Getting the BIG Perspective: Hot Air Balloon Ride Script

Getting the BIG Perspective: Hot Air Balloon Ride Script

Helping kids get to a cool, calm and collected state when they are upset or worried about something, supports them in seeing all the possible options to a situation and to pick the one that feels best.  When emotions run high, our efficiency at problem solving lessens or shuts down entirely.  Therefore, relaxation techniques, and returning to a calm state of mind greatly increases the chances of finding many solutions and identifying potential options.  Try out this guided imagery script when your young one is struggling with a situation that he does not like or would like a chance to determine what the options might be towards a solution.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Script

Go ahead and close your eyes and allow yourself to relax into the present moment. Begin to pay attention to a body part that you don’t usually pay attention to, like the space between your toes or the skin behind your ears. Focus on that part, noticing how it feels, checking in with it for the first time today. Good. Now take a slow deep breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take one more breath, in through your nose, letting it escape out through your mouth. Beautiful!

Now think about a current situation that you do not like or would like to have a solution to. See yourself standing in the middle of the situation or in the middle of the question you have. Now look up ahead in front of you. Sitting there is a giant hot air balloon, waiting just for you!!!! It is a gorgeous, brilliant color, the perfect color for you today! Or maybe it has a picture on the outside. Imagine it just as you would like it to be, decorating it in a special way so that you know the balloon is for you. Now, step out of the situation picture you were in, knowing you can come back to it in a bit. Walk over to the hot air balloon and get inside the basket. Gently allow the balloon to take you up, up, up and far up into the sky.

You are now floating way above your situation, the one you want a solution for. You are no longer part of the situation, but can still see yourself in it. You have the ability to see many different options. You begin to feel yourself have a BIG picture viewing point. You can see all of the other things related to the situation. You can now see the situation from many different angles, from way up above the earth, you are looking down on the situation. What do you see that might be different? What do you see about yourself in the situation? What are all of your options? Allow any new ideas about it to gently come into your mind. Now, imagine that your balloon, safe, secure, and comfy balloon, carries you a little into the future beyond the current time of the situation. What would the future you want yourself to know about the situation that you are looking down upon? What would be important about it? Listen to what your wise future self has to say.

Now that you have listened to your wise future self and you have gathered the options that are available to you about the situation, allow your balloon to carry you gently back down to the ground. You are now ready to face the situation with the cool, calm and collected you, knowing that you carry the BIG picture with you.

Gently allow your attention to come back to the space you are in. Wiggle your toes, rub your hands slowly together, warming them and lightly place them over your eyes. You can open your eyes when you are ready.

Now that your child has gotten a BIG picture look at the situation, invite him to discuss it with you over a theme- related hot air balloon snack

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