Sleep Talk: Book Review

Sleep Talk: Book Review

The book Sleep Talk provides fast, effective techniques for helping your child deal with challenging situations or transitions. This program can be used for all sorts of issues, from behavioral problems to social interactions to physical challenges and health. What I really like about this technique is that it provides a method for delivering positive, clear, intention-based ideas steeped in love and affection. On page 28, the author states “love is the fuel behind all the changes”. The entire program is built upon the ideas that changes can be made using positive messages and reminders of your love.  

What makes it so effective, however, is that these messages are delivered subconsciously, during your child’s deepest sleep. The theory behind this strategy is that during sleep, our brains’ natural objectivity is canceled out, leaving the brain open and receptive to the positive suggestions. Using gentle love and guidance, parents experimenting with the program, saw immediate shifts in their children’s thinking and behavior. This book is filled with powerful stories of parents’ success with helping their children deal with stress and negative emotions. The Sleep Talk scripts, designed by the author Lois Y. Haddad, are filled with amazing affirmations of love and pride that help to guide the child in a wonderful new direction. Here’s a paragraph from the book that I especially think especially shows the power of this technique:

When we sense that we are truly loved for ourselves, in our essence, we are able to risk trying something new. This is a truth many of us know intellectually, but Sleep Talk offers a way to get beyond the child’s usual objections to any given suggestion for changing attitudes or behaviors. When alternative modes of behavior are offered to a sleeping child in a context of love and approval as though they were already a fact, the usual defenses are disarmed, and the child is able to “own” the new way of being in a context of self-respect”.

Overall, this is a powerful book and technique, and I highly recommend trying it out.  It is a wonderful option for planting seeds of love within your child’s life.

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