st patricks day ideas for kids

20 St Patricks Day Ideas for Kids. Let’s Get Some Luck!

Who’s excited to celebrate the festivities of St. Patricks Day? From the kids to the adults, we are sure that everyone wants to join the parade and have fun together at this event. Yes, we realize that a special day is a day we are waiting for. So, you must prepare everything, especially for the whole family to welcome St. Patrick’s Day.

We give you some ideas that you can do during Shamrock day. For instance making food, crafts and preparing costumes for the kids. Yes, all of them are kids friendly. So there is nothing wrong if the kids get involved in these ideas. Let’s check them out!

Food to make during St. Patrick’s Days

Preparing the food is a number one list. Here we give you tasty food ideas for the kids to enjoy during the day. The recipe is simple and the ingredients are usually already provided in your kitchen. So, let’s cook some luck!

1. Lucky Green Pancakes

st patricks day ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Get Your Holidays On | Charmsfril)

When you usually make cheese, chocolate or vanilla pancakes, let’s try a different taste for the special day. During St. Patrick Day, you can make green pancakes for the kids or ask them to help you cook it. The green color you can get by adding food color to the dough or simply buy the pancake mix with green color which usually has different taste, such as matcha. 

2. Cereal and Green Milk

st patricks day ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Get Your Holiday On)

To welcome the day and get ready to go to the carnival, you can make a special breakfast for the kids. The lucky charm beverage contains green milk. The green milk is from melon milk or matcha milk. Or else you can add a syrup for the milk too. 

3. Cute Lucky Charm Dessert

st patricks day ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Bombshellbling | Sarah McKenna)

Since the feast is not complete without dessert, you can make a simple dessert to celebrate St. Patrick Day. You don’t have to make a complicated recipe, just a simple no-bake dessert from cereal, biscuits, or cheese green cream for the kids. We guarantee that your kids will feel that excitement and cherish the moment at this day while they are enjoying the sweet treats from you. 

4. Tasty Cupcakes

st patricks day ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Celebrations In The Kitchen)

A sweet treat by baking leprechaun cupcakes. Don’t forget to ask your kids when decorating the cupcakes. Their excitement will be priceless and they will remember this moment forever. Also, it can be a quality time between your family too without having to spend many expenses. 

5. Popcorn

st patricks day ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@SheKnows)

When you decide to watch a movie at night after going to the carnival, popcorn is a must. And to match the theme, you can prepare green popcorn for the children. It is the easiest way that you can do to call it the day after a day long seeing the parade and many more activities outside. Also, no one can deny popcorn and movies. 

6. Jelly Green 

st patricks day ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Get Your Holiday On)

If you run out of time to make a dessert using a green theme, you can have a green jelly for the kids. Add the whip cream, marshmallow or candy on top to increase appetite. Also, you can let the children come in to add the topping based on their favorite. The key is don’t make the jelly too sweet since the topping is all about sweet taste. 

7. Crinkle Cookies

st patricks day ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@SheKnows)

This is a perfect food idea to make for a snack box. If the school of your kids asked them to bring a snack which the theme is St. Patrick Day, you can make these crinkle cookies. Simply just add green color and sprinkle some sugar on top. It is easy to make because you can bake it the night before and your kids can have it for breakfast as well. 

8. Leprechaun Toast

st patricks day ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Mid Get Momma | Lauren Happel)

Isn’t it a good idea to try different spreads for the toast? Since the day is special, you can prepare Leprechaun toast for the whole family, especially your children. They must be happy if the spread for the toast is different from the ordinary days but still tasty and worth trying. 

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9. Oreo Dipping

st patricks day ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Crafty Morning | Michelle)

For the Oreo lovers, this St. Patrick Day food idea cannot be missed. Moreover, it is pretty simple because you just have to make a simple dipping that usually has the same ingredients as icing for the cupcakes. For the sprinkles, you can choose green and white colors to match the theme. Dip it into your oreo and let it sit in the refrigerator for a while. 

10. Lime Sherbet Floats

st patricks day ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Mason Jar Craft Love)

A fresh and energizing beverage to make for the festive day. Lime sherbet and ice cream as the floats on top. Add a mint if your kids want to in order to increase the freshness. It is such an easy drink you can prepare in a last minute. 

Crafts for St. Patrick Days

Sometimes, the school also asked the kids to make the crafts and bring them to the school. So, you can get the inspirations below for your kids to make at home and show it to the class. 

11. Painted Rocks

st patricks day ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Just a Little Creativity | Make it and Love it)

Guess it is the easiest craft that you can let your kids explore during St. Patrick Day. You just have to help them collect the rock, paint it and let them show it on the basket in your house. Also, it can be a souvenir during the parade that can be traded for a sweet snack. 

