for the first project. Yes, the material buildings are standard and keep the cost low. The treehouse idea comes with a slanted roof and four walls. For ventilation, the roof provides a gap between the walls. 

treehouse ideas for kids
Source: Morning Chores

This design is perfect for kids but not for adult use. I choose the treehouse idea because my kids have been begging for their own treehouse. I give this simple design to be built in the backyard.

Advanced-to-Expert Treehouse Ideas for Kids

16. Epic Tree House

The Epic Treehouse is not essentially accessible, but I love it so much. Yes, the house resembles a real house featuring glass doors, windows, roofs, and others. Before building the house, I hired a professional to create a wildlife observatory in the canopy. The professional worked on attaching bolts and picking the right trees.

treehouse ideas for kids
Source: Trees

Besides that, the treehouse can be accessed via stairs since it is just a little tall. Building a house requires a detailed and long process, and I learned a lot during the treehouse project. The place is perfect for kids to play, study, or even take a nap.  

17. Complete Tree House

The “complete” by Bloomie972 is one of the advanced-to-expert treehouse ideas. This idea is like a complete little house with fewer windows. Of course, the design also has advantages and disadvantages. With fewer windows, the treehouse is presumably warmer as it offers comfort and cozy. 

treehouse ideas for kids
Source: Trees

The doors feature many details, including the space for access to the ladder. The treehouse design is not easy but doable. I could make out the treehouse by eight steps, including leveling the platform, installing the beams, installing the decking, the walls, framing, and others.

18. Tree House with Slides

The treehouse with the slide is elaborate but beautiful. I made it out of two wooden crates. Through skillful vision, the pile of wood can be turned into this attractive playhouse. Besides that, I also used other recycled materials, including the slide that is also upcycled. I picked the abandoned old slice, re-used it, and modified it to be the fantastic slide. 

treehouse ideas for kids
Source: Trees

The treehouse offers a place to play, share, study, and get active. The semi-open treehouse is perfect for summer. However, my kid could enjoy it during the winter and the other seasons. I love to see my kid getting down from the treehouse. It is so amazing.

19. Tree House on Two Trees

Tree House on Two Trees
Source: Trees

The Treehouse on two trees is a great option to be made in the backyard. The house features detailed drawings, photos, and plans. There are 22 steps to make the treehouse idea. However, the result is great and brings the cute treehouse to my kid’s life. The treehouse resembles a real house that comes with windows, doors, and roofs.

20. Zelkova Treehouse

Zelkova project is one of the advanced-to-expert treehouse ideas for kids. I bought the project plan from Etsy with detailed steps and easy-to-follow methods. The treehouse design can be built on the two trees; even the trees aren’t suitable. The building materials are also standards. Of course, I could keep my cost since the waste material can be avoided. 

Zelkova Treehouse

Inside the treehouse, more space is available for a table and chairs. I cover the deck fully to keep the entrance dry during the wet weather. For the outer layer, I keep using plywood. The material is easy to customize, whether trimming, decorating, or painting. I can make the finishing based on our preference, including matching the treehouse with our main house.   

21. Alpino Treehouse

Alpino Treehouse is one of our favorite treehouse ideas for kids. The project comes with a 4’ x 7’ floor measurement and a high 4.2’. Besides that, the project also features a hinged trapdoor and three windows to have plenty of lights and keep watching over the surrounding area. I work with a professional to build the platform between two mature trees. 

Alpino Treehouse
Source: Etsy | Treehouse Guide

Fortunately, I got this treehouse idea from Etsy. I brought the project plan to my handyman. It was looking so good so far. With his experience, the handyman can easily build the treehouse and meet our expectations. He also modified some parts to make him easier to create the treehouse.

22. Boat-Shaped Treehouse

This design is my favorite treehouse idea. Yes, our kids are able to sail the seas like sailors in a treehouse. The design may be complex. That is why we hired the handyman to build the platform step by step. Fortunately, we have the project plan from the online store. So, the handyman gets detailed instructions to make a dream come true. 

Boat-Shaped Treehouse
Source: Bobvila

Through the unique treehouse, our kids can be up high. They are able to pretend as if they are sailing to seven seas or Neverland. We love to see how they imagine exploring the uncharted waters by the boat-shaped treehouse.

23. Fancy Treehouse

We start exploring our spacious backyard with big trees by creating an architectural project, Fancy Treehouse. This treehouse idea is perfect for filling the space. It comes with a multi-platform design extending the single central platform and spanning across some trees. 

Fancy Treehouse
Source: Bobvila

Surprisingly, the platform creates a cozy room for playing, taking a nap, or even sleeping. The treehouse is also great for a gathering place among family members. The fancy design can be a financial investment and worth the time. I love the treehouse idea so much.

