Frosty’s Happy Paintbrush

Frosty’s Happy Paintbrush

This is a quick guided imagery activity you can read to your child to help her engage her imagination in helping her relax.

Frosty’s Happy Paintbrush

Find a comfortable position.  Talk to your body and give it permission to relax.  Take a breath in, feeling your tummy push out.  Let the breath out, feeling your tummy flatten back down.  Notice any stressful thoughts or tension in your body just melting away like snowflakes in the sun.  Good.  You are now feeling very relaxed and calm. 

Now, imagine a blue, blue sky above you.  Notice the cool air.  Take another deep breath and breathe some cool air into your lungs.  Pay attention to how the air feels as it touches the back of your throat and inflates your lungs.  Looking down, you see a happy paintbrush at your feet.  This is a paintbrush for painting your happiness.  Just like frosty paints the windows in winter, you can paint pretty swirls with this brush.  Pick it up.  Begin to swirl it through the air you see wonderful colors flowing behind it.  You are painting the sky!   Maybe you would like to make giant fluffy swirls?  Or maybe tiny glittery puffs of paint.  You get to paint whatever swirl feels good to you. Watch the brush as you swirl and twirl it around.  Try some different types of painting.  Chop the air with it.  Splatter paint with it.  See what colors flow behind it as you swish it this way and that way.  Watch what pictures appear from your painting.  Know that you can paint whatever you would like.  If you could paint any happy thought in the sky, what would you paint?   This is your happy paintbrush and it will only paint happy thoughts that you think.  When you watch your paintings appear, notice the feelings that come along for the ride.  Focus on those feelings or thoughts that help you feel relaxed, calm, content, and safe.  You can hold onto them and keep them with you as long as you would like, even for the whole day if you choose!  Imagine placing Frosty’s paintbrush back down at your feet.  Know that you can close your eyes and imagine this happy painting paintbrush whenever you’d like.  Begin to bring your attention back to your feet.  Take a deep breath and wiggle your toes and your fingers.  You can open your eyes when you are ready.  

Add an art activity to this guided imagery exercise and paint your happy, relaxed, calm thoughts and feelings!

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