Relaxation Activity: Fly Like A Bird

Relaxation Activity: Fly Like A Bird

The Chinese practice of Qigong coordinates the flowing, fluid movement of energy between the body, mind and breath.  It is so gentle and mindful!  This Fly Like A Bird activity is perfect for helping you and your child to align the mind and body for deep relaxation.  It also trains the body to move without resistance or tension, a skill that your child can take with him his entire life.  As your child gently moves his body through space to “fly”, he also is tuning in within himself to notice how the body feels.  In this activity, your child can practice what it is like to have harmony in the body, between the body and mind.  He can really feel what it’s like to be both relaxed and energized at the same time.  Fly Like A Bird is really a moving meditation. Practice as slowly and mindfully as possible for the biggest effect.

Fly Like A Bird

  1.  Find a place to stand where there is enough room to raise the arms straight out to the sides and above.
  2.  Begin by standing with the feed shoulder width apart and take a deep breath in through the nose and let it go out through the mouth.
  3. Start with the arms hanging down to the sides of your body.
  4. Inhale, and allow the arms to slowly float up. straightening the legs.
  5. Exhale, and allow the arms to slowly float down, bending into a partial squat at the knees.
  6. Feel that sense of light, effortless movement through the body.  Relax into the flow.
  7. Inhale, float the arms up again, straightening the legs.
  8. Exhale, float the arms back down, bending at the knees.
  9. Feel a wave-like movement through the whole body.  Feel how light the arms are.
  10. Relax breathing in, repeat.  Relax, breathing out, repeat.
  11. Focus on feeling weightless, relax the mind, look softly in front of you.  Feel the air move through your fingers.  Have a sense of moving without any effort.  Simply allow the body to unwind.

Repeat for several minutes and then sit down and talk about how it went.  Tune in with the body just before and just after practicing to compare and note the differences and similarities.  Fly Like A Bird is so very calm and relaxing.  It also is a great grounding activity for when your child’s or your energy gets a little chaotic or scattered.

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