modeling clay ideas for kids

25 Easy Modeling Clay Ideas for Kids

Modeling clay ideas for kids at home or school can help children’s motor system and imagination to always be developed to create more ideas.

So, for the parents who want to get new experience for the kids to learn, let’s do clay molding ideas. Check out our ideas below to find the best character from animals to cartoons for you to make together with the kids. 

What is the best modeling clay for kids?

When it comes to the best modeling clays for kids, we would say that animals, nature, transportation vehicles, and food like ice creams and pizzas are probably kids’ most favorite modeling for clays.

Animals and Creatures

One of the best modeling clays for kids is animal shapes. There are many animal models that you can create from clay together with your kids, which will be a fun bonding time together. For instance, you can choose tiny animals to create using clay such as ladybugs, butterflies, and caterpillars. Below are some recommendations to dicsover.

1. Dragonfly

modeling clay ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Supply Me)

Having a modeling clay of dragonfly like this will boost your kid’s mood. It is pretty easy to create. So, if the kids have a task to make a modeling clay with a nature theme, this idea can be stolen. Because you just have to make a circle shape for the eye and body. Then you can help them to make wings and leaf.

2. Penguin

modeling clay ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Voi)

Penguin is something undeniable due to its cuteness. Also, you just need three colors of clay to make this modeling. You can help your kids to create this at home. I am pretty sure it can be the best bonding time between you and them.

3. Fish

modeling clay ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Yahoo Search)

You must be not expecting that this modeling clay is easy to do right? Because the key is creativity. Through this idea, you can create fish modeling using clay with your kids. Isn’t it cute with colorful clay?

4. Snake

modeling clay ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Val)

This is probably the cutest snake ever. Also, it is easy to make as well since you just need one color to make this cute one. The different colors are for eyes and tongue only. So, for the last minute task of modeling clay idea, this one can be your grab-to-go idea for the kids. 

5. Butterfly

modeling clay ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest

Guess every kid loves butterflies since this animal has beautiful wings. Furthermore, butterflies are also friendly for the kids when they meet the animals at the garden. So, modeling clay craft by shaping it into butterflies is a good idea. You can help your kids by making the patterns of wings for the butterfly.

6. Caterpillar

Source: Pinterest (@Janettesmerrit)

Tiny and irresistible to look at! Caterpillars can be your option to modeling clay craft together with your kids. It is easy to make and does not need much basic color. This tiny creature can steal everyone’s attention since it is not ordinary to choose a caterpillar as the clay craft. 

7. Snail

Source: Pinterest (@Magicmaman Magazine)

You don’t have to be that slow to finish modeling snail craft like this. Because it is simple, easy and your kids can finish it by themselves for sure. As for the color, let your kids make the snail based on their imagination. The more colorful it is, the more adorable it is to look at. 

8. Ladybug

Source: Pinterest (@Magicmaman Magazine)

If your kids love to find a ladybug whenever they go outside, then you can ask them to create a ladybug from clay like this one. You only need two colors to provide your kids for making this creature. Simple, easy and undeniable too. 

Nature and Environment

Nature is another great idea of clay model to let your kids explore their ideas and creativity. Creating models of simple nature elements will make them feel excited about the nature and be a great way for them to learn about it, too.

9. Simple flower

modeling clay ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Албена Палавурова)

Something beautiful can be made easily from clay with your kids. Yes, this is one of the easy clay ideas that can be applied at home. So, if there are clay projects for kids at school, this modeling can be your inspiration. 

10. Rainbow

modeling clay ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Takva Tekin)

Another clay craft that your kids can make is this cute rainbow. Mini clay art for kids is adorable. Actually it is based on the thing we want to make, then we can unleash the creativity to get this cool clay idea. 

11. Sunny

Source: Pinterest (@Shutterstock)

Creating a view from clay craft must be interesting. For the sun, your kids can use this method to create it. The look of sun will be cuter and also there is no difficulty for your kids to make it. Furthermore, it can be another decoration for the craft as well. 

Seasonal Holiday Theme

Holidays are full of goodness and magical things such as the Christmas tree, the snowman, Santa Claus and many more. They come in adorable shapes and forms, making them wonderful recommendations for clay models. Below are a couple of holiday-themed clay models for you to consider.

12. Little Snowman

Source: Pinterest (@petshero2.0)

No one could resist seeing this little guy, especially if it is made of clay. Seeing how cute it is, we believe creating a little snowman using clay will be an exciting thing to do. It’s very easy to create and your little only need two colors of clay which are white and light blue.

13. Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest (@Tutorialalberodinatale4)

To celebrate the season, creating holiday-themed clay models will be a great DIY project idea with the kids. Take this cute Christmas tree for instance. You can ask your kids to be creative with their own version of Christmas tree made of clay, and create some cute little decorations to make it looks even more adorable.

Vehicles and Transportation

Trans, planes and busses are little boys’ favorites! If you have little boys who love vehicles, then why not take them for a fun DIY project making vehicles and transportation models using clay?

14. Train


Most kids love choo-choo train, and that is why we think your little one would be super happy to create an adorable choo-choo train using clay. They can play with colors and shapes, and they can also create their own version of train with various clay colors.

15. Spacecraft

Source: Pinterest (@dreamstimestockphotos)

For kids who dream of becoming astronauts one day, creating clay models in the shape of this super cool spacecraft would an exciting work to be done. Let your kids choose their own clay colors to create this model, and give them compliments once they are done with their work.

