pumpkin painting ideas for kids

25 Pumpkin Painting Ideas for Kids. It is All about Fun!

Oh, talking about Halloween, you cannot separate pumpkin and Halloween, right? Therefore, preparing the pumpkin for the decoration to celebrate the event is something you are waiting for. Not to mention the kids. They are excitedly waiting for some sweet treats. Welcoming Halloween can be done by asking your kids to paint the pumpkin. It might seem simple yet it is super fun to do because your kids can learn how to paint properly and let their creativity reveal. They can paint the pumpkins based on the characters they want and of course this ideas will make your kids love their painting on the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Decoration Ideas
Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

For instance, they can paint it to be animals, animated characters, food, and many more. We give you 20 pumpkin painting ideas for kids here. So, your October will be filled with joy, fun and colorful moments with your children. Check out now!

1. Roaring Lion

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Easy Peasy and Fun)

Your kids can learn how to paint and also decorate the pumpkin into a roaring lion like this one. It is adorable, cute and fits their ages to learn something new this Halloween. Just prepare for the material and let their creativity be revealed. This will be the cutest lion ever that you have during Halloween. 

2. Cutie Foxy

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Easy Peasy and Fun)

Little foxy for your kids pumpkin painting idea. It is not that hard because the color of pumpkin and fox is the same. Your kids just do the rest such as paint for the face and stick the eyes and tail using used cloth or paper. Make sure the color of tail and ears have the same tone color as the body. 

3. Adorable Boo

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Hand Made Charlotte)

Seeing boo cannot be this cute before. You can let your kids paint these cute ghosts to celebrate Halloween. It can be the cutest pumpkin in your home. Also, no need to get the same size of ghost when painting it because the most important thing is your kids are having fun when doing it. 

4. Pretty Pineapple

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Garden)

When your kids love pineapple so much, you can ask them to paint pineapple on the pumpkin. Don’t forget to add another material for the crown and prop like glasses. The most adorable pineapple can be displayed for treats on Halloween. If there are other fruits to paint, you can have them too. So the decoration will look so fresh. 

5. Colorful M&Ms

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Party Pinching)

Who doesn’t like M&Ms? The sweet treats that you can make as the decorations for Halloween. You can invite your kids to join in painting pumpkin into M&Ms. Since the candies are colorful, you can have more than one pumpkin as the decoration to celebrate Halloween. They will love it and wish there will be real M&Ms as their special sweet treats. 

6. Chic chic

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Easy Peasy and Fun)

Little chic as the decoration of your pumpkin during Halloween. If your kids are being asked to bring some pumpkin painting, this idea can be done for them. Just by adding some colorful paper to decorate the face, the li’l chick can be shown at your patio. Easy, simple and fun!

7. Spooky Purple

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Madysin Pressley)

A bit spooky yet still fun to make. You can help your children to paint this pumpkin. Let the effect of black color pour down and create a dark vibe. The purple color will make it less spooky but still spooky, if you understand what we mean. Moreover, if your kids have their own monster in their imagination, you can let them draw and paint it on the pumpkin. It will be one of a kind character. 

8. Aesthetic pumpkin

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Garden)

If your daughter loves something aesthetic and decides to paint the pumpkin with bright color, this pumpkin painting idea can inspire you. Only three colors are needed and the method of painting is simple too. Stripes and circles never fail.

9. Hoot Spooky

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Garden)

Some children don’t want a childish pumpkin painting idea, so, you can ask them to paint like this one since it is too good to resist. The painting method is easy too, yet still matches the theme. Furthermore, you just need one color for painting, although it is not wrong to add more color that still matches the theme. 

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10. White Base with Sprinkle

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Good Housekeeping)

It is more like a spider web but in a colorful version. Paint the pumpkin with white base color and ask your children to decorate using strings or painting again to make this idea. Such a pretty and fun thing to do, right?

11. Rainbow pumpkin

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Michaels Store)

Out of ideas to paint the pumpkin for the upcoming Halloween? Then paint it with rainbow color. Your kids must be excited to do it. It is easy and can be done at the last minute. The result is not that bad too and your children must be proud of having this one. 

12. Black Spidey

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls)

Halloween without black spiders is not complete. Instead of making it horror, you can make a cute spidey by painting it on the pumpkin. Just put the eyes and feet as the additional decoration to make it more real to see. 

13. Donut Pumpkin

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Casey Finn, The DIY Playbook)

Do not eat this donut since it is a pumpkin painted into a donut. Pretty, cute and tempting to eat of course. For your daughter, it can be an idea to spend the time together before Halloween is coming. Also, to get this look, you have to prepare various paints because the more the merrier for the pumpkin to look at. 

14. Unicorn

pumpkin painting ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Easy Peasy and Fun)

Girls must love unicorns. And this unicorn can be made by painting your pumpkin. Also you can add the paper to make it cuter and prettier. Such an adorable one! It is such a good idea if the school of your kids asked to decorate or paint the pumpkin and bring it to the school. An adorable unicorn pumpkin is ready to glow!

