20 MEMORABLE Experience Gift Ideas for Kids

Something memorable is important to create between parents and their children. Therefore giving experience gift ideas for kids becomes more popular and sentimental nowadays. It is because you cannot buy the moment and time you spend together with them.

So, if you want to strengthen the bond through experience gift you give for the kids, take a look the ideas below! Your kids must be excited to hear it from you. 

How can I give experience instead of gifts?

How can I give experience instead of gifts?
give experience instead of gifts

Since experience gift is something that cannot be given as easy as giving a toy, then you have to be creative to surprise your kids with this kind of gift. For instance, you can create an invitation card to let them know about picnic idea for next weekend. 

1. Cooking class

experience gift ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Simple Bites)

Cooking class is always fun for kids. Let them explore their new skill by cooking some tasty food or dessert. By giving them a chance to join a cooking class, it will be the best experience gift idea for them that they are ever have. 

2. Music class

experience gift ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (Jera Vwen)

Learning or playing music for kids doesn’t always need many tools. It can be from simple tools to make them learn about music and sound. For proper learning, you can surprise them by asking the kids to join music class. It will be fun and exciting moment for them to know more about the sounds and anything related to music.

3. Dance class

experience gift ideas for kids

For an active kid, I suggest giving an experience gift idea by joining the kid to dance class. There, they can make their body always move and match it with the rhythm. Also, the movement is monitored by the instructor, so their body is far from any injury. 

4. Acting class

experience gift ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Micheal Anderson)

Your kids have a dream to be an actress or actor? Then give them a chance to be what they want by enrolling them in an acting class. It can be a short course during the holiday. So, their holiday is not boring anymore and they can add more friends by joining this class. 

5. Ice skating 

experience gift ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Thoughtco)

Usually, girls love to ask their parents to go to an ice skating park to have fun there. So, you can surprise them on their birthday or school holiday by going to an ice skating park. Always watch them while playing especially if this is the first time going there. 

What can I buy instead of toys?

You can buy books, music instrumental, or any tools for craft. It helps kids to develop their brain to be more creative. Also, it can be their self-healing by doing craft at leisure time. 

6. Rock Climbing

experience gift ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Family Handyman)

To help stimulate the motor system of your kids, you can ask them to go to the place where they can rock climb. It fits for the active kids who love to test their adrenaline as well. So now you have a place for the kids to release their energy here. 

7. Amusement park on the weekend

experience gift ideas for kids

Amusement park seems to be the all time favorite place for the kids. So, giving them a ticket to go there must be the best reward you can give them. After successfully reaching the goals, whether it is a great score at school or anything, your kids deserve to have fun at an amusement park. 

8. Going to the zoo

experience gift ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Stacie Wesley)

Kids usually have their favorite animals. So, it is not wrong to give them an experience gift by visiting the zoo. Let them interact with the animals and learn about animals in a fun way. I am sure they will get addicted to going to the zoo since it gives them a refreshing feeling after going outside and seeing the animals’ activity closely. 

9. Swimming at water park

experience gift ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Travel With Bender)

Having fun at the waterpark is an excellent idea. It can be a memorable experience gift idea for kids. You can try the new open waterpark or go to the waterpark that your kids have been dreaming of lately. Don’t forget to capture their best expression while swimming and having fun underwater. 

10. Watching movie

experience gift ideas for kids

Usually there are many family movies that are played during holidays. Whether it is a school holiday or an end of season holiday. So, you can surprise your kids by inviting them to watch their favorite movie at the cinema this weekend. Let them enjoy the time by seeing the great story while munching


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11. Soccer class

experience gift ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Active For Life)

Boys and girls lately are into soccer. So, to develop their hobby and skill, you can surprise your kids by asking them to join soccer class as they want. You can choose weekend class, so the course does not disturb the schedule of school and take home tasks. Joining soccer class also helps them to increase social skill outside. 

12. Spa Day for Kids

experience gift ideas for kids
Source: Pinterest (@Project Nursery)

To give a reward for your daughter, you can make a DIY ticket for a home spa for her. It is because she just got the highest score at school or simply she already helped you do the house chores. For sure, it is not only an unforgettable experience gift idea although it is done at home, but also a way to strengthen the bond between you and your daughter. 

13. Picnic

Source: Pinterest (@She Knows)

Isn’t it lovely to invite your kids using the invitation card to go to the picnic outside? Although the location is near your house, it must be an exciting moment for them. You can prepare their favorite snack and beverage to bring to the park and enjoy it there. 

14. Visiting museums

Visiting museums
Source: Pinterest (@babyccino)

Going to the museum is always fun and can help the kids to educate about history, culture and many more inside. It gives the best description about historical moments, culture, and everything about the past in a fun way. So, giving them an experience gift to go to the museum is a great idea. 

15. Pottery class

Pottery class
Source: Pinterest (@Cool Art School)

When your kids are into art and love to make handicraft, then it is the best time to send them to pottery class. It is good to improve their skill and release their imagination to make pottery based on their wants. Also, the result can be displayed at home proudly. 

What are good experience gifts for children? 

There are plenty of good experience gift for your children. For instance, you can give them a camping invitation, various short course or class such as music class, soccer, painting and many more. They are all good gift ideas for kids.

16. Painting class

Painting class
Source: Pinterest (Pam Sender)

Instead of painting at home, it must be more fun to let your kids paint together with their new friends at painting class. Let your kids socialize and release their creativity together. It helps stimulate their brain as well to be more creative. 

17. Camping

Source: Pinterest (@POPSUGAR)

Camping on summer is the best experience ever for the kids. You can grant your kids wish by inviting the to the summer camp that you already prepare. Don’t forget to bring smores because they always want more.

18. Riding horse

Riding horse
Source: Pinterest (@Horse and Rider)

If you want to introduce your hobby to your kids, it can be a good time to do it. Riding a horse is something priceless that your kids can experience at their age. Don’t forget to let them wear proper safety helmet before adventuring with the horse.

19. Visiting botanical garden

Visiting botanical garden
Source: Pinterest (@Tulsa Botanic Garden)

Botanical garden is a beautiful place that you cannot miss. Therefore, you can ask your kids to go there together as the experience gift idea. Weekend is always the best time to enjoy the moment there together. 

20. Fishing

Source: Pinterest (@Adventure Publication)

Fishing with kid is fun. That’s the reason you have to send an experience gift to them such as fishing like this. It is so calming because you can do small talk about each other while waiting for fish. 


The great thing about surprising your kids with experience gift ideas is they will always remember the moment until they are getting old. That’s the reason why experience gifts are timeless and priceless especially for the kids. Their memory is at a high peak at that time, so it is best for you to invest an unforgettable memory for them. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do you ask for experience instead of gifts for kids?

By asking them about something that they want to do lately. Because sometimes, recall their memories about what they want to do will give us the idea about experience gift and not giving a toy anymore.

What are heartwarming gifts?

Camping, spa day, and many more that you and your kids do together are heartwarming gifts. Especially if you are busy and give your time for the kids in order to enjoy together. It must be something priceless for them to remember.

What do kids like other than toys?

They like experimental moment, such as going to short class, watching movie or going picnic. They like it because they can explore their imagination and can explore nature.

How do you say gifts are not necessary but appreciated?

You can show your kids how you love them just like your kids are gifts from God. It will make them thinking that the gifts should be appreciated.