Food and Kitchen Items

Cupcakes and pizzas are great recommendations for clay models and ideas. There’s nothing more exciting than creating clay models in the shape of food, right? So, have a fun time together with your little ones creating food models using clay such as below:

16. Watermelon

modeling clay ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest

Thinking about something fresh to make from clay? Then you can make this watermelon modeling clay. If the theme is about fruit or food, this watermelon can be the idea for your kids to complete the craft. The colors are basic as well, I am pretty sure you can get the clay with these colors easily. 

17. Ice cream

modeling clay ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@VK)

Summer means something fresh. And your kids can scream for ice cream. But, it is not about the real one, it is about the ice cream from clay. Cool clay craft that your kids can create easily. The key is you have to provide the clay with pastel color. Let your kids release their own imagination of their favorite ice cream.

18. Cherry

Source: Pinterest (@VK | Игры для детей своими руками)

A sweet cherry as the clay craft. This idea is cute for the fruit theme. Also, it is pretty simple and fast to finish making this one. Your kids don’t have any doubt to finish this one since it fits their skills too. 

19. Lollipop

Source: Pinterest (@The Art of Wayne Thiebaud)

A sweet treat to make from the clay modeling is undeniable like this one. Lollipop is tempting and every kids’ favorite treat, right? For having the color gradient like this one, you can help your kids mix the clay first before shaping it. No difficult at all for sure. 

20. Grape

Source: Pinterest (@Фрукты из пластилина. Пошаговые уроки для детей 4-6 лет.)

The grapes from the clay are very similar to the real one. Let’s ask your kids to make it in order to complete a bucket of fruit. Moreover, isn’t it easy to make a round shape for grapes? Let’s start making it now!

21. Hotdog

Source: Pinterest (@Jeux et Companie)

What a tempting clay hotdog! This modeling clay idea is excellent for playing at home or as the answer to finish the task about craft from school. You can ask your kids to make hot dogs and other foods such as burgers or pizza from clay. 

Educational Models

Clay is also a good tool for kids to learn about new things. So, make sure you make good use of their clays to support home education.

22. Alphabet

Source: Pinterest (@thislittlehomeofmine)

Clay is also one of the most effective tools for kids to learn about new stuff. Take this alphabetical models made of clay for instance. You can teach your little ones about the alphabets using clay. Use some tools like papers or scissors to trigger their creativity and add form the clays in different alphabets and make some short words.

Everyday Objects and Scenes

There are many everyday objects that can be greet inspirations for clay models. Here we have some of the best one to give you ideas on what models to create during your bonding time with your little ones.

23. Cute teddy bear

modeling clay ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Dace Bruna)

Sometimes people think of a complicated way to make something adorable. In fact, you just have to make simple circulars like this one and it can be a teddy bear. Your kids must be amused by seeing the result. Also, it helps stimulating their brain to think out of the box as well. 

Guess every kid loves butterflies since this animal has beautiful wings. Furthermore, butterflies are also friendly for the kids when they meet the animals at the garden. So, modeling clay craft by shaping it into butterflies is a good idea. You can help your kids by making the patterns of wings for the butterfly.

24. Keroppi

Source: Pinterest (@Dorita RIco)

Your kids love this Keroppi character? Then, why don’t you make it from clay? Their task to make clay modeling can be done fast since your kids make their favorite character. Look closer and you can see the process to make it is simple. 

25. Kite

Source: Pinterest (@Passo a Passo Pipa)

Playing kite is fun, and you can have another fun by creating a kite from clay like this idea. For the color, you can let your kids choose their favorite colors. And so does for the pattern. So, the kite can be special for them when it is done later. 

What are 3 facts about clay? 

  • Clay can be hardened using fire or leave it out depending on the type of clay. 
  • Although clay is safe to play for the kids, you cannot allow the kids to eat or consume clay
  • Clay is the main material for the crafts such as bricks, pot, and many more


So, are you ready to have cool clay ideas for kids at home? Start now and have a special bonding time with your kids by modeling the clay. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Is clay toxic for kids?

There is non-toxic clay for kids. So, it is safe for them to play all the time and you don’t have to worry about its ingredients inside. For example, you can choose crayola for air dry clay ideas. The color varies and the packaging is easy to bring whenever you go with your kids.

2. What are the dangers of clay?

Although it is safe for kids to play due to its non-toxic ingredients, it doesn’t mean you can allow your kids to eat clay. Eating or swallowing the clay may lead to poisoning, such as vomiting, breathing problems, constipation, and many more. 

3. Is air dry clay safe for kids?

Air dry clay is safe for kids. The texture and ingredients are safe for kids to play along making crafts at school or home. So, for air dry clay ideas for kids, you can safely choose the best brand that you think is your favorite for the kids at home. 

4. What can I make with modeling clay for beginners?

You can make modeling clay with your kids as beginners by shaping it to tiny creatures, such as animals. Or you can create fast food that is easy to form, for instance hot dogs, burger, or pizza. 

5. Does modeling clay dry if you leave it out?

For non-hardening clay, it won’t get dry although you leave it out even under the sun directly. So, it is good for you since you don’t have to buy anymore for the kids when they want to play on clay. 

6. Will modeling clay harden if baked?

Yes, it is a popular method to harden modeling clay by baking it using an oven. But still, you have to be careful and make sure that the clay won’t pop-up when it is baked. If you are not sure to harden the clay by baking it, better not try it. 

7. Is modeling clay good for kids?

Yes, it helps the kids to learn their motor system by shaping the clay using their hands. Also for their brain, it helps them stimulating the brain to be more creative by releasing their imagination through the clay without worrying of having a mistake.