24. Treehouse with A Balcony

Instead of a porch, I build a treehouse with a balcony. It is like a real house with a great touch of architecture. To make a dream come true, I involved the professionals in the project. With the right idea, the platform provides square footage that can be used for the outdoor treetop space. 

Treehouse with A Balcony
Source: Bobvila

The balcony is not only functional but also aesthetical for the main house. The balcony space is great for the kids playing, lounging, studying, or gathering with friends. The treehouse features a door, windows for viewing the surrounding area, and plenty of lights.

25. Treehouse with Porch

Our backyard has ample trees and space to spare. That is why we hire a handyman to build the treehouse with a porch. The project provides spacious rooms, both indoor and outdoor. Our kids can play, study, run, or even take a nap in the treehouse. 

Treehouse with Porch
Source: Bobvila

The project design comes with a wrap-around design with a small porch. It provides more space for the kids to play around. Fortunately, the trees are close together. We take advantage of the trees to create more space for outdoor play.

26. The Connected Tree House

To create a fantastic treehouse, I chose the connected treehouse project. Yes, this type of treehouse is like an oasis that most kids, including my little one, will love. Yes, building this treehouse needs more cost and should hire the best carpenter. 

The Connected Tree House
Source: Morning Chores

However, It could be an investment and worth the time. The best part is a slide that connected the main house to the treehouse. The kids can climb or go to the treehouse from the slide. Inside the house, there is more space for kids to play, lounge, or even gather with their friends. Of course, the connected treehouse makes our little kids excited. 


The treehouse ideas for kids above can inspire everyone to build preferred tree houses. From simple to complex treehouse projects, the ideas are helpful to meet the kids’ magical place. I choose a tunnel or tent treehouse that can be easily removed. There are also medium-to-advanced treehouse ideas like the lean-to treehouse, a free-standing treehouse that can be constructed with standard building materials. I can also hire a carpenter to build the complex treehouse, with deck, porch, and others.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. How do you make a simple treehouse?

First of all, we pick the right trees. The trees that we choose to determine what type of treehouse. We checked the local building codes to ensure we could build the project. Then, we create or buy project plans. Many online stores are offering the blueprint. We pick the best one depending on the trees, spaces, tools, and materials. 

How do you make a simple treehouse?
How do you make a simple treehouse?

After that, we gather all of the tools and materials. For complex treehouse design, we also hire professional carpenters. We start building the platform and floors. Finally, let’s add the treehouse with preferred walls, railing, entrances, and windows.

2. What do you put inside a treehouse?

There are some interior ideas to put inside a treehouse. One is the bed, whether sleep sofa, floating frames, bunk beds, or wall-mounted beds. The light fixture, including drum lights, LED Ceiling lights, or wooden light fixtures, should also be available.

What do you put inside a treehouse?
What do you put inside a treehouse?

Artworks can also change the environment of the room. We hang our kid’s project to fill the wall to add an interesting focal point. Besides that, I can also make curtains, chairs, shelving, or other interior furniture items that match the whole treehouse design.  

3. How do you make a simple tree platform?

Building the main platform is the most vital stage of the treehouse project. Without well-built supports and a foundation, the treehouse won’t stand for long. The platform should include the interior support beams and the frames. 

Regarding the platform measurement, I take into consideration the trees. The measurement of the main platform is 4X4 or larger. Building the platform is critical, so I measure twice and cut once.

4. Why do kids love tree houses?

Most kids love a treehouse because it is a magical place as well as a secret place. The treehouse offers a place where kids play away, explore, and grow up. Of course, the treehouse is a unique setting for the kids to be created and pretend. 

In this magical place, the kids can create their imagination, ignite creativity, and make up their own stories. The kid’s adventure also begins from the treehouse. The place is also perfect for observation, a hanging out venue, habitation, recreation, or even a homework station.

5. What is a good age for a tree house?

It depends on the tree house. The kids aged six or older may enjoy the treehouse. However, children younger than five can play in the treehouse under adult supervision. We highly recommend building a safe treehouse for the younger kids by adding the railing.

6. What is the purpose of treehouses?

A tree house or tree fort is a platform constructed among or around the branches or trunks of ample trees. The purpose of the treehouse is for observation, a hangout space, habitation, a workspace, and recreation. 

7. How can I make my treehouse more fun?

A treehouse can be more fun for kids to build their creativity and imagine new worlds. To make the treehouse unforgettable, add a deck, give it an attractive theme, or install a tree climbing entrance or water slide. 

8. How do you decorate a treehouse for kids?

We involve our kids in choosing specific colors or themes. We can create personal space for the kids by adding pillows, blankets, and rugs. For the sharing space, I put in a table and stools. I also add shelving for storing the toys and other equipment. 

9. What makes a good tree house?

A good treehouse should be safe and accommodate the kid’s needs. It must be a comfortable place for kids to play, lounge, or even study. The house should also keep the weather out and flex as the trees move.