Getting the BIG Perspective: Hot Air Balloon Ride Script

Getting the BIG Perspective: Hot Air Balloon Ride Script

Helping kids get to a cool, calm and collected state when they are upset or worried about something, supports them in seeing all the possible options to a situation and to pick the one that feels best.  When emotions run high, our efficiency at problem solving lessens or shuts down entirely.  Therefore, relaxation techniques, and returning to a calm state of mind greatly increases the chances of finding many solutions and identifying potential options.  Try out this guided imagery script when your young one is struggling with a situation that he does not like or would like a chance to determine what the options might be towards a solution.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Script

  • Getting Comfortable: Close your eyes and relax. Focus on a part of your body you usually ignore, like the space between your toes or behind your ears. Feel it and acknowledge it.
  • Deep Breathing: Take a deep breath in through your nose, then out through your mouth. Repeat once more, enjoying the sensation.
  • Identifying the Issue: Think about a current problem or a question you have. Visualize yourself right in the middle of this situation.
  • Discovering the Balloon: Now, in your mind, see a beautiful hot air balloon in front of you. It’s in your favorite color or has a special design just for you. Leave your troubling situation for a moment and step into the balloon’s basket.
  • Ascending and Observing: As the balloon lifts you up, see yourself rising above the problem. From this height, you’re detached from the issue but can still see it. Notice how different it looks from up here. What new perspectives or options do you see?
  • Gaining Insights: Let the balloon take you slightly into the future. From this vantage point, what would your future self advise you about this situation? Listen for any wisdom or insights.
  • Returning with Knowledge: With these new perspectives and advice, let the balloon gently bring you back to the ground. Feel ready to approach your situation with a calm and clear mind, armed with a broader understanding.
  • Reorienting Yourself: Bring your attention back to where you are. Wiggle your toes, rub your hands together, and place them over your eyes. Open your eyes when you feel ready.

This script is designed to help you step back from your problems, gain new perspectives, and return with a clearer, calmer approach to tackling them.

Now that your child has gotten a BIG picture look at the situation, invite him to discuss it with you over a theme- related hot air balloon snack