12. Lucky Hat

st patricks day ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@The Crafty Block Stalker)

The cutest lucky hat for your daughter or boys. The craft can be made with cardboard or used paper. Creating a leprechaun hat for the school costume is pretty easy and adds to the creativity level for them. You can steal this idea and ask them to make it now. 

13. Lucky Charm Jewels

Lucky Charm Jewels
Source: Pinterest (@New Jersey Family)

Adding the luck for your kids during St. Patrick Day by creating lucky charm jewels from them. It can be a necklace or bracelet for the girls. It is easy and fun to make. Your girls will be lovely to have a new jewel to be worn during the day. 

14. Photo Frame

Photo frame
Source: Pinterest (@Mrs Pauley Kindergarten)

A lovely photo frame with a Leprechaun theme. It fits for your kids if they have a task to make a craft in order to welcome St. Patrick Day. You can find the tutorial of making this one on the internet. Also, the material is pretty easy to find, such as colored paper, glue and cutter. Supervise your kids while they make this one, so the result will be satisfied to look at. 

15. Crown For The Hair

Crown for the hair
Source: Pinterest (@Ashley Muir Bruhn)

Who doesn’t love to have new hair accessories, especially for the girls? For St. Patrick Day, you don’t have to make the girls wear the hat, because you can have this crown for their hair. It is prettier, more adorable and also easy to make. 

Kids Costume at St. Patrick Day

Doing a fun thing in a complete way, like wearing the costume of Leprechaun is cool. Your kids can have their head to toe look but still comfortable to wear all day long. Let’s see our recommendations!

16. Simple Top and Legging

Simple top and legging
Source: Pinterest (@Randi Tarillion)

Actually this costume is easy because your kids only need a green button shirt, green stripes legging, black shorts, green bowtie, and suspenders. If you want to add more accessories, you can add hairpin that still matches the event as well. 

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17. Cutest Leprechaun Costume

Cutest Leprechaun Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Dancing Cowgirl Design)

Oh, this is the most adorable Leprechaun costume for the girls. If you love sewing, you can make it by yourself for your loved one. Or if you run out of time, you can order it to your favorite tailor so the size will fit best for your daughter. Don’t forget to prepare the hat too in order to complete the look. 

18. Complete Lucky Green Costume

Complete lucky green costume
Source: Pinterest (@Pink Queen)

Only by adding some ornaments to the dress, you can turn the ordinary dress for the Shamrock day. Your daughter doesn’t have to wear a complicated dress for the event. This can be the most comfortable costume for her. 

19. Easy Carnival Costume

Easy Carnival Costume
Source: Pinterest (@Light In The Box)

As long as you have green suits for your boy, then prepare for St. Patrick Day is not that hard and makes you confused. You just have to look for a green hat for your kid. Then, voila! Your most adorable Leprechaun is here! He is ready to grant your wish. 

20. Tutu dress for St. Patrick Day

Tutu dress for St. Patrick Day
Source: Pinterest (@Little Lady Bug Tutus)

​Tutu dress for the costume of St. Patrick Day never fails for the lovely young daughter. Since the color fits the theme, you can let your daughter wear this costume. Let her be happy by receiving many lucky charms during the parade. 


There is no more confusion about what to make and what to wear for the kids on St. Patrick’s Day. Your kids can choose whether they want to have fun in the kitchen, at the parade or outside the house to finish doing the craft. At this event, you can do our ideas above. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is St Patrick’s day kid friendly?

You can let your kids wear green to celebrate this day. Also, don’t forget to ask them to help you in preparing the food for breakfast or snack after dinner. Don’t forget to always watch the kids out when all of you are watching the parade outside. 

What can a leprechaun bring kids?

Based on Irish folklore, Leprechaun can bring luck due to his special abilities. The lucky charms can be a four-leaf clover, a gold coin that can be a chocolate coin for today, a lucky penny, or some cute crafts. It is only folklore but having fun with this thing is not a mistake.

What do kids eat on St Patrick’s Day?

You can make traditional Irish foods together with the kids. For instance, using corned beef and cabbage, soda bread or shepherd’s pie. If your kids are not into these traditional foods, you can improve by making sweet treats with green color that still fits the theme. 

How do you make St Patrick Day special?

By preparing the costume and special foods for the kids. Also, don’t forget to ask the kids to make some crafts to be worn while watching the parade. It might seem simple but your kids will remember those things forever. Furthermore, St. Patrick’s Day will be their moment to wait excitedly every year.