15. Black Cat

Black Cat
Source: Pinterest (@A Piece Of Rainbow)

The funniest and most adorable black cat ever. This pumpkin painting idea is such an excellent one because it is cute and fits for Halloween. Also, you can recognize that you only have to prepare two colors for this look. Your kids will love this idea!

16. Forky Pumpkin

Forky Pumpkins
Source: Pinterest (@Grace Giggle and Snaptime | Schmitt’s Creek Farmhouse)

As a Toy Story lover, having forky to be painted on a pumpkin will be a good one to be inspired. Since you just need a white pain and the rest of decoration is for the face and hand. For the material, you can use wool strings, paper, or anything that is not a new thing. For instance, you can use a button for the eyes. 

17. Mike and Sully

Mike and Sully
Source: Pinterest (@Kimmy)

Sully and Mike is such a match made in heaven. When there is Sully, there should be Mike. As a Monster Inc fan, your kids should paint the pumpkin on these characters. These two monsters are the most adorable ones for your next Halloween. Don’t forget to put the sweet treats beside the pumpkins. Cute and easy!

18. Spider Web

Spider Web
Source: Pinterest (@Instructables | Cassie Sugar Plum)

Although it needs more time to paint the spider web, we are pretty sure your kids are excited to finish painting it. If they face difficulty in drawing the spider, you can help them to do it. It makes them learn more about patience and perseverance. And still, it fits the theme!

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19. Cutest Boo

Cutest Boo
Source: Pinterest (@Aubree Original)

A total look for the pumpkin painting idea! Who can guess that this is the simplest thing that your kids can do but the result is undeniable. Basically, the kids only need to paint all white on the pumpkin. Then , they can make eyes and mouths for the ghost. Simple and cute right?

20. Little monkey

Little monkey
Source: Pinterest (@Kathy Eigenberger)

A little monkey is irresistible and can be the idea for pumpkin painting that your kids asked you. Adding the ornament as the decoration to make the monkey look real is fun to do. Moreover, your children can use their creativity to give the expression for the monkey itself.

21. Cute Skull

Cute Skull
Source: Pinterest (@The Beauty Dojo)

If your kids insist on painting the pumpkin with a spooky theme, this can be the inspiration for them. Although the theme is scary and they want to paint the skull shape, the color combination of this idea is still lovely. The red is not too red, it is like red cherry while the rest can be done by painting it broken white.

22. Adorable Bat

Adorable Bat
Source: Pinterest (@Out and About Mom)

Lovely black bat! Spooky yet adorable at the same time. This bat pumpkin painting idea can be your best inspiration if you run out of ideas about the character you want your kids to paint. Also, if your kids are not so into cartoon or animated characters, this bat is such a solution. 

23. Minions

Source: Pinterest (@Homemade Heather)

Guess every kid loves minions and they will feel that excited if you offer them to paint minions on their pumpkin. First, you can help them by drawing the line before they color the pumpkin. So, it is easier for them to decorate and paint the pumpkin to be their favorite character. 

24. Polka Dot Pumpkin

Polka Dot Pumpkin
Source: Pinterest (@Passion For Savings)

Beautiful and aesthetic pumpkin painting idea for your kids. It is pretty easy because the only paint that you need is white. Then for the polka dots, you can stick colorful paper or origami on the pumpkin. Your kids can cut the papers first on the preparation step. 

25. Raccoon

Source: Pinterest (@A Litlle Pinch Of Perfect)

The cutest raccoon is an excellent idea of pumpkin painting for Halloween. The important thing is, you don’t need many colors for painting the raccoon. Gray, black and white are the key colors to beautify the pumpkin. If your kids love animals, this idea can be yours . 


So, ready to have some fun with your children? Let’s prepare some pumpkin, paints, and other properties to paint and decorate the pumpkin. In order to appreciate them, you can give some little treats on Halloween.  

Latest Post:

What kind of paint do you use on a pumpkin for kids?

You can use tempera paint that is non-toxic, washable and the paint dries fast. Also, you can choose acrylic which is non-toxic too since acrylic paint is easy to find at the store. Or any kind of washable watercolor paints that are safe for kids. 

How do you paint a simple pumpkin?

After making sure the pumpkin is clean and ready to be painted, you can start by coloring using the basic color first. It can be white, brown or black. Remember to paint it evenly on all parts of the pumpkin or you can make a drawline first if the character that you and your kids choose needs many colors on it. 

How can kids decorate pumpkins?

By preparing the material and paints first. You can give them pumpkin and non-toxic paints and don’t forget to provide towels to wipe the stain. Also, it is better to do it outside, so the pumpkin can be dried quickly. Other craft materials such as markers, papers and pompom can beautify the pumpkin as well. 

How do you paint a pumpkin step by step?

First, clean the pumpkin. It will be better if you already buy the clean pumpkin at the store. Then, you can start to draw the character using a non-permanent marker. After the drawing is done, you can start to paint them. Make sure all of the pumpkin is painted well. Then dry it outside but not directly under